In the quest for property, whether for sale or rent, there is no rival to the reliability of an esteemed online platform. These websites provide the utmost convenience and time-saving benefits. 

Additionally, you can browse numerous properties nearby and beyond from the comfort of your home. Kenya boasts several prominent real estate websites worth mentioning.

This article reviews some of the real estate websites in Kenya offering excellent services to those interested in purchasing or renting properties. 

Major Real Estate Websites in Kenya

1. is a highly recommended website for those interested in quickly finding land, houses for sale or rental options. It offers a user-friendly interface and an extensive collection of properties from various country regions.

When you visit the homepage, you can request a property based on your preference for buying or renting. For instance, if you are looking for a house for sale, you can provide details such as the desired number of beds, minimum budget, location, and personal information. Once you submit your request, you will be presented with numerous available properties in your chosen area.

Upon receiving your request, the website promptly notifies local agents about your interest. These agents will then share property details with you. Subsequently, you can make arrangements to visit the properties in person and assess their condition.


Classifieds from property owners nationwide are showcased on this website. The initial step involves selecting the desired region, which includes rental and sale houses, plots, and land. Upon initiating the search, many property photos and prices specific to your desired region are presented.

At the bottom of each property listing, the website exhibits the seller’s contact details, including their phone number, email, SMS number, and WhatsApp. The seller’s phone number becomes visible by clicking on the call option. Subsequently, arrangements for property viewing or site visits can be made.


Across Kenya, it is a website that compiles real estate and property listings available for purchase. However, it’s important to note that this platform does not directly engage in property sales or rentals. Instead, it serves as a platform where agents and companies can showcase their properties.

To begin your property search, you must create an account on the website. This process involves providing information such as your preferred county, the type of property you are interested in, and your desired minimum and maximum price range.

Upon submitting your search criteria, the website promptly generates search results, typically within seconds. These results consist of various properties accompanied by their corresponding prices. If a particular property catches your attention and you wish to purchase it, the website allows you to access the developer’s WhatsApp number and contact details.

Overall, this website acts as an intermediary, facilitating the exploration of real estate options in Kenya while connecting interested parties with the appropriate agents and companies.


Listing properties from multiple agents in Kenya and various African nations, offers a wide selection of houses, flats, and farms for sale, rent, or lease. With a vast inventory exceeding two hundred thousand options, this website enables individuals to find their desired accommodations across different locations. 

When discovering a property of interest, you can contact the agent directly via phone or message. If you choose the latter, please provide your name, mobile number, and email address before submitting the message.


Listings of land,  rental houses, and leased properties in Kenya can be found on this website. The website features properties categorized by regions and provides search refinement options.

Property details are located below each selected property for viewing. Additionally, you can contact the seller using the mobile number provided on the website.

Furthermore, the website includes listings from various real estate agents. Moreover, you can access additional properties contributed by the same sales agent.


One of Kenya’s largest and most reputable classifieds platforms is It effectively facilitates connections between sellers and buyers against fraudulent activities. Various agents from all over the country contribute to the platform by listing numerous houses and plots of land.

Users can randomly browse the available properties or apply filters to narrow their search when visiting their website. Notably, each listing on the website includes a WhatsApp link, the agent’s contact information, and a message button.

For added convenience, individuals can subscribe to email notifications regarding properties and rentals that match their interests.


Functioning as a property search engine, this reputable website focuses on a particular country, providing an extensive collection of properties sourced from various real estate platforms. 

With more than forty thousand properties, the listings are conveniently organized by region. To commence your search for the perfect property, you must specify your property type, desired location, and price range.

Once the search results are presented, you can select a property by clicking on its accompanying images. Afterward, you can contact the seller through the provided contact details.

However, the website will redirect you to the original listing on the agent’s main website.


Kenya’s property seekers frequently visit this popular website offering numerous listings. It showcases a wide array of properties available for sale or rent nationwide. Moreover, valuable expert advice and up-to-date real estate news can be accessed freely on the platform.

To begin your property search, register as a seeker and provide your personal information. Next, you can indicate whether you are interested in land or homes. By entering the desired price range, the completed form can be submitted.

The website will present an extensive list of properties for you to explore based on location. Subsequently, agents will contact you directly, or you can initiate communication with them through the website using phone or email.


Find houses and apartments for rent and sale near your location. Property listings are categorized based on country, budget, location, and category. Properties can include plots, land, houses, or apartments for rent or sale.

You can view the payment plans and displayed properties, explore their features, and contact the reception or Sales Centre for more information. Additionally, you can get the real estate agent through email or phone number provided.

10., although not primarily focused on real estate, enables property owners to post advertisements on the platform freely. These advertisements may pertain to either land or buildings available for rent or sale.

As a potential buyer, you can refine your search based on the property’s location and price. Upon selecting a desired property, you can access multiple photos showcasing its features.

Nevertheless, direct contact with the seller is restricted. The website solely permits communication through live chat or requesting a call back from the seller.


You can easily find the right property anywhere in Kenya by visiting any proven real estate website. At the click of a button, these websites assist you in your online property search.