Malls offer numerous benefits for shopping, including convenience, a wide selection of stores and products, and entertainment options. With multiple shops under one roof, malls also provide shorter queues and reduced waiting times. 

In Kilimani, several malls house cinemas, banks, supermarkets, restaurants, individual retail stores, and more. 

This post will review the top 10 best shopping malls in Kilimani—check out each to decide which best suits your needs.  

10 Cool Shopping Malls in Kilimani

1. Woodlands Mall

Woodlands Mall, situated on Wood Avenue, is a renowned shopping destination with various outlets. It features a grocery store offering fresh farm produce, restaurants, and a food and beverage shop. 

Shopping Malls in Kilimani

Additionally, the mall houses a spare parts shop for Land Rover owners and an electrical shop for those seeking electrical advice. Extended opening hours allow you to conveniently visit the mall even with a busy schedule.

2. Kilimani Mall

Kilimani Mall offers a range of outlets like Boguk, Djibouti, and a Naivas branch. You can also find beauty and wellness solutions at Bayleaf Pharmacy and pamper yourself at the Hair and Spa branch. 

The mall’s tranquil setting provides a pleasant shopping experience with a city view, while clear signage and free parking ensure a stress-free visit.

3. 53 Park Arcade Kilimani

This mall showcases a variety of budget-friendly brands, spanning beauty, personal care, cosmetics, and children’s play items. Additionally, it offers a convenient fresh produce market. 

To satisfy your hunger, a West African restaurant and other establishments like a massage parlour, dry cleaning services, and a chemist are available.

4. Hurlingham Shopping Centre

Hurlingham Shopping Centre stands out for its convenient location near Rubi’s, Total, and She’ll petrol stations. Moreover, the proximity of Nairobi and Coptic Hospitals makes it easily accessible on foot. 

The mall houses a small supermarket, a pharmacy, and Artcaffe and KFC restaurants. Additionally, a Housing Finance branch and financial institutions ensure convenient access to cash.

5. Argwings Arcade

Argwings Arcade entices shoppers with its contemporary architecture, inviting you to explore its offerings. The mall boasts ample parking space for car owners, while the prominent Big Knife Restaurant invites you to indulge in delectable dishes. 

Additionally, the mall houses a Quickmart branch with an upstairs deli where you can enjoy your meal. Furthermore, you’ll find a salon, a forex bureau, and a fashion store, among other establishments.

6. Yaya Centre

Yaya Centre offers a complete shopping experience with popular establishments like Java Coffee House, Artcaffe restaurant, and Woolworths supermarket. You can purchase food from the supermarket and enjoy it at the deli. 

Shopping Malls in Kilimani

The mall boasts ample parking, escalators, spaciousness, tight security, and catering to pedestrians and those with cars. With its daily opening hours, Yaya Centre provides more opportunities for shopping.

7. Applewood Commercial Centre

Applewood Commercial Centre offers diverse shopping outlets for an enhanced experience. Indulge in a delightful dining experience at the Fish and Bowl restaurant, and pamper yourself at the Hair Lounge for all your salon and hair needs. 

The mall also features a spacious food court to satisfy your culinary cravings. Its convenient location next to the Total Energies petrol station also ensures easy accessibility. 

With a modern infrastructure, the presence of an escalator eliminates the need to carry heavy shopping while navigating the premises.

8. Prestige Plaza

Prestige Plaza, with its distinctive architecture, Prestige Plaza has served customers for more than two decades. Situated on Ngong Road, it offers convenience and hosts over 65 outlets, providing a wide range of products in one place. 

You’ll find coffee shops, specialty outlets, retail shops, ATMs, forex services, and even a comprehensive theater for movie enthusiasts, all within the mall’s premises.

9. Adlife Plaza

While the restaurants and basement parking are popular spots at Adlife Plaza, the mall offers much more. It features shops for children, laundry services, and a Chandarana Foodplus Supermarket. 

Additionally, a Chinese restaurant, chemist, and forex bureau are available on-site. With taxis readily available outside the mall, you can conveniently return home safely after your shopping experience.

10. JF Centre

JF Centre starts early in the morning, making it convenient for those who wish to shop before work. Additionally, it offers a restaurant where you can have breakfast before attending to other matters. 

Its easily accessible location next to a road saves you time, and inside, you’ll find a furniture outlet, a chemist, and a clothing store. Furthermore, its proximity to Nairobi Hospital ensures you will attend your doctor’s appointment.


When shopping in Kilimani, these malls are the perfect destinations. They offer a vast and impressive selection, fulfilling all your needs. Make sure to visit these malls and enjoy a satisfying shopping experience that will leave you with no regrets.