Shauna Rae, a 23-year-old featured in the TLC reality series “I Am Shauna Rae,” navigates life as a young adult with a unique condition resulting from chemotherapy during infancy. The show depicts her experiences in Pennsylvania, living with her mother, step-father, and three sisters while confronting the challenges of dating, working, and socializing in a world that often perceives her as a child.

While the reality series delves into Shauna’s family life, conspicuously absent is information about her biological father. The show does not explore his identity, the reason for his absence, or the dynamics of his relationship with Shauna and her older sister, Tara.

Who is Scott Lesick?

As per Distractify, Scott Lesick is identified as Shauna Rae’s biological father. He is currently married to Kimberlee Swidorsky-Lesick and works as a car salesman. Scott’s prior professional experience includes working in air traffic control for the U.S. Navy.

Scott shares two daughters, Tara and Shauna, with Patricia. However, the couple divorced when Shauna was four years old. Following the divorce, Patricia married Mark Schrankel, who subsequently became Shauna’s step-father and played a significant role in raising her as his own daughter. Mark and Patricia also have two younger daughters, Rylee and Morgan.

Why isn’t he on the show?

The reasons behind Scott Lesick’s absence from the show or involvement in Shauna’s life are unclear, as he has not made any public statements regarding his daughter or the reality series. Nevertheless, he has shared photos of Tara and Shauna on his Facebook profile, suggesting some level of ongoing contact with them.

As reported by Newsday, Shauna has communicated that she is not currently in contact with her biological father. She considers Mark, her step-father, to be her real dad and expresses deep affection for him. Shauna has mentioned that she doesn’t feel a sense of absence or loss by not having Scott actively present in her life.

What does Shauna think of her biological father?

Shauna has kept relatively silent about her biological father, Scott, both on the show and in interviews. Instead, she tends to emphasize her strong connection with her step-father, who has played a supportive and caring role in her life. Her mother and sisters also contribute to a close-knit and supportive family environment.

In a specific episode of the show, Shauna, accompanied by her sister Tara, visited a psychic medium who conveyed a message suggesting that their biological father was attempting to communicate with them from the beyond. The medium conveyed an apology for his past actions. Shauna visibly expressed distress and stated that she did not wish to receive messages from him.

During the same episode, Shauna opened up about her feelings towards Scott, expressing anger and a sense of betrayal. She disclosed that he had left them at a young age without turning back, displaying a lack of concern for their well-being. Shauna conveyed that she harbored feelings of unforgiveness and had no desire for any further involvement with him, asserting that he had exploited their relationship solely for his own benefit.


Shauna Rae’s biological father remains an enigma with no concrete resolution. Although there might be some online connection through social media, he appears to be absent from an active role in both their lives and the show. Shauna has openly expressed her feelings of resentment and emotional pain towards him, opting to concentrate on her step-father, a positive and supportive figure in her life.

In the face of significant challenges, Shauna Rae stands out as an inspirational young woman. Despite a rare condition that gives her the appearance of a child, she refuses to let it hinder her pursuit of dreams and aspirations. Supported every step of the way by her loving family and an admirative fan base, Shauna’s courage and resilience shine through.

While Shauna may lack the presence of a caring biological father, she has a step-father whose unconditional love is more than sufficient for her.