This post will walk you through everything you need to know about South C, so whether you want to live or visit here, this post will help you. 

Where Is South C Located?

South C is in Nairobi’s Southland region, adjacent to Wilson Airport.

Which County, Ward, and Constituency Does South C Belong To? 

South C is part of the South C County Assembly Ward in Langata Constituency and Nairobi County.

What Is the Population of South C?

South C covers an area of 15.1 square kilometers and has a population of 47,202 individuals, according to the 2009 Kenyan population census.

What Is the Postal Code for South C?

The postal code for South C is 00500.

What Climate Does the South C Region Experience?

South C has a warm climate, with temperatures reaching up to 28°. April and November see the highest rainfall, averaging 13 days of precipitation. Summers are generally wet, while winters are dry.

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What Is Air Pollution Like in South C?

South C is affected by air pollution primarily caused by vehicle emissions. While the air quality is generally safe for outdoor activities, individuals with respiratory sensitivity may experience long-term effects.

Where Is South C Located in Nairobi?

In Nairobi, South C is surrounded by Nairobi National Park to the south, South B to the east, and Langata to the west.

What Matatu Route Should You Take to South C From Nairobi and What Is the Cost?

To reach South C from Nairobi, you can take matatu route 12C from Commercial bus stop. The fare ranges from Kshs 50 to Kshs 80.

What Types of Houses Can Be Found in South C?

South C offers residential properties, including apartment complexes, townhouses, and maisonettes like semi-detached, detached, and terrace options.

Are Houses in South C Available for Sale or Rent?

Houses in South C are offered for both rental and sale purposes.

What Sizes are the Houses in South C?

Houses in South C are generally spacious but occupy less floor space than Karen ones, while the apartments are larger than the average Nairobi apartment.

How Is the Security Situation in South C?

South C is considered a relatively safe neighborhood due to its predominantly middle-class residents. However, certain areas, such as the South C flyover, have been identified as hotspots for crimes like mugging, according to the Kenya Police.

Where Do South C Residents Get Water?

Most of the water supply in South C comes from Ndakaini Dam and Sasumua Dam.

How Is the Consistency of Water Supply in South C?

Water shortages are frequent in South C due to rationing by the water company, often requiring residents to seek additional water supply from tankers and vendors.

What Water Companies Are in South C?

The Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company manages water services in South C.

Who Is South C’s Main Supplier of Electricity?

The Kenya Power company serves as the main electricity supplier for South C.

How Consistent Are Blackouts in South C?

Scheduled maintenance interruptions by the Kenya Power company may result in occasional blackouts in South C, but prior notice is typically given.

What Types of Schools Are Closely Accessible to Residents in South C?

Kindergarten Schools in South C

South C offers a variety of kindergarten schools, including Beautiful Hearts Nursery School, St. Louis Kindergarten, and Kids Village Montessori. Other options include First Step Academy, Kyndercare Kindergarten, Kinderworld Academy, and The Ark Junior School.

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Primary Schools in South C

South C has several primary schools, such as St. Annah’s Primary School, Rem School, and NexGen Academy Primary. Other notable options include Mitumba Primary School, St. Bakhita Primary School, St. Catherine School, and Faulu Academy.

Which Hospitals Are Located in South C?

You can find private hospitals in South C like The Nairobi South Hospital, The Zambezi Hospital, and South B Hospital.

Public Hospitals in South C

South C is home to South C Hospital Limited, one of the area’s public hospitals.

Missionary Hospitals in South C

South C has several missionary hospitals, including Eldevale Trust Jamaa Mission Hospital, St. Mary’s Mission Hospital, Angelic Missions Hospital, and Coptic Hospital-Main Hospital.

Which Gyms Are Available in South C?

In South C, there are various gyms to choose from, including Fitness 360 South C, Mazoezi Gym South C, The South Fitness Centre, MoW Sports Club, Rented Abs Fitness Studio, Advanced Fitness Center Limited, Evolve Fitness Gym, and Samto Fitness Centre.

Which Spas Are Available in South C?

South C offers a variety of spas, such as Oak Therapy Spa, where residents can enjoy relaxation and rejuvenation.

What Chemists and Pharmacies Are Located in South C?

South C is home to several chemists and pharmacies, including Late Night Chemist, Pharmart Chemist Limited, and New South C Pharmaceuticals. Residents can conveniently access these establishments for their healthcare needs.

What Garages Operate in South C?

In South C, several garages are available, such as P.M.N Auto Garage, DAKING Automotive, and Expert Auto Garage. These garages provide automotive services and repairs to cater to the needs of residents in the area.

Which Car wash joints operate in South C?

South C offers a variety of car wash establishments, including Kleanland Carwash South C, Pop In Auto Mart, and Spot Clean Carwash. These car wash joints provide services to clean and maintain vehicles, ensuring a convenient option for residents in the area.

Where Can You Shop for Food Items in South C?

Residents of South C have several options for shopping for food items, such as Naivas Supermarket, Bulc Food Plus South C, and Akiba Shopping Center. 

Mini Bakery South C, Green Valley Supermarket, and Mugoya Vegetables Shop Limited are also available, providing a variety of choices for purchasing groceries and food products in the area.

Household Items Shopping Centers in South C

In South C, several shopping centers are dedicated to household items, including South C Shopping Center, Lush Crockery Hub, and Gerqua Mall. 

Residents can also find household essentials at Plush Home Essentials Limited, Nana Hardware, Vijay’s General Supplies, and Miniso Kenya, offering a wide range of options for purchasing household items in the area.

Which Communication Network Providers Are Accessible in South C?

In South C, residents can access various communication network providers such as Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom, Faiba JTL, and Equitel. These providers offer a range of services and coverage options, ensuring reliable communication services for the residents of South C.

Which Internet and Office Network Providers Are Available in South C?

In South C, several internet and office network providers are available to cater to the connectivity needs of residents and businesses. 

These include Optimus Group Limited, Estream East Africa Limited, Mania Technology, Seacom Kenya Limited, Mediant International Limited, and Nofcas. 

These providers offer various services and solutions to ensure reliable and efficient internet and network connectivity in South C.