Kahawa West is located northwest of Githurai, approximately 18.6 kilometers from the Nairobi City center. This distance can be covered by taking the Northern Bypass Road and Outering Road.

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What Is the Reliability of Water Supply in Kahawa West?

The water supply in Kahawa West is typically consistent, although there may be instances of rationing, especially when there is a water shortage in Nairobi. 

Potential residents should anticipate occasional interruptions in the water supply and make necessary arrangements to cope with any inconvenience that may arise.

What Is the Size and Population of Kahawa West?

Kahawa West is approximately 13.90 square kilometers and is home to a population of about 39,994 residents within the County Assembly Ward.

What Is the Designated Postal Code for Kahawa West?

The postal code assigned to Kahawa West is 00609.

Houses in Kahawa West Estate 

Kahawa West provides a variety of housing choices, such as townhouses and maisonettes, constructed within separate compounds, ensuring residents’ privacy and independence.

Moreover, Kahawa West boasts upscale apartments in estates like Jacaranda Estate, known for their contemporary architecture and generous floor plans. Although these apartments may have a higher price tag, they provide luxurious furnishings and ample living areas.

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Furthermore, economical flats are also accessible for individuals seeking apartments at a more affordable cost.

Houses In Kahawa West for Sale or Rent

In Kahawa West, individuals are allowed to purchase or rent homes, as there are choices available for both buying and renting. 

This allows prospective residents to decide between property ownership or selecting a rental agreement according to their preferences and requirements.

County and Constituency of Kahawa West

Kahawa West is situated in the Roysambu Constituency as a county assembly ward, and both are positioned within Nairobi County.

House Sizes in Kahawa West

Kahawa West provides a diverse selection of housing sizes to accommodate various requirements. From compact apartments to expansive maisonettes, residents have many choices available. 

Notably, the generously-sized maisonettes can feature up to four bedrooms and offer the added benefit of individual compounds, allowing residents to enjoy indoor and outdoor living spaces while maintaining privacy.

Where Is Kahawa West Situated Geographically?

Kahawa West is located in the northwestern part of Githurai, approximately 18.6 kilometers from the central area of Nairobi. The most efficient route to reach Kahawa West from the city center involves the Northern Bypass Road and Outering Road.

Hospitals in Kahawa West

Public Healthcare Facilities

Kahawa West, located in Nairobi, houses various public healthcare facilities dedicated to meeting the healthcare requirements of the local community. These establishments include Kahawa Garrison, Kahawa Health Center, and Kenyatta University Health Unit. 

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Moreover, Kenyatta Road Medical Centre and Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital are also accessible to residents seeking medical services. These hospitals play a crucial role in delivering vital healthcare and contribute to the overall welfare of the individuals residing in Kahawa West.

Missionary Organizations Facilities

Kahawa West houses several missionary hospitals and healthcare facilities that provide medical services to the community. 

These include St Joseph Mukasa Dispensary, Neema Hospital, Neema Hospital Kahawa Sukari, Eldevale Trust Jamaa Mission Hospital, Kalimoni Mission Hospital, and St. Mary Health Services. 

These institutions are crucial in delivering healthcare services and promoting the well-being of the residents.

Privately-owned Healthcare Facilities

Kahawa West hosts numerous privately-owned medical facilities that provide specialized healthcare services. Bridging Hospital Kahawa West, Jacaranda Maternity Hospital – Kahawa West Branch, and Plaza Medical Services are among them. 

Equity Afia Medical Centre, Pro Act Hospital, and Penda Medical Centre also offer medical care options for residents in Kahawa West. These private hospitals deliver various medical treatments and contribute to the overall healthcare landscape of the region.

What Climate Does the Kahawa West Region Experience?

Kahawa West undergoes a period of low precipitation in July and August, while February is the hottest month, reaching a maximum temperature of 27.9°C. Conversely, July is the coldest month, with a maximum temperature of 22.7°C.

The month of April receives the greatest quantity of rainfall, with an average of 159 millimeters. On the other hand, January is the month with the highest number of sunshine hours, averaging around 288 hours of sunshine.

What’s the Security Like at Kahawa West?

Kahawa West is recognized as a secure community with a favorable security record and fewer criminal incidents. 

One contributing factor to this positive reputation is its proximity to the Thika Super Highway, which offers convenient and safe transportation options for residents, even during late hours of the day.

Is Water Supply an Issue at Kahawa West?

Water supply in Kahawa West is managed by Nairobi Water, which obtains water from various sources such as the Ndakaini, Sasumua, Ruiru One Dams, and Kikuyu Springs.

Water Service Providers in Kahawa West

In Kahawa West, the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company is responsible for the supply and treatment of water.

Electricity Supply Service Provider in Kahawa West?

Kenya Power is the primary electricity supplier for Kahawa West.

Does Kahawa West Often Experience Power Outages?

Kahawa West, similar to numerous other areas in Nairobi, frequently experiences recurring power outages. These outages, lasting up to three hours per day, have become more prevalent following the collapse of four towers on the national electricity grid. Consequently, residents in Kahawa West have been enduring regular disruptions to their power supply.

Communication Network Providers in Kahawa West?

Kahawa West residents have various communication network providers available to them, including Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom, Jamii Telecommunication Limited, Equitel, and MTN Business Kenya Limited. 

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These providers offer mobile and internet services, ensuring reliable communication in Kahawa West.

Internet and Office Network Providers in Kahawa West

Kahawa West provides various internet and office network providers like Manonline Cyber, Fico Network, SharpTech Wireless, Sprinkville Networks Limited, and Konnect Hub Githurai 44. These providers ensure reliable and fast internet services, meeting the connectivity needs of residents for personal and office use.

Nearby Schools in Kahawa West

Kindergarten Options in Kahawa West

Kahawa West provides a variety of kindergarten schools that cater to the early education needs of young children. 

These include Blessing School And Kindergarten, Niceways Junior Academy, Mums Love Academy, BAS Academy for Kindergarten, The KBA School Kahawa West Campus, and St. Ann Lifred Schools Kahawa West Campus. 

These kindergartens are dedicated to creating a supportive and stimulating atmosphere for children, ensuring a solid educational base for their future endeavors.

Primary Education Institutions in Kahawa West

Kahawa West provides a diverse selection of primary schools to meet the educational requirements of its residents. 

Among these are Green Cottage Academy Primary School, Mahiga Primary School, Bas Academy Primary School, Kahawa Primary School, Kahawa Baptist Primary School, and True Light Academy Primary School. 

These institutions deliver a high standard of education and play a crucial role in the academic growth of the local community.

Chemists and Pharmacies in Kahawa West

Kahawa West has a good selection of chemists and pharmacies, including Azera Chemist, Haltons Pharmacy, Claritas Pharmacy, Milmed Chemist, Nuru Chemist, and Yanah Pharmacy Kahawa West. 

These establishments offer residents easy access to a wide range of pharmaceutical products and healthcare services.

Gyms in Kahawa West

Kahawa West residents have a variety of gym options available. Notable gyms include Genesis Fitness Center, Just Train Gym & Aerobics, Zimmer Fitness Centre, KalFitness Gym, El-Commander’s Gym and Fitness Centre, and Evolve Fitness. 

These gyms offer fitness facilities and services to help individuals in the community achieve their health and wellness goals.

SPA Facilities in Kahawa West

Kahawa West residents have a range of spa options for self-care and relaxation. Notable spas include Lynn Executive Barber and Spa, Afriayn Shave & Spa, Best Massage Parlour, Makena Salon, Spa Royal, and Touch Of Style Salon & Spa. 

These establishments provide various spa services, allowing residents to rejuvenate and unwind from their daily routines.

Garages Within Kahawa West?

Kahawa West houses several garages that cater to the automotive needs of residents. Notable options include Robs Auto Care, Zimman Auto Garage, Phixit Auto Garage, Wagrace Tyre Center, Ma – Ninety Motor Garage, and HighTurbo Automobile Garage. 

These garages offer car repairs, maintenance, and tire-related services, ensuring the community’s automotive requirements are fulfilled.

What Are the Available Places in Kahawa West to Buy Food Items?

Kahawa West residents have various choices when it comes to grocery shopping. Some prominent supermarkets in the area include Naivas Supermarket, Quickmart, Clean Shelf Supermarket, Twiga Foods, Lilies Supermarket, and Kahawa Selfridges Store. 

These supermarkets offer diverse food items and household essentials, providing convenient and accessible shopping options for the community.

Shopping Centers in Kahawa West for Household Items

Kahawa West offers residents a range of shopping centers for household items, such as Elsisi Shop, Maziwa Unique Furniture, Makwetu Home Improvement, Top Image General Hardware and Suppliers, Furniture Center, and Lewan Petty Mart – Kiwanja Branch. 

These establishments provide various household products, furniture, and hardware supplies, meeting the diverse needs of Kahawa West residents.

Car Wash in Kahawa West

Kahawa West provides residents various car wash options to keep their vehicles clean and well-maintained. Some notable choices include Dope Shine Car Wash, Netcom Car Wash, Riverside Car Wash And Carpet Cleaning, Pallets River Car Wash, One Love Car Wash, and Silver Car Wash. 

These establishments offer professional car washing and cleaning services, ensuring that vehicles in the community are kept sparkling and presentable.