When you think of bars and clubs, thoughts of friendship, joy, and entertainment may come to mind. These places are filled with lively conversations, music, and people enjoying themselves in a bustling atmosphere. They are spaces where individuals can socialize, have a good time, and express their true selves. 

Bars and clubs play a significant role in fostering happiness and building community bonds and are often chosen for celebrations and social events. They bring people of similar age groups together through the power of music and dance.

This post will showcase the top bars and clubs in Kasarani. Continue reading for recommendations.

Bars and Clubs in Kasarani

1. Switch Lounge Nairobi

Switch Lounge Nairobi, situated on Kasarani -Mwiki Road, is the ultimate destination for immersing yourself in music and dancing with friends and colleagues until late. 

With its dancehall and four bars, this club offers a vibrant atmosphere and two-for-one cocktails daily from 3 pm to 9 pm. It excels in affordability, top-notch security, mouthwatering cuisine, and welcoming staff.

The establishment is on Kasarani-Mwiki Road and can be reached at 0701 511424. They operate round the clock, ensuring accessibility at any time. Their Google rating stands at an impressive 4.1 stars, backed by an extensive customer base of 4,231 reviews.

2. Car Wash Pub

Car Wash Pub is a unique establishment on Kasarani-Mwiki Road. It combines a club, restaurant, and car wash, all in a delightful open-air setting. The menu has delicious beef, pork, chicken, and fish options. The prices are reasonable, and the service is commendable.

The Kasarani – Mwiki Road establishment operates from Monday to Saturday – 8 am to 5 pm, and remains closed on Sundays. 

For inquiries or further information, please reach out at 0723018902. With a Google rating of 4.1 stars based on 904 reviews, it has received favorable customer feedback.

3. Whisky Barrels Kasarani

It is conveniently located just near Equity Bank in Kasarani. This establishment offers ample space and provides outstanding food and service. 

Visitors can delight in watching football matches on weekends, thanks to the presence of large, high-quality TV screens. Additionally, the prices of the beverages are reasonable, and the staff members are known for their efficient service.

Situated along Mwiki road, adjacent to Equity Bank Kasarani, this establishment can be easily found. To reach out to them, you can contact them at 0700 101770. They operate round the clock, providing their services day and night. 

With a Google rating of 4.3 Stars, based on feedback from 316 reviewers, this place has garnered positive reviews and is highly regarded by its customers.

4. Monaco Pub and Restaurant

Located on Mwiki Road near Equity Bank Kasarani, this establishment is conveniently accessible. For inquiries, contact them at 0700 101770. They offer 24/7 services and have received a Google rating of 4.3 Stars from 316 reviewers, indicating positive customer feedback and a high reputation.

The establishment is situated in Kasarani and can be reached at 0705 543247. It operates round the clock, providing services without any time restrictions. According to Google ratings, it has received an average rating of 3.4 stars based on feedback from 310 users.

5. Midwest Lounge And Grill

Join us at this club for a delightful experience of wine, dancing, and the latest music mixed by skilled DJs. Enjoy tasty food and catch live football on large-screen TVs. Our attentive and well-trained staff is dedicated to providing you with excellent service.

The establishment is situated on Kasarani-Mwiki Road and operates round the clock. According to Google reviews, it has received an average rating of 3.2 stars based on feedback from 12 individuals.

6. Panama Pub

Panama Pub offers a unique experience, combining drinks and delicious pork ribs with other tasty dishes. With a car wash on-site, you can relax and enjoy your food or beer while waiting for your vehicle. The fantastic atmosphere makes it the perfect spot to unwind and catch a weekend football game.

The business establishment is on Mwiki Road in Nairobi and operates from 8 am to 11 pm. It has garnered a rating of 4.0 stars on Google, based on feedback from 160 individuals.

7. Smuff Whisky Bar N Grill

They are a charming outdoor hangout known for its pleasant atmosphere, tidy amenities, excellent service, and mouthwatering cuisine. With reliable WIFI, it’s the ideal destination for combining leisure and enjoyment.

The establishment is situated in Ngumba, just off Thika Road, and operates around the clock. If you wish to contact them, their contact number is 0701 113868. According to Google, they have received a rating of 4.0 stars based on 19 reviews.

8. Quiver Lounge – Thika Road

Located across from Garden City Mall on Thika Super Highway, Quiver Lounge is a dynamic nightclub that guarantees an exceptional Kenyan nightlife encounter. Savor delicious roast beef or goat while indulging in your preferred beverages, beer, or any other drink. 

The ambiance is outstanding, featuring live music and an energetic crowd. You can choose from various beverages, including local beer and select international spirits.

The establishment can be found on Thika Super Highway, specifically across from Garden City Mall. For inquiries or assistance, please contact them at 0724640333. They have received a favorable Google rating of 4.3 stars, based on a substantial number of reviews amounting to 2,671.

9. Robbiz Bar & Grill

Robbiz Bar & Grill, situated on ICIPE Road in Kasarani, offers the finest goat meat in town. It provides spacious surroundings and exceptional customer service. With great background music, this bar is perfect for socializing while enjoying your favorite drinks.

The establishment is situated on ICIPE Road in Kasarani. Its operating hours are from 9 am to 11 pm. For inquiries or bookings, you can reach them at 0722 723912. According to Google reviews, it has received 4.0 stars out of 5.

10. Charm Lounge

Charm Lounge is a popular neighborhood club known for its cozy atmosphere, soothing tunes, and ample space to dance. It offers a diverse selection of drinks and is perfect for celebrating birthdays. The venue also provides secure parking and affordable, varied cocktails.

The address for the establishment is Mirema Drive, and they can be contacted at 0741 618 311. Their operating hours are from 11 am to 12 am. According to Google reviews, they have a rating of 4.3 stars based on 666 reviews.

11. La Tessara Lounge

La Tessara Lounge, located on Mirema Drive, is a contemporary eatery and drink destination. It boasts top-notch music, themed nights, and deliciously cooked fish, pork, and goat tailored to your preferences. 

The lounge serves outstanding cocktails in a delightful atmosphere, accompanied by exceptional service. Additionally, the lounge offers a garden space for hosting various events like parties, weddings, and baby showers. Guests can enjoy poker, scrabble, chess, table tennis, and darts in this garden area.

The establishment can be found at Mirema Drive in the Roysambu area, operating round the clock. For any inquiries or assistance, you can contact them at 0714 854761. According to Google, this place has received a rating of 4.2 stars based on 740 customer reviews.


Visiting bars and clubs offer more than just drinking at home. It can be for enjoyment, socializing, and meeting new people, serving different purposes and benefits for individuals. 

Going to these places helps people unwind and improves their mental and emotional well-being. It’s important to note that going to a bar or club doesn’t imply a drinking problem. 

Adults experience psychological stress and occasionally need to enjoy a happy hour. For a delightful relaxation experience, consider visiting local bars or clubs in Kasarani and enjoy the evening with drinks or cocktails.