Have you recently read your favorite novel, spent quality time with friends, or enjoyed outdoor playtime with your children? For many individuals, recalling such activities proves challenging, as they cannot remember or simply struggle to find time.

However, studies have demonstrated that engaging in fun activities like biking, swimming, or playing fetch with your dog is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Participating in enjoyable experiences with your loved ones, exploring new and exciting locations, watching beloved movies, or engaging in games like hide and seek with your kids can bring unexpected health benefits. 

These activities have alleviated stress, increased energy levels, enhanced sleep quality, and fostered better connections.

This post will review some fun places to visit in Kitengela, have fun and make memories with your loved ones, including your families and friends.

8 Fun Places to Visit in Kitengela

1. GMC Place – Kitengela

The GMC place is the foremost destination for children’s entertainment, providing families with a remarkable space for joyful experiences and heartfelt connections. 

This welcoming establishment offers a delightful and convenient Children’s Park where families can enjoy the ultimate enjoyment and create lasting memories.

Fun Places to Visit in Kitengela

Moreover, within the GMC place, you’ll find a restaurant where you can savor a delicious meal while your children engage in playful activities. An event area is also available for those seeking a venue to host important celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, or parties.

The establishment is in Athi River and operates from 8 am to 8 pm. For inquiries or assistance, you can reach them at 0701 560560. According to Google reviews, they have received a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 based on 773 reviews.

2. Funland Amusement Park

Funland amusement park is a delightful destination for families, providing many beloved games and attractions that children adore, including bouncing castles, trampolines, small car rides, a swimming pool, and a merry-go-round. Parents highly regard it as an affordable and enjoyable spot in Kitengela.

Furthermore, the park features a restaurant where visitors can indulge in delectable meals like nyama choma, chicken, chips, fish, and other African dishes. Children are captivated by this place and always enjoy spending extended periods there.

The facility is in Kajiado Kitengela, Athi River, and operates from 6.30 am to 7 pm. To reach out, you can contact them at 0717 166500. Their Google rating is a perfect 5.0 stars, derived from 7 reviews.

3. The Rayan Water

Rayan Water is a thrilling water-themed amusement park that provides children with various enjoyable water activities. Located in Kitengela, it is one of the few places to find pure, clean water. 

The exciting options at Rayan Water include swimming, sliding down water slides, or engaging in fun water play.

It is in the Milele Centre near the Nairobi – Namanga Road in Athi River. It operates from 7 am to 6 pm and can be contacted at 0727 905042. With a Google rating of 3.6 stars based on 5 reviews, the center has received customer feedback.

4. Kitengela Hot Glass Limited – Studio

Kitengela Hot Glass Limited is a company dedicated to recycling glass and is renowned as an exciting destination to explore. It is often regarded as a hidden treasure due to its collection of beautiful glass art, creatively designed scrap metal pieces, exquisite sculptures, and more.

The visionary founder initially established this great establishment, primarily focusing on recycling used glass. However, it has now evolved into one of the top tourist attractions in Kenya. 

Fun Places to Visit in Kitengela

Visitors are drawn to witness the mesmerizing process of transforming scrap glass into molten liquid, skillfully molded and blown into various desired shapes.

Moreover, Kitengela Hot Glass Limited offers a range of other enjoyable activities to engage in. These include swimming, indulging in delicious caramel treats, horse riding, and even the thrill of crossing a precarious bridge.

The address is 5 Glass, located can be found off Magadi Road. The operating hours are 8 am to 4.30 pm. You can reach them at 0110 001499 for inquiries or assistance. According to Google, they have received a rating of 4.5 stars based on 926 reviews.

5. Grays Oak Hotel

Grays Oak Hotel is a versatile establishment that serves as a hub for various activities. It caters to children with its amusement center, hosts weddings and conferences, and stands out as a premier destination for enjoying delicious nyama choma. 

It also boasts an entertainment center and provides a perfect setting for group meetings, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and dinner parties.

Furthermore, the Grays Oak Hotel provides accommodations with a restaurant, parking facilities, a swimming pool, and a bar. It is an excellent choice for couples seeking a quick getaway from their homes, offering them the opportunity to relax and have a great time.

The establishment is situated along Namanga Road in Kitengela. Guests are required to check out by 10 am. For inquiries or reservations, please contact 0722 331514. The Google rating for this place stands at 3.7 stars based on 715 reviews.

6. Nkasiri Adventure Park

Nkasiri Adventure Park is a fantastic facility designed for recreation, sports, and fostering teamwork. It serves as an ideal venue for corporate gatherings and family events. The park also provides a beautiful camping experience, with exciting activities like high ropes and various team-building sports.

Additionally, Nkasiri Adventure Park offers accommodations with amenities such as a buffet breakfast, a serene garden for relaxation, and free private parking. If you prioritize privacy, enjoyment, and indulgence, this park is the perfect destination to visit with your partner.

The establishment is situated on Acacia Main Feeder Road and operates round the clock. To get in touch, dial 0791 223344. It has received a favorable rating of 4.4 stars on Google, with feedback from 15 users.

7. The Nairobi National Park

In Africa, the Nairobi National Park is the smallest park on the continent and is unique as it is the only park adjacent to a capital city worldwide.

This park serves as a sanctuary for rhinos and is home to various animal species, including lions, hyenas, giraffes, zebras, warthogs, and gazelles. Visitors are always informed upon entry about the movement of lions within the park.

For tourists, students, and families in Nairobi seeking a wildlife experience, the Nairobi National Park is the most convenient destination. Additionally, it stands out as the most affordable national park, offering discounted admission fees for local tourists and children under eight.

The Education Center at Karen KWS Safari Walk, situated on Animal Orphanage Road in Nairobi, operates from 6 am to 6 pm. You can reach them at 020 2423423 to get in touch with them. It has garnered a commendable Google Rating of 4.5 stars based on many positive reviews, totaling 8,990.

8. Maasai Ostrich Resort

The Maasai Ostrich Resort and Farm are highly recommended and enjoyable attractions. This tourist destination is perfect for those who want to experience riding an ostrich or try its meat for lunch.

The resort employs welcoming and dedicated staff members who assist visitors in mounting the ostrich and guiding them as they ride within the designated area. However, riding an ostrich requires a weight limit of 75 kg.

Furthermore, the Maasai Ostrich Resort offers various amenities such as accommodation, a swimming pool, and a playground for children. Its peaceful surroundings make it an ideal location for workshops, seminars, and team-building excursions.

The facility is situated in Athi River, Kajiado, and operates with a check-in time of 2 pm. For inquiries and reservations, contact 0726 464546. It has received a rating of 3.7 stars on Google, based on 377 customer reviews.


Humans are naturally inclined to rely on one another and have an inherent need for social connections. Building and nurturing relationships is an essential aspect of our existence. 

By participating in enjoyable experiences with loved ones, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, we enhance the quality and meaning of our lives.