During the Coronavirus pandemic, people have spent a significant amount of time indoors and have developed a desire for certain comforts, such as watching movies. With numerous films being binge-watched, you have likely come across Netflix’s popular series Outer Banks. 

The final moments of season 2 present a message that catches viewers’ attention: “In loving memory of Carl Sutton.” This tribute raises curiosity among fans, prompting them to inquire about Carl’s identity and her significance to the show. 

Distinguished actors and actresses contribute a unique dynamic to productions that emerging talents often struggle to achieve. Carl Sutton’s brief yet impactful portrayal of MeMaw, Pope’s great-grandmother, in a single episode of Outer Banks’ second season played a crucial role in shaping the storyline. 

Her exceptional performance left a lasting impression on fans, who sincerely appreciated her character. Consequently, a question arises about what transpired involving Carl Sutton’s character in Outer Banks.

Profile Summary of Carl Sutton 

NameCarol Dickerson 
Date of birth3 rd Dec1944 
Place of birthUSA – New Orleans, Louisiana
Died10th Dec 2020 (aged 76)
School AttendedXavier University Preparatory School 
University AttendedXavier University of Louisiana
Height5 feet 5 inches
Weight65 kg 
Years active1974 – 2020
Spouse(Divorced) Archie Sutton
Number of childrenTwo

Carl Sutton: Who Was He? 

Carl Sutton

Born on 3rd Dec 1944, in New Orleans, USA, Carl Sutton attended Xavier University Preparatory School before pursuing her studies at Xavier University of Louisiana. 

She later left university and married Archie Sutton, a former footballer, although they later divorced. Details about Sutton’s early life are scarce, with limited public information available. Sutton became a mother to two children from her marriage, although comprehensive online information about them is lacking. 

Notably, Sutton has gained recognition as an accomplished American actress, boasting a four-decade-long career filled with numerous film and television appearances. During the 1960s, she became a member of the Dashiki Project Theatre, and in 1974, she made her television debut in “The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman.”

Carl Sutton, an enthusiastic actor who also shared her knowledge through teaching acting in her local community, had a strong commitment to her craft. Additionally, she played numerous supporting characters in various American films and TV shows, such as The Last Exorcism, Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh, The Pelican Brief, True Detective, American Horror Story: Coven, Kidnap, and Killer Joe. 

2012, Sutton’s contributions were acknowledged with the prestigious New Orleans Lifetime Achievement Award. Moreover, she took on the role of Lena Younger in A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry in 2019, showcasing her talent and versatility.

What Happened to Carl Sutton? 

Carl Sutton

Regrettably, Carl Sutton succumbed to complications associated with COVID-19 in December 2020. The 76-year-old actress passed away at Touro Infirmary in her hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. 

At the time of her passing, she was midway through filming the second season of Outer Banks. Carl Sutton gained widespread recognition for her notable portrayals of Nurse Pam in the 1989 film Steel Magnolias and Eula in the 2004 biographical movie Ray. 

Following her demise, numerous fans of Outer Banks expressed their condolences and admiration for the talented performer through various online platforms. LaToya Cantrell, the Mayor of New Orleans and a devoted fan paid tribute to Carl Sutton’s enduring legacy:

Carol Sutton was widely regarded as an esteemed figure in New Orleans theater, having contributed her remarkable talent to various stages in the city over a considerable period. While she gained recognition globally for her roles in films and television shows like Treme, Claws, Runaway Jury, and Queen Sugar, her enduring legacy lies in her commanding presence on stage. 

She left a lasting impression on audiences through her masterful portrayal of diverse characters. Additionally, she fostered a warm and collaborative atmosphere among her fellow cast and crew members, evident in productions such as 4000 Miles and A Raisin in the Sun. As we bid farewell to this extraordinary artist, we wish for her to find eternal peace in the embrace of God.

The tweet and several other posts indicate that those acquainted with Carl Sutton and those she touched are deeply saddened by her absence. The obituary of this remarkable actress is likely to have been heartfelt, given her significant influence on the acting industry and her audience. 

Carl Sutton’s legacy as a talented performer will always be remembered within the acting community. Her departure has profoundly impacted the cast of Outer Banks and all who had the privilege of knowing her personally or experiencing her work in the realm of acting.

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