Kahawa Sukari, an estate located in Kenya, is a vibrant and thriving community that holds a special place in the hearts of its residents. 

Situated in the outskirts of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, Kahawa Sukari is renowned for its scenic beauty, friendly atmosphere, and convenient amenities.

We will walk you through everything you need to know about Kahawa Sukari, so keep reading and get answers to your questions. 

What Is the Size and Population of Kahawa Sukari?

The Kahawa Sukari county assembly ward spans an area of 4.4 square kilometers and is home to approximately 8,744 residents.

What Is the Geographical Location of Kahawa Sukari?

Kahawa Sukari’s location spans Thika Road, encompassing Nairobi County and Kiambu County. It sits approximately 20 kilometers away from Nairobi’s city center.

What Are the Different Sizes of Houses Found in Kahawa Sukari?

In Kahawa Sukari, houses vary from six-bedroom villas priced at Kshs 50,000,000 to small apartments in flats rented for as low as Kshs 10,000.

Type of Climate Observed in Kahawa Sukari

In Kahawa Sukari, January brings the highest temperatures, while July is the coldest month. July temperatures can drop to 22 degrees, while January reaches highs of 28 degrees. April attains the highest rainfall, with up to 159 millimeters.

Which Ward, Constituency, and County Does Kahawa Sukari Belong To?

Kahawa Sukari is part of the Kahawa/Sukari county assembly ward within the Ruiru Constituency. Kahawa Sukari is in Kiambu County.

What Varieties of Houses Are Available in Kahawa Sukari?

Kahawa Sukari predominantly comprises single-family homes for family living, offering massive compounds and separate servant quarters. 

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Additionally, the area features several apartment complexes tailored for undergraduates and junior officials.

What Is the Current State of Security in Kahawa Sukari?

Kahawa Sukari is a secure neighborhood where security professionals from various firms are employed in residential homes. 

Additionally, community members have established a neighborhood watch committee to ensure ongoing safety and address any security issues.

Are There Any Houses in Kahawa Sukari That Are Currently Available for Sale or Rent?

Kahawa Sukari offers a wide range of houses and properties for sale and options for renting apartments and townhouses.

From Where Do the Residents of Kahawa Sukari Source Their Water Supply?

Kahawa Sukari residents have multiple water sources, including water tankers from vendors, piped water from the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company, and bottled water provided by local businesses.

Which Water Supply Companies Operate in the Area of Kahawa Sukari?

The Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company manages the storage, collection, and water distribution to Kahawa Sukari.

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How Reliable Is the Water Supply in Kahawa Sukari in Terms of Consistency?

Water supply in Kahawa Sukari is reliable, and vendors supplement any shortages.

Which Organization Serves as the Primary Electricity Supplier for Kahawa Sukari?

Kenya Power provides electricity in Kahawa Sukari, the national supplier of electricity.

How Often Does Kahawa Sukari Experience Power Outages?

Unlike many areas in Nairobi that frequently face power interruptions, Kahawa Sukari enjoys a more reliable electricity supply.

Occasional network maintenance may lead to power outages in Kahawa Sukari. However, Kenya Power provides advance communication to residents regarding these interruptions through social media pages and official channels.

Healthcare Facilities in Kahawa Sukari

Missionary Hospitals

Kahawa Sukari is home to various missionary hospitals, including St. Francis Community Hospital, St. Scholastica Uzima Hospital, St. Francis Health Centre (Nairobi North), St. Mary Health Services, Neema Hospital Kahawa Sukari, and Neema Uhai Hospital / Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital.

Government-Run Hospitals

Kahawa Sukari features a selection of government hospitals, such as Ngumba Medical Care, Juja Road Hospital (Nairobi), Kahawa Garrison Health Centre, Ruiru Sub-County Hospital, Njiru Health Center, and Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral and Research Hospital.

Privately-Owned Healthcare Facilities

Kahawa Sukari boasts several private hospitals, including Bluehaven Hospital, Pro Act Hospital, FHC Hospital Kahawa Sukari, Metropolitan Physiotherapy Clinic,  Emory Hospital, and The Lifeline Group of Hospitals (Wendani).

Schools in Kahawa Sukari

Kindergarten Schools

Kahawa Sukari offers several kindergarten schools, including Kahawa Rising Star Preparatory School, Urafiki Carovana School, Thika Road Academy (ECD), St. Jude Early School, Glad Toto Nursery School, and Sukari Presbyterian Academy.

Government-Sponsored Schools

Kahawa Sukari offers a range of primary schools, such as Kiwanja Bright Star Primary School, The Search School Primary, New Light Educational Centre, Kahawa Garrison Primary School, Diaini Primary School, and Bright Hill Special School & Assessment Centre.

SPAs in Kahawa Sukari

Kahawa Sukari boasts several SPAs to unwind and relax, including Sifas Park, Queens Spa & Parlour, Afriayn Shave & Spa, Salon ‘D’ Elegance And Spa, Star Nail Parlour, and Lynn Executive Barber and Spa.

Gyms in Kahawa Sukari

Kahawa Sukari offers a variety of gyms, such as Body and Spirit Gym, Evib Sports Science Gym, Evolve Fitness, Galaxy Gym, and Health Club, Just Train Gym & Aerobics, and Classic Gym and Executive Salon.

Internet Providers in Kahawa Sukari

Kahawa Sukari offers a selection of internet service providers, including Manonline Cyber, Motech Fiber, Awesome Web Services, Essence Wireless, SharpTech Wireless, and Fico Network.

Network Providers in Kahawa Sukari

Kahawa Sukari has a variety of network providers available, such as Safaricom, Telkom, Airtel, MTN Business Limited, Liquid Telecommunications, and JTL Telecommunications Limited.

Pharmacies and Chemists in Kahawa Sukari

Kahawa Sukari is home to various pharmacies and chemists, such as Goodlife Pharmacy, Pharmaplus Pharmacy, Eddywa Chemist, Ellychem Pharmacy, Excellent Chemist, and Allmed Healthcare Limited.

Car Wash in Kahawa Sukari

Kahawa Sukari has several car wash facilities, such as Trendz Auto Wash, Engen Car Wash, Alvis Auto Center and Car Wash, Sparks Car Wash & Carpets, Skyline Carwash Sukari, and Autogeeks Car Wash & Detailing.

Garages in Kahawa Sukari

Kahawa Sukari has a selection of garages to cater to automotive needs, including Sescar Garage, Zimman Auto Garage, Woozie’s Garage, Frontline Garage, AutoGurus Body Shop & Garage, and Garissa Auto Tune Garage.

Where to Shop Food Items in Kahawa Sukari

Kahawa Sukari offers various options for food shopping, including Moyo’s Fast Food, 7 Eleven, Quick Mart, Metromart, Flocent Cateries & Cakes, Megamatt Supermarket, and Nyandis Stores Supermarket.

Shopping Centers For Household Items in Kahawa Sukari

Kahawa Sukari provides a range of shopping centers where you can find household items, including Garden City Mall, Hilton Home Products, Big Bang Furniture, Havilah Curtain Center, Felma Shopping Center, and Kahawa Sukari Mall.