Alix Earle, a well-known TikTok personality with millions of followers, frequently shares candid and relatable videos showcasing her personal life, including her family. This includes her father, mother, stepmother, and four siblings. However, details about Alix Earle’s father’s age and background, as well as his relationships with her mother and stepmother, remain to be explored.

Who Is Alix Earle’s Dad?

Thomas “TJ” Earle, the father of Alix Earle, holds a prominent position as a construction magnate in Wall Township, New Jersey. Serving as the CEO of his family’s road construction company, which boasts over a century of operation, he has played a significant role in its success. Thomas Earle earned his degree in business administration from Lynn University in Florida.

How Old Is Alix Earle’s Dad?

Public records indicate that Thomas Earle was born on June 6, 1974. Therefore, as of October 2023, he is 49 years old.

What Happened Between Alix Earle’s Dad and Mom?

Alix Earle’s mother is Alisa Earle, a stay-at-home mom actively involved in various charities. Alisa, who also graduated from Lynn University, met Thomas, and the two got married, eventually having two daughters, Alix and Ashtin. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce when Alix was in second grade.

The reason behind their divorce was Thomas’ involvement in an affair with Ashley Dupré, a former escort known for her connection to the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal in 2008. Thomas and Ashley met at a New Jersey restaurant, initiating a relationship that spanned several months. The affair became public, causing significant controversy and embarrassment for both parties.

How Is Alix Earle’s Relationship with Her Dad and Stepmom?

Despite the scandal and subsequent divorce, Alix Earle maintains a strong and close relationship with her father, Thomas, and her stepmother, Ashley. Thomas and Ashley tied the knot in 2013 and have three children together: Izabel, Alessandra, and Sebastian. Alix regards them as her siblings and frequently includes them in her TikTok content.

Alix has expressed that she and Ashley are “super close” and have overcome the challenges of the past. She commends Ashley for her support and care towards her and her sister. Additionally, Alix acknowledges her mother, Alisa, for her strength and forgiveness following the divorce.

Describing her family as “very modern,” Alix shares that they often embark on trips together. She expresses gratitude for having two mothers who love her unconditionally.


Alix Earle’s father is Thomas Earle, a 49-year-old construction executive. Despite his divorce from her mom, Alisa, due to an affair with Ashley Dupré, Alix maintains positive relationships with both her dad and her mom. She also has a good rapport with her stepmom, Ashley, and cherishes the bond she shares with her four siblings.

Alix has demonstrated maturity and an open-minded attitude towards her family situation, highlighting the importance of the love and support she receives from all members of her family.