Addy Perez, a dedicated deputy with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department in South Carolina, has garnered popularity as a fan favorite on the A&E show Live PD, offering viewers a glimpse into the lives of law enforcement officers nationwide. Surprisingly, in December 2022, Perez disclosed her departure from Richland County, revealing her intention to relocate to Texas for a new career venture outside the realm of law enforcement. The rationale behind her decision and her forthcoming plans for the future are yet to be unveiled.

From the Army to Law Enforcement

Addy Perez boasts an impressive background spanning both military and law enforcement. Raised in the Bronx borough of New York City, she hails from a family with several members serving as officers in the New York Police Department. Perez commenced her journey in the U.S. Army, subsequently contributing her skills to the United States Army Drill Sergeant Academy in South Carolina.

Transitioning into law enforcement, she became a deputy with Richland County in 2016, earning recognition for her dedicated service. Perez’s prominent role extended to all four seasons of Live PD, and she also featured in On Patrol: Live, a Facebook Watch spin-off series.

Highlighting the parallels between military and law enforcement, Perez emphasized the shared values of discipline, teamwork, and leadership in both realms. Her commitment to community engagement and aiding those in need aligns with her enjoyment of both military and law enforcement roles.

Renowned for her professionalism, compassion, and courage, Perez has navigated through intense and perilous situations on the show, including pursuits of suspects, responses to domestic violence calls, and handling drug overdoses.

A New Chapter in Life

In a surprising move in December 2022, Perez shared the unexpected news of her departure from Richland County and relocation to Texas with her fans and colleagues. While not disclosing the specifics of her new job, she expressed that the opportunity was too enticing to forego. Grateful for her time at Richland County, she conveyed her fondness for fellow deputies and the Live PD crew, acknowledging that she would miss them.

Live PD reported that Perez’s decision was steered by a blend of personal and professional considerations. A key factor was her desire to be closer to her husband, a former military member employed in Texas. Additionally, she sought a fresh career trajectory where she could leverage her skills and experience in novel ways. Though the exact nature of her new work was not specified, she hinted at its connection to the realms of security and intelligence.

A Temporary Return to Duty

In July 2023, Perez made a comeback to duty with Richland County, as confirmed by Dan Abrams, the host of Live PD. Abrams clarified that Perez had temporarily set aside her new position in Texas to assist her former department, which was grappling with a staffing shortage amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. He emphasized that Perez’s return was for a limited duration, with the intention to resume her new career once the circumstances improved.

Fans and colleagues warmly embraced Perez’s return, expressing delight at seeing her back on the show. Perez conveyed her happiness at supporting her former team and reaffirmed her love for being a deputy. While enjoying her new role in Texas, she looked forward to returning to it soon.

A Role Model for Many

Perez serves as a source of inspiration for many aspiring to join the military or law enforcement, demonstrating that women can excel in these fields while effectively managing personal and professional aspects of life. Her journey also highlights the possibility of changing careers and pursuing new opportunities without compromising one’s passion and identity, serving as a role model for numerous young girls and women aspiring to follow a similar path.

Expressing her aspirations, Perez has shared her hope to continue positively impacting the world, whether through her current job or other avenues. Grateful for the support and love received from her fans, she looks forward to maintaining connections through social media. Embracing pride in her achievements, Perez expresses excitement for the future.