Art Moore is a well-known figure for fans of the popular show Live with Kelly and Ryan, serving as the vice president of programming for WABC-TV and the executive overseeing production for the show. With over 50 years of dedicated service to ABC and the Walt Disney Company, Moore has played a pivotal role in some of the most successful and influential TV shows in history.

However, details about his personal life, including his marriage and other aspects, have remained relatively undisclosed. This article aims to shed light on these aspects and provide insights into the enigmatic TV executive’s life and career.

Art Moore’s Wife and Family

While Art Moore is married, he has chosen to keep his wife’s identity and details confidential, maintaining a private stance on his personal life. Rarely discussing these matters publicly, Moore focuses primarily on his professional endeavors. Despite this discretion, some online photos have surfaced featuring Moore and his wife, portraying a content and affectionate couple. According to Nextau, Moore’s wife is identified as Jessica, and their marital union has surpassed a decade. The couple shares two children, