This post will walk you through everything you need to know about Kitengela—so whether you plan to move or visit here, this post is for you. 

What Is the Location of Kitengela in Nairobi?

Kitengela is a Kenyan town situated south of Nairobi, the capital city, approximately 30 kilometers from the city center.

Postal Code for Kitengela?

Kitengela’s postal code is 00241.

What’s Climate Like in Kitengela?

A semi-desert climate with a tropical savanna environment characterizes Kitengela. February is a tropical month, with average temperatures reaching 26 °C.

In contrast, July is chilly and arid, with 22 mm of rainfall and lows of around 14°C.

Which County, Ward, and Constituency Does Kitengela Belong To?

Kitengela is a county assembly ward within the Kajiado East Constituency, one of the five constituencies in Kajiado County.

What Kind of Houses Are Available in Kitengela?

In the housing section of Kitengela, gated communities with controlled development are prominent, limiting the existence of kiosks and flats in or near these estates. 

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As a result, maisonettes and residential homes are the prevailing housing in Kitengela.

Does Kintengela Have Houses for Rent or Sale?

Numerous homes are currently for sale in gated communities constructed by architects in the vicinity. Additionally, there are rental apartments located closer to the town.

What Size Houses Does Kitengela Have?

Kitengela is renowned for its middle-income residents and families, resulting in spacious and expansive homes constructed on large parcels of land.

What Is the Population of Kitengela?

Kitengela covers an area of around 102.9km² and has a population of 58,167 as per the 2009 Kenya census.

What’s the Current Security Status in Kitengela?

Kitengela is characterized by a close-knit community that fosters a low-crime environment, even with the increasing population. Additionally, the area is served by Kitengela Police Station and administrative officers.

Where Do Kitengela Residents Source Water?

Residents in Kitengela access water from boreholes, although the water from these sources is saline. 

Freshwater supply is facilitated by the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company through the EPZA (Export Processing Zone Authority), which distributes water to residents and local water kiosks.

How Reliable is Water Supply in Kitengela?

Water scarcity is frequent in Kitengela due to rationing by EPZA, which is implemented due to the limited water supply from Nairobi.

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Water Companies in Kitengela

The primary water service provider for Kitengela is the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company, functioning through EPZA. Additionally, tanker vendors deliver fresh water from the city to Kitengela using trucks.

How Often Does Kitengela Experience Blackouts?

Power disruptions are infrequent in Kitengela, enabling uninterrupted operations for businesses and residents in the region. 

Kenya Power schedules and communicates any anticipated outages due to routine maintenance activities to ensure residents are informed beforehand.

Kitengela’s Main Supplier of Electricity?

Kenya Power is responsible for providing electricity to Kitengela and the entire country.

What Healthcare Facilities Are in Kitengela?

Missionary Hospitals in Kitengela

Kitengela is home to various missionary hospitals, such as St Paul’s Hospital, Saint Mathews Maternity Home, Athi River Shalom Community Hospital, Fatima Mission Hospital, Mission Care Nursing Home, and Comboni Sisters Mission. These healthcare institutions provide compassionate care to the community.

Private hospitals in Kitengela

In Kitengela, you’ll find various private hospitals such as Topcare Limited – Kitengela West Hospital, Karen Hospital Kitengela, Kitengela Medical Services, and Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital – Kitengela Clinic. The Nairobi Women’s Hospital-Kitengela, Kitengela E.N.T & Medical Centre, Kitengela Pona Hospital, and Topcare Nursing Home are also reputable healthcare facilities in the area.

Public Hospitals in Kitengela

In Kitengela, there are several public hospitals available, including Kitengela Sub-County Hospital, GK Prison Dispensary in Athi River, Ngwata Public Hospital, Mlolongo Health Center, and Kajiado County Referral Hospital. These healthcare facilities cater to the medical needs of the community.

