Property management companies take on the role of managing residential, commercial, or industrial real estate on behalf of landlords. 

They are responsible for overseeing various tasks delegated to them by the property owners, including rent collection, handling repairs and maintenance, screening potential tenants, managing evictions, and other related duties.

This article will show you the top 10 property management companies in Kenya, so read on to learn more.

The Birth of Property Management Firms in Kenya

Over the past few decades, the real estate sector has experienced remarkable expansion, leading to a rise in commercial and residential properties. This growth has created a demand for assistance among real estate investors, which has given rise to property management companies.

Property management companies have grown substantially since their introduction to the real estate industry. This growth can be attributed to the increasing number of property owners availing themselves of their services.

Property management companies offer their services to landlords for a fee, but in return, they alleviate the stress and burden of overseeing the day-to-day operations of their properties. This allows landlords to focus on other aspects of their businesses while still receiving their monthly income from the properties.

How to Choose a Property Management Companies in Kenya

While the property management industry in Kenya is generally performing well, there are essential factors to consider when choosing the most suitable company for your property. Take a look at these considerations:

1. Scope of work

Typically, managing commercial real estate involves different needs than managing residential properties. In Kenya, property management firms offer various management packages and pricing options tailored to specific property types. Selecting a package that aligns with your property’s requirements is crucial.

To find the appropriate property management company, the most straightforward approach is determining the tasks you wish to delegate. Once you have a clear list of responsibilities you want to hand over, search for property management firms that offer those specific services. Compare their charges and expertise until you find the ideal match for your needs.

2. Consider the track record

In Kenya, numerous real estate management companies boast of being top performers. However, it is essential to note that underperforming companies are often readily available. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize finding companies with a proven track record to avoid dealing with incompetent property management firms.

One of the most reliable methods to assess a company’s track record is through referrals. By seeking recommendations from trusted sources, you can gather valuable insights about the performance and reputation of various firms. 

Additionally, conducting thorough research on a few selected companies that offer your required services can be beneficial. This includes conducting interviews with them and visiting properties under their management to assess their quality.

Another practical approach is communicating with some of the company’s existing clients. By speaking directly with these clients, you can gain firsthand information about the quality and reliability of the company’s services. This will help you determine whether they are worth hiring for your property management needs.

3. Cancellation procedures

Cancellation is a crucial element that should be included in every contract. Rep reputable companies usually have no problem granting clients the right to cancel a contract, while unreliable companies often try to avoid this provision. However, all property management firms must incorporate a cancellation clause in their agreements because we cannot predict the future.

There can be various situations where canceling a property management contract becomes necessary. For instance, if there is a significant decline in the quality of services provided.

Furthermore, an investor might choose to sell the property, and the new owner might have their own preferred management companies. In such cases, canceling the contract becomes unavoidable.

Top 10 Property Management Firms in Kenya

1. Ark Consultants Limited

Ark Consultants Limited is a fully authorized real estate company in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, and Nanyuki. They provide various real estate solutions, including property valuation, management, appraisal, estate agency, and construction project management.

Regarding property management, Ark Consultants specializes in various services such as repairs and maintenance, rent collection, and tenant management.

2. Gimco Limited

Gimco Limited specializes in real estate consulting, property management, valuation, agency, and research services. Established over thirty years ago, the company’s primary objective is to assist property owners in enhancing service delivery and optimizing investment returns.

Their management services encompass several key areas:

  • Lease administration: Handling the administrative tasks associated with leases.
  • Rent collection and accounting: Managing rent payments and maintaining accurate financial records.
  • Tenant management: Dealing with tenant-related matters, such as communication and issue resolution.
  • Repairs and maintenance: Overseeing the necessary repairs and maintenance work for properties.
  • Facility management: Taking care of the overall operation and maintenance of facilities.
  • Assessment of rent and service charges: Evaluating rental rates and service fees to ensure fairness and competitiveness.

Gimco Limited caters to commercial and residential properties in various areas, such as Kenyatta Avenue, Upperhill, parklands, Westlands, and Nairobi’s Central Business District. 

They boast a team of qualified professionals who have undergone comprehensive training to deliver professional services while upholding high discipline, integrity, and accountability standards.

3. Dunhill Consulting Limited

Dunhill Consulting is a well-established property management company that prides itself on its diverse and skilled team. The company’s primary goal is to offer property owners efficient and cost-effective management and maintenance services while minimizing hassle.

