YouTube is home to a diverse group of talented and influential women who have gained recognition through engaging online videos. These female YouTubers have been significantly impacted by covering various topics, such as makeup tutorials, DIY projects, and lifestyle vlogs. 

While their attractiveness undoubtedly contributes to the allure of their channels, it is important to recognize their other remarkable qualities. The first wave of female YouTubers, including trailblazers like iJustine, Michelle Phan, and Zoella, emerged in the mid-2000s. 

These women possessed beauty, challenged societal norms, and entertained their audiences with captivating content. With the growth of the industry and the platform, more women have joined the YouTube community, exploring diverse subjects and using their influence to address pressing social issues. 

Therefore, it is worth exploring the most prominent and hottest female YouTubers of 2023.

Top Hottest Female YouTubers to Follow in 2023

Hood MWR presents a compilation of the most popular female YouTubers who have amassed many followers on the platform. From Alia Marie Shelesh, widely recognized as SSSniperWolf, to Imane Anys, famously known as Pokimane, these creators have garnered millions of subscribers. 

Their content spans diverse categories such as gaming, reviews, tutorials, and lifestyle, making them prominent figures in the YouTube community.

1. Alexandra Hirschi

In the realm of female YouTubers to watch in 2023, Alexandra Hirschi is undeniably adorable. Born on September 25, 1985, in Brisbane,Australia, Alexandra , currently 38 years old, has amassed an impressive following of over 8 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. 

While her main focus is sharing car-related content with her audience, Alexandra  also diversifies her uploads by featuring unique cars and providing car reviews.

2. Alisha Marie

Female Youtubers

In 2023, Alisha Marie stands out as one of the most adorable female YouTubers to follow. She was born on April 5, 1993, making her 30 years old. Alisha hails from Riverside, California, in the United States and has amassed an impressive following of over 8 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. While her main focus is on sharing fashion and beauty-related content with her audience, she also delights her viewers with regular daily vlogs and insightful product reviews. 

Additionally, Alisha Marie ventured into acting, appearing in the film Guidance in 2015.

3. Colleen Ballinger 

Female Youtubers

Colleen Ballinger, an accomplished American YouTuber, actress, writer, and producer, was born on November 21, 1986, making her 37 years old in 2023. Her notable fame stems from her creation of the character Miranda Sings, who gained international recognition in 2008. 

Colleen boasts a massive following of more than 22 million subscribers across her three YouTube channels. Additionally, she has made significant appearances in numerous television shows and films, such as the 2021 TV series Centaurworld, and regularly embarks on tours where she embodies her beloved character, Miranda Sings.

4. Emma Chamberlain 

Hottest Female Youtubers

In 2023, Emma Chamberlain, an endearing YouTuber, gained significant attention. Born on May 22, 2001, in San Bruno, California, United States, Emma Frances Chamberlain, aged 22 in 2023, has established herself as a prominent figure on YouTube. 

Commencing her channel in 2018, Emma has garnered an impressive following, currently boasting 12 million subscribers. Notably, she achieved the Streamy Award for Breakout Creator the same year.

5. Eva Gutoswki 

Hottest Female Youtubers

Eva Gutowski, known by her YouTube channel MyLifeasEva, was born on July 29, 1994, in Brea, California, United States. At 29 in 2023, she has amassed a substantial following with over 11.3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. 

Her content primarily revolves around fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and comedy. In addition to her online presence, Eva has ventured into television and film, appearing in projects such as Me and My Grandma (2017) and All Night (2018).

6. Kandee Johnson 

Hottest Female Youtubers

Kandee Johnson, a renowned American influencer and YouTuber has gained significant recognition for her exceptional makeup artistry and transformative abilities. Her YouTube channel, boasting an impressive subscriber count of over 3.68 million as of 2023, is a platform for sharing her remarkable makeup skills and tutorials. 

Beyond her online presence, Johnson has also lent her voice to the character of Mandy Sparkledust in the 2016 Dreamworks film Trolls. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, she was born on July 9, 1978, making her 45 years old in 2023.

7. Lele Pons 

Hottest Youtubers

Lele Pons, a multi-talented individual from Venezuela, has significantly impacted various fields, including YouTube, singing, modeling, comedy, and acting. Born in Caracas on June 25, 1996, she has garnered immense popularity through her engaging content on Vine, where she became the most followed woman. 

With her transition to YouTube, Lele has amassed a subscriber base of over 17.8 million, primarily due to her unique and self-deprecating skits. Furthermore, in 2023, she takes center stage in “The Secret Life of Lele Pons,” an original documentary series produced by YouTube that provides an intimate glimpse into her personal life.

8. Lilly Singh

Hottest Youtubers

Lilly Singh is a highly popular female content creator on YouTube, known for acting, comedy, and entertaining videos. Hailing from Canada, she has amassed an impressive subscriber base of over 14.6 million on her YouTube channel. 

Lilly, born Lilly Saini Singh in Scarborough, Toronto, Canada, on September 26, 1988, began her online journey in 2010 using the alias Superwoman (IISuperwomanII). Apart from her YouTube success, she has also ventured into the world of movies and published two books.

