Billy Carson is a versatile individual who has achieved success across diverse domains, including entrepreneurship, music, television, and the study of ancient civilizations. As the founder of 4biddenknowledge TV, he has established a platform that airs conscious documentaries and shows. Additionally, Carson serves as the co-founder of the First Class Space Agency and its subsidiary, the United Family of Anomaly Hunters (UFAH).

Beyond these accomplishments, he is a two-time best-selling author and the host of “Deep Space,” a series delving into the Secret Space Program, uncovering extraordinary technologies and exploring their potential origins. His noteworthy presence has garnered features in prominent media outlets like Inc, Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, Yahoo, HuffPost, and more.

Early Life and Education

Born on September 4, 1971, in New York, Billy Carson spent his formative years in the Miami ghettos, completing his high school education in the area. His journey into entrepreneurship began at the age of 12 when he took on the role of a newspaper boy for Miami News. Utilizing the savings from his initial job, he ventured into the entrepreneurial realm by investing in digital car stereo equipment and initiated a wholesale business. Remarkably, by the age of 16, Carson had become a serial entrepreneur.

In 2017, he furthered his education by attending M.I.T, where he pursued a certification course with a focus on Neuroscience. Continuing his academic pursuits, he enrolled at Harvard University in 2019 to delve into a course centered around Ancient Civilization.


In 2008, Carson initiated his professional journey by establishing, a non-profit organization dedicated to recruiting resources for girls’ high school basketball. Subsequently, in 2010, he assumed the role of CEO at Fort Terra Nova, contributing four years to the organization. During this period, he successfully secured a $20,000,000 fund and collaborated with architects and construction teams to oversee the construction of an underground city in NW Georgia. Simultaneously, Carson took on the role of president at Zenforce Media in the same year.

Expanding his entrepreneurial ventures, Carson founded 4biddenknowledge Inc. in 2012, initially starting as a Knowledge For Ascension Blog that later evolved into a TV network, Renowned for its curated documentaries and shows, the platform encourages viewers to perceive the world from a different perspective. In 2014, Carson established the First Class Space Agency, a non-profit space agency headquartered in South Florida. The agency focuses on researching and developing alternative propulsion systems and zero-point energy devices, with dual purposes of aiding space travel and enhancing transportation and power production on Earth.

Throughout his career, Carson has contributed to prominent TV shows featured on major networks, including The Travel Channel, The History Channel, and The Discovery Channel. As a two-time best-selling author, he has written and hosted “Deep Space,” a series exploring the Secret Space Program and unveiling extraordinary technologies and their potential origins. Carson’s literary works include titles such as “Compendium of the Emerald Tablets,” “Woke Doesn’t Mean Broke,” and “The Master Key.”

Music and Acting

Carson’s artistic pursuits extend to music and acting. He boasts a discography that includes multiple albums and singles, including noteworthy releases like “Return of Enki,” “Manifest Destiny,” and “4biddenknowledge.” Collaborating with fellow artists such as Donny Arcade, Richard Vagner, and Anjolique, he has contributed to a diverse range of musical projects. Additionally, Carson has made appearances in various films and TV shows, such as “Tropic of Ice,” “Vääpeli Körmy ja etelän hetelmät,” “Spy Games,” “Hymyhuulet,” “Viemäri-TV,” “Kellarikaarti,” “Hyvät herrat,” “Ihmeidentekijät,” and “Parhaat vuodet.”

In the Media

Carson’s presence has been acknowledged in numerous media outlets, spanning platforms like Inc, Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, Yahoo, HuffPost, and more. He has actively participated in interviews and lectures on renowned platforms such as Gaia, Coast to Coast AM, London Real, and The Joe Rogan Experience. Carson’s contributions have garnered accolades and recognition, with notable honors including the 2019 Kemet Award, the 2020 Author Academy Award, and the 2020 Webby Award.