Alongside its exceptional maintenance offerings, Dunhill Consulting also provides expert sales and marketing services. If you need office spaces, commercial buildings, or residential homes for rent, Dunhill Consulting will go above and beyond to find the perfect property that suits your requirements. 

They also assist clients in buying or selling houses or plots in various sought-after areas such as Parklands, Kilimani, Westlands Lower Kabete, and Mombasa Road. With their affordable and dependable services, Dunhill Consulting ensures high professionalism throughout all stages of their engagement.

4. Commercial Property Kenya

Commercial Property Kenya is a rapidly expanding company that specializes in managing properties. They have a strong reputation for being trustworthy and responsible in their service delivery. The company takes pride in its dedicated team, which is focused on delivering excellent management services to investors.

In addition to its property management services, Commercial Property Kenya also sells and markets residential houses. They are in prominent areas like Lavington, Valley Arcade, Kileleshwa, Kilimani, and the surrounding neighborhoods.

5. Villa Care

Villa Care is a prominent real estate firm that offers a wide range of real estate and property management services to government clients, individuals, and businesses. With a long-standing reputation, the company has consistently delivered on clients’ expectations across various responsibilities.

The team at Villa Care is composed of motivated and youthful professionals who have displayed exceptional discipline, integrity, and accountability in their respective roles.

Villa Care specializes in rentals, facility management, leasing, project management, letting, and property sales. Their extensive knowledge of commercial and residential properties positions them advantageously in matching clients with suitable properties in popular areas such as  South C, Kileleshwa, Kitisuri, Kilimani, Lavington, and more.

6. Knight Frank Kenya

Knight Frank Kenya is a reputable real estate agency in the country specializing in offering its clients tailored property management, valuation, and transaction assistance. With extensive experience spanning more than 20 years, they excel in helping individuals and businesses find their ideal luxury homes, commercial spaces, or standard residential properties. 

In addition to buying and leasing services, Knight Frank Kenya provides expert guidance on investment opportunities to corporate entities and homeowners. Their expertise and dedication make them a trusted choice in the real estate market.

7. Tysons Limited

This real estate company is among the oldest in Kenya and has been actively operating in the country’s real estate market for almost a century. Over the past ten decades, they have been dedicated to providing a wide range of real estate services, including commercial, residential, and industrial properties and property management.

Clients seeking services such as managing office blocks, apartments, shopping centers, and other properties have consistently sought out Tyson Limited. They have also catered to the needs of various entities such as extensive community residences, companies, government facilities, embassies, churches, and more.

In addition to its property management expertise, Tyson Limited offers valuation services for land, plants, buildings, machinery, vehicles, office equipment, and other properties. They also conduct real estate research and operate as a general estate agency, serving clients in multiple aspects of the real estate industry.

8. Hass Consultants

Hass Consult Limited is a highly regarded real estate firm that provides excellent property and facility management services. They offer diverse management solutions, such as overseeing rental billing and collection, generating financial reports, handling maintenance and repairs, managing lease administration (including renewals and reviews), and taking care of common areas in various facilities.

Furthermore, Hass Consult Limited is a well-established developer with over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry. Alongside their exceptional management services, they provide additional offerings like property valuation, research, interior design, sales, and marketing. 

They cater to desirable locations, including Riverside Drive, Westlands, Runda, Upperhill, and the surrounding neighborhoods.

9. Azizi Realtors

Azizi Realtors is a company that specializes in property management, property letting, and property agency services. It takes pride in its team of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional service in every aspect of their work. 

The company also employs experienced real estate managers who deeply understand commercial and residential property management requirements.

In addition to their outstanding management services, Azizi Realtors offers premium property sales and rentals in various sought-after locations such as Lavington, Langata, Kileleshwa, Runda, and Wangige. 

Their extensive knowledge of the real estate market in these areas enables them to effectively match clients with properties that meet their specific needs and preferences.

10. Lloyd Masika Limited

Lloyd Masika Limited is a company established locally in the 1970s, primarily focusing on providing real estate valuation services. Over time, the company expanded its range of services to include property management for both commercial and residential properties. 

Throughout its nearly four-decade existence, Lloyd Masika has been dedicated to delivering high-quality services and upholding professional and ethical standards.

Beyond their property valuation and management expertise, Lloyd Masika is also actively involved in buying, selling, and leasing commercial and residential properties. They serve various areas, including Westlands, Sandalwood, Loresho, Lavington, Thindigua, Runda, and nearby locations.


Property management companies play a vital role in the real estate sector. They provide valuable assistance to property owners, simplifying their tasks and enhancing commercial and residential spaces’ cleanliness and maintenance standards.