Garden Estate is a residential area adjacent to a beautiful garden in Nairobi, specifically along Thika Road. It is close to Karura and conveniently near Ruaraka. The estate is positioned at 1625 meters above sea level, adding to its scenic appeal.

This post about Garden estate will walk you through everything you need to know about this area, so keep reading for more.

Which Ward, Constituency, and County Is Garden Estate Situated In?

Garden Estate is located in the Roysambu constituency, part of Nairobi County.

What is the Postal Code for Garden Estate?

Garden Estate’s postal code is 00600.

What Type of Climate Does the Garden Estate Region Have?

Like other areas in Nairobi, Garden Estate has a pleasant and moderate climate. It typically undergoes a range of temperatures throughout the year, with warm summers and cool, dry winters accompanied by partly cloudy conditions. Moreover, Garden Estate encounters two rainy seasons: one in early April and another in late August.

Throughout the year, Garden Estate experiences temperatures that typically vary between approximately 14.2 degrees Celsius to 28.1 degrees Celsius. January, February, and early March are generally the warmest, while July and August are considered the coldest months in Garden Estate.

What Is the Best Way to Reach Garden Estate From Nairobi?

Several transportation options are available if you plan a trip from Nairobi to Garden Estate. You can choose public transportation, rent a car, use your private vehicle, or even take a flight. 

When using public transport, the journey begins near the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD), where you can catch a bus. The distance from the bus station to Garden Estate is approximately 11.9 kilometers, and the estimated travel time is 21 minutes.

To reach Garden Estate, you will travel via Thika Road, which can be a faster route without traffic congestion. Additionally, if you’re looking to travel from Garden Estate to Nairobi town using the bus, the following bus stations are convenient:

  • Neighbors: A 10-minute walk
  • Shell: A 21-minute walk
  • Homeland In: A 22-minute walk

Opting for a private car or car hire to travel to Garden Estate will likely take around 15 minutes since you won’t need to make any stops. You can use the Moovit app for guidance if you need clarification on the directions.

What Type of Housing Options Can Be Found in Garden Estate?

Garden Estate offers various housing options to suit multiple preferences, budgets, and tastes. They have a variety of home types, including townhouses, terraced bungalows, detached duplexes and bungalows, semi-detached bungalows and duplexes, and flats.

Furthermore, depending on your needs, you can choose between serviced houses, unfurnished or furnished Garden Estate Houses.

Additionally, the houses in Garden Estate are available for rent, sale, short-term leases, and joint ventures, providing flexibility for individuals or businesses looking for different arrangements.

What Are the Average Sale Price and Rent for Houses in Garden Estate?

The prices for buying and renting Garden Estate homes vary based on their size and features. However, the average rental price for maisonettes and villas falls between approximately 140,000/= and 200,000/=. 

The specific cost depends on the number of rooms and additional features. Conversely, the average selling price ranges from around 12M to 75M.

What Sizes Are the Houses in Garden Estate?

In Garden Estate, the sizes of the houses vary depending on the type of house. For example, bedsitters are available in blocks, flats, and one- to two-bedroom dwellings. 

Additionally, there are bungalows with multiple rooms ranging from three, four, five, and even some with six rooms. These houses have ample parking space, swimming pools, and a backyard designed explicitly for children.

What is the Security Situation in Garden Estate?

Garden Estate is generally considered a secure place to reside, but it has experienced some insecurity due to its growing population. The Kasarani police station is the nearest law enforcement facility accessible.

To address and prevent any further security concerns, a suggestion has been made to enhance security measures in Garden Estate.

The proposed plan entails establishing a dedicated police station in the area, installing additional CCTV cameras, and increasing the number of street lights. 

These improvements aim to bolster overall security and create a safer environment for the residents of Garden Estate.

Where do Residents get Water In Garden Estate?

Garden Estate residents primarily rely on NAWASCO (Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company) as their primary water supply. However, several houses in the area have access to untreated borehole water. As a result, residents using borehole water often need to buy drinking water.

How Reliable Is the Water Supply in Garden Estate?

Like other neighborhoods in Nairobi, Garden Estate frequently faces water scarcity issues. In addition, residents often express concerns about the quality of water, citing instances of contamination. 

The community has designated weekdays when water is available through their taps. To mitigate the situation, many residents have invested in water tanks to store water, particularly when the water supply is disrupted.

What are Water Companies in Garden Estate?

Who is Garden Estate’s Leading Supplier of Electricity?

The power utility known as Kenya Power is responsible for providing electricity to the residents of Garden Estate.

How Consistent Are Blackouts in Garden Estate?

Electricity outages are not a significant concern in Garden Estate. However, in exceptional situations, temporary power failures might be caused by technical problems, usually resolved quickly.

What Types of Schools are Closely Accessible to Residents in Garden Estate?

Kindergarten Schools

Primary Schools in Garden Estate

Secondary Schools in Garden Estate

  • Garden Estate Secondary Schools
  • Brookhurst International School

Which Hospitals are Located in Garden Estate?

Private Hospitals in Garden Estate

  • Park Ville Medical Centre
  • Care Hospital Nairobi
  • Crane Hospital
  • Provide International Hospital
  • Jahmii Kipawa Medical Centre

Public Hospitals in Garden Estate

  • Thika Road Health Centre
  • Ruaraka Healthy Centre
  • Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital
  • Aga Khan University Hospital – Thika Road Medical Center
  • Carelink Medical center

Missionary Hospitals

  • Angelic Missions Hospital
  • Beacon Children’s Centre
  • Missionaries of Charity Fathers
  • St. Marys Mission Hospital
  • Comboni Sisters Missiuon

Which Gyms are Available in Garden Estate

  • Bodyfit Gym Kasarani
  • Feel Fitness center
  • Neisa 1
  • Alpha Fit
  • Fit 4 Life Gym and Fitness Center
  • Leijona Lifestyle Center

Which Spas are Available in Garden Estate?

  • Serenity Spa Gigiri
  • Simply Signature Spa
  • Massage Services Garden Estate
  • Nirvana Spa and Lounge
  • Urban Eaze Beauty Parlour

What Chemists and Pharmacies are located in Garden Estate?

  • Hychem Chemist
  • Goodlife Pharmacy Garden Estate
  • Summer View Chemist
  • Serene Pharmacy
  • Stanchem Pharmacy Chemist

What Garages Operate in Garden Estate?

  • Ruaraka Auto Garage
  • Bren xx Auto
  • Hussein Auto Garage
  • Garage – Motor Lab Auto Center Ltd
  • Hermit Garage
  • Garage

Which Car Wash Establishments Are Available in Garden Estate?

  • Powershine Auto Spa
  • Garden Auto Spa
  • Mountain Car Wash
  • Super Highway Car Wash
  • Tripple M Car Wash

Which Internet and Office Network Providers are Available in Garden Estate?

  • Vijiji Connect Ltd
  • Japelink Technoligies
  • Veridon Fiber
  • Selin Solutions
  • Supanet
  • Beans Internet
  • E – Tach Communications

About Garden Estate Summary

Garden Estate in Nairobi is experiencing rapid growth and has become one of the most sought-after residential areas. Its popularity stems from its impressive progress in institutions, infrastructure, and economic development. 

Considering the positive factors mentioned, Garden Estate could be an excellent choice for your next place of residence.