Gated community estates in Kitengela have gained popularity as highly desirable residential areas due to their appeal for privacy, exclusivity, and tranquility. They offer improved security, foster a sense of community, and provide safer play areas for children. These communities also promote eco-friendly living through investments in alternative energy sources, primarily solar power.

Individual preferences vary when searching for gated community houses for sale in Kitengela. Factors to consider: the variety of available homes, overall cleanliness, and the efficiency of the drainage system. Here are some popular gated community estates to consider when moving to Kitengela.

In this post, we walk you through some of the best popular gated community estates in Kitengela, so explore each of them and decide which is best for you.

Popular Gated Community Estates in Kitengela

1. Chuna Estate

Chuna Estate is an affordable gated community near Namanga Road, just a few kilometers from Chuna Road, a short drive from Kitengela town. It offers serviced plots for sale with essential facilities like electricity, water, and well-maintained roads. For those seeking ready-to-move-in houses, Chuna estate also showcases impressive houses available for purchase.

Living in Chuna estate has the advantage of proximity to various amenities, including Kitengela international school, Kitengela Mall, Kitengela west hospital, Chuna administration police post, and more. Additionally, the estate ensures ample water supply and an efficient drainage system.

2. The Milimani Estate

This estate is a well-known gated community just a short drive from Kitengela town. This residential area offers plots and farms for sale, with essential services like water, electricity, and access roads. 

Additionally, bungalows are available for purchase, each situated on an eighth-acre plot. The estate is conveniently located near Thorn Groove School, Acacia Crest Academy, Kitengela International School, Heron shopping center, and TurikivileMalll.

3. Muigai Prestige Estate

Muigai Prestige Estate is an upscale residential development on Muigai Avenue in Athi River. It offers various plot sizes ranging from 1/8 to ½ acre, all fully serviced with electricity and water connections. 

The estate also has houses on spacious quarter to half-acre lots, including bungalows and maisonettes. Nearby amenities include the Prestige Preparatory School, Aga Khan University Hospital, and Kitengela Shopping Mall.

4. The Riverine Estate Kitengela

The Riverine estate is a gated community on the Nairobi-Namanga road, around 6 kilometers from Kitengela town. It comprises 151 detached 4-bedroom townhouses and 60 3-bedroom apartments. The estate offers ample parking spaces and 24-hour security with limited access.

Families are drawn to the Riverine estate due to its on-site nursery school and proximity to other schools like the Vineyard High School and Orchard School Kitengela. Conveniently located amenities such as Kitengela Shopping Mall, Nairobi Women’s Hospital, and Riverine Bar and Restaurant are also nearby.

5. Kitengela Plains

The Kitengela Plains estate is a budget-friendly residential community in the Kitengela suburbs. It offers a range of housing options, including bungalows, luxury villas, townhouses, and maisonettes. 

One advantage of buying a home in Kitengela Plains is that each house has its compound, providing tranquility and privacy. The estate is conveniently located near essential facilities like the Aga Khan University Hospital, Oak School, Nasinya Grill and Restaurant, and Edenville shopping center.

6. Safaricom 1 Estates

The Safaricom 1 estate is a highly regarded gated community in Kitengela town. It offers a variety of residential options, including apartments, bungalows, and maisonettes, making it appealing to buyers seeking both serenity and sophistication.

Nearby amenities encompass Kitengela Champions School, Utumishi Sacco Primary, and RHS kindergarten. Kitengela west hospital, Nairobi Women’s Hospital, Kitengela shopping mall, and Barcode Lounge and Grill are conveniently located. The estate boasts well-maintained roads, excellent drainage, and a reliable water supply.

7. Fountain View Estate Kitengela

The Fountain View estate is a quiet, gated community on the new valley road Athi River, near Namanga Road. It consists of a hundred 3-bedroom bungalows, each on an eighth-acre plot. The advantages of residing in the 

Fountain View estate includes individual water tanks, parking for two cars, a children’s play area, and proximity to facilities like Kitengela Academy, Moran trading center, Funcity Garden, and Maxi health medical center.

8. The Police Sacco Estate

The Police Sacco estate is a residential neighborhood situated approximately 3 KM from Kitengela town, on the route to Isinya. It offers 50*100 serviced plots in a peaceful setting, perfect for building family homes. 

The plots come with readily available water, electricity, and well-maintained roads. Nearby amenities include the Southfield shopping mall, Aga Khan University Hospital, GMC Place, and Lakewood Emerald School Kitengela, a popular entertainment spot in Kitengela.

9. The Acacia Estate

The Acacia estate is a peaceful residential development near the Nairobi-Namanga road, a short distance from Kitengela town. It comprises eight 3-bedroom bungalows with large kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms. 

The estate has amenities like an electric fence, internet, satellite TV, and ample parking. Additionally, it is conveniently located near schools, banks, and shopping malls.


When considering a move to Kitengela’s suburban areas, you’ll find numerous gated communities to select from. These neighborhoods are secure, conveniently located near essential facilities, and offer varying features based on house type and proximity to Namanga highway.