Amidst the glitzy and opulent landscape of Dubai, characterized by extravagance and luxury, there emerges a couple whose enduring love story shines brightly. DJ Bliss and his wife, Danya Mohammed, have become the focal point of admiration for viewers on the popular reality series, Dubai Bling. Join us as we explore their journey, navigating through glamorous parties and heartfelt moments, unraveling the unique elements that define the special bond they share.

The Musical Icon and the Beauty Vlogger

Marwan Al-Awadhi, widely recognized as DJ Bliss, stands as a musical icon in Dubai, his beats echoing through the city’s lively nightlife. Fans are drawn to his talent and charisma, but beyond the decks, DJ Bliss reveals a softer side as a devoted husband, sharing his life with Danya Mohammed.

Danya, affectionately known as Diva Dee, has carved her own niche as an internet sensation. As a YouTube vlogger and Instagram personality specializing in makeup and beauty, she commands a massive following. Her impeccable makeup tutorials and glamorous lifestyle have propelled her to household name status among beauty enthusiasts.

Love at First Sight

The love story of DJ Bliss and Danya unfolded years ago during a dazzling event in Dubai. Their connection was instantaneous, a spark that blossomed into a passionate flame. In March 2015, amidst 600 guests (of whom Danya only knew 50!), they sealed their love with vows in a lavish celebration. Their wedding served as a poignant testament to their deep affection and shared commitment to building a life together.

The Challenges of Fame

Navigating the spotlight comes with its challenges. DJ Bliss’s career involves late nights, international gigs, and an adoring fan base. Meanwhile, Danya manages her thriving online empire while also raising their two lovely children, Zayed and Meera. The delicate juggling act of fame, family, and personal aspirations is not without its obstacles.

Communication Breakdowns

During a poignant episode of Dubai Bling, DJ Bliss orchestrated a touching surprise for Danya by dedicating a heartfelt song to her. The studio session laid bare a common challenge for couples managing hectic schedules—communication gaps. Danya voiced her concerns about female dancers accompanying her husband during performances, expressing the need for him to acknowledge her worries. Yet, in the clamor of fame, the noise often drowns out the subtleties of love.

The Longest-Married Pair

Despite the hurdles, DJ Bliss and Danya stand unwavering. As the longest-married couple featured on Dubai Bling, they’re now commemorating seven years of marital happiness. Their love story persists, unfolding in moments of glamour and raw authenticity, yet always genuine.


Amidst the glamour of Dubai’s elite, DJ Bliss and Danya Mohammed exemplify enduring love. Their journey serves as a reminder that, in the midst of fame and fortune, genuine connection thrives on understanding, compromise, and steadfast support.

Here’s a toast to DJ Bliss and his radiant wife—may their love perpetually outshine the city lights!