9. Liza Koshy

Hottest Youtubers

Liza Koshy, an esteemed American entertainer renowned for her roles as an actress, YouTube sensation, and comedian, was born on March 31, 1996, in Houston, Texas, in the United States. Beginning her journey in 2013, Koshy initially ventured into video creation through the platform Vine. 

However, she later transitioned to YouTube, where her engaging content captivated an impressive following of more than 17.2 million loyal subscribers. Koshy’s online presence is primarily characterized by her delightful comedic sketches and insightful videos impart valuable life lessons. 

Moreover, her talent extends beyond digital media, as she has also showcased her acting prowess in various cinematic productions such as:

  • A Madea Halloween 
  • Freakish Boo! 
  • Tyler Perry’s Boo 2!

10. Madison Miller

Female Youtubers

Keep an eye on Madison Miller, an emerging YouTube personality in 2023 who stands out as one of the most attractive content creators. Despite her modest following of 0.4 million subscribers, this 33-year-old individual, who goes by her name on YouTube, is gradually making a mark in the industry. 

On her channel, she primarily showcases unboxing sessions for beauty products and provides step-by-step guides for makeup application. Moreover, she occasionally shares videos about product reviews, shopping experiences, daily routines, and culinary ventures. 

It is worth noting that while YouTube serves as her creative outlet, Madison also pursues a career as an educator, holding a Bachelor’s degree.

11. Shay Mitchell

Female Youtubers

Born on April 10, 1987, in Mississauga, Canada, Shay Mitchell is a multi-talented individual known for her diverse accomplishments. Hailing from Canada, Mitchell has made a name for herself as a YouTuber, actress, model, entrepreneur, and author. 

One of her notable roles was portraying Emily Fields in the popular Freeform mystery drama series Pretty Little Liars, which aired from 2010 to 2017. In addition to her television work, Mitchell has also showcased her acting skills in various films:

  • The Possession of Hannah Grace (2018) 
  • Mother’s Day (2016) 
  • The Heiresses (2019) 

2011 Mitchell established her own YouTube channel, sharing various lifestyle-related videos. Her channel has gained significant popularity over the years, with an impressive following of more than 4.16 million subscribers.

12. Rosanna Pansino

Hottest Female Youtubers

Born on June 8, 1985, in Seattle, Washington, Rosanna Pansino is a multi-talented American personality who has achieved significant success in various fields. As a popular YouTuber, actress, author, and singer, she has amassed a substantial fanbase of 14.3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. 

Renowned for her culinary content, Pansino’s channel gained immense popularity, leading to the creation of her cooking show, Nerdy Nummies. In 2015, she showcased her talent as an author by releasing her first book, The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook. 

Her diverse talents and creative endeavors have contributed to her status as one of YouTube’s most influential and highest-earning content creators.

13. Saffron Barker 

Hottest Female Youtubers

Saffron Barker, a renowned YouTube personality, was spotted attending the premiere of Hulu’s latest show, “The Kardashians,” in Los Angeles, California. Hailing from Brighton, England, Saffron, born on July 24, 2000, has amassed a substantial following of 2.47 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. 

She shares diverse content on this platform, from glimpses into her everyday life to entertaining vlogs, humorous sketches, and engaging challenges. Commencing her YouTube journey 2016, Saffron has also leveraged her beauty to establish a successful modeling career. 

Moreover, she collaborated with esteemed channels like Sidemen and appeared on The Celebrity Circle TV series.

14. Tana Mongeau 

Hottest Female Youtubers

Tana Mongeau, a popular vlogger known for engaging content, appeared at the Hollywood premiere of “Pamela, a love story,” a Netflix production. 

The event took place at the TUDUM Theater in California. Captured by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin, an image of Tana Mongeau at the premiere was shared on Getty Images. With a significant following, Tana Mongeau’s YouTube channel boasts over 5.39 million subscribers. 

Her channel is known for showcasing various aspects of her life, including personal experiences, and featuring fashion and beauty-related videos. Born on June 24, 1998, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Tana Mongeau is currently 25 years old.

15. Rachel Levin 

Female Youtubers

Rachel Levin, an American YouTuber and singer, participated in the 2022 VidCon event at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. The photograph capturing her presence at the event was taken by David Livingston and sourced from Getty Images. Born on February 24, 1995, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Levin is currently 28 years old. 

She gained fame through her YouTube channel, RCLBeauty101, which boasts a substantial subscriber base of over 14.4 million individuals. Levin commenced her YouTube journey at 15, primarily focusing on creating content related to beauty and lifestyle tutorials. Moreover, in 2020, she expanded her brand by launching RCLÓ Cosmetics, a makeup line under her name.


In today’s YouTube landscape, numerous female content creators have amassed a vast following of subscribers on their channels. These talented individuals have successfully ventured into various niches, encompassing gaming, tutorials, reviews, and lifestyle topics. 

As we delve into the year 2023, several notable female YouTubers have caught the attention of viewers worldwide. Alexandra Hirschi, Colleen Ballinger, Alisha Marie, and Emma Chamberlain are among the most prominent names to watch as they continue to captivate audiences with engaging content.