Schools in Kitengela

Kindergarten Schools in Kitengela

Kitengela offers a variety of kindergarten schools, including, The Ark Junior School, Bunny House School Primary and Kindergarten, and Best Nurse Kindergarten. The Kitengela Champions School, Stepping Stones Elementary School, and RHS Kindergarten & IGCSE Homeschool are also popular options for early education in the area.

Primary Schools in Kitengela

Kitengela boasts several primary schools, including St Marks Academy Kitengela, Saropa Bells Academy, and New Horizon Preparatory Primary School. Raregem Talent Primary School, Emakoko Primary School, and Milkan Elite School are also well-regarded institutions in the area for primary education.

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Chemists and Pharmacies Accessible to Kitengela Residents?

In Kitengela, various chemists and pharmacies cater to the community’s healthcare needs. These include Budget Chemists, Kitengela Chemist Near Eastmatt, Everbest Chemists, Fidechem Chemist, Lenana Pharmaceuticals Limited, and Hartlane Chemist. 

With their convenient locations and diverse range of pharmaceutical products, these establishments ensure easy access to essential medications and healthcare supplies.

SPAs in Kitengela?

Kitengela offers a variety of spas for relaxation and pampering, including Greenpark Sundowner, Emara Hotel Ole Sereni, Azure Airport Hotel & Conventions Centre, Panari Group, Jakes Executive Barber, Salon & Spa, and Smart Minto’s Kinyozi and Massage Parlour. 

These establishments provide various services to cater to different preferences and needs, ensuring a rejuvenating experience for visitors.

Gyms in Kitengela

In Kitengela, several gyms are available, including Jarliz Fitness Centre, Kehl Fitness Gym, Dens Health and Fitness Gym, Metaflexx Gym, Vineyard Health & Fitness Centre, and Bliss Park Gym & Spa. These fitness centers offer a range of facilities and services to cater to different fitness needs.

Garages in Kitengela

Kitengela offers a variety of garages for vehicle maintenance and repairs. These include Highway Motor Garage, Smart Auto Garage, Esipat Automobiles, Kick Motorcycle Spare Part And Garage, Linas Garage, and Dawima Enterprises Limited Motors. 

With their expertise and services, these garages ensure reliable automotive solutions to keep vehicles running smoothly in the Kitengela area.

Car Wash in Kitengela?

In Kitengela, several car wash establishments cater to vehicle owners’ needs. These include Superior Carwash, Chapchap, Classic Carwash, One Stop Unique Car Wash Namanga Road, Concur Car Wash, and Pampered Rides Car Wash. 

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With their professional services, these car wash joints ensure thorough cleaning and maintenance for vehicles in Kitengela.

Where to Buy Household Essentials in Kitengela

In Kitengela, there are several shopping centers where residents can find various household items. These include Kitengela Mall, Chairman Mall, Buyer Best Home Stores & Electronics, Tarikiville Mall, Edenville Shopping Center, and Kitengela Capital Centre. 

These centers cater to the diverse needs of shoppers, offering a wide range of household products and appliances in one convenient location.

Where to Buy Groceries in Kitengela

In Kitengela, there are various options available for shopping for food items. These include Naivas Kitengela Mall, Eastmatt Kitengela, Jodamatt Supermarket, Powerstar Kitengela, Gilmatt Supermarket, and Scofarm Groceries. 

These stores offer a wide range of food products, ensuring that residents of Kitengela have convenient access to their grocery needs.

Office and Internet Providers in Kitengela

Kitengela offers a variety of internet and office network providers to cater to residents’ connectivity needs. These providers include Clear View Solutions, Splash Internet Solution, Kitengela Cyberworld, MegaNet Technologies Ltd, Sigmanet Wireless, and EcoLink Broadband. 

These options allow residents to access reliable and efficient internet services for personal and professional use.

Network Providers in Kitengela

In Kitengela, residents have access to various communication network providers. These include Safaricom Shop Kitengela, Mtn Business Kenya Limited, Airtel Kenya, Liquid Telecommunications Limited, Telkom Shop, and Equitel. 

These providers offer various communication services, ensuring that residents have options for their connectivity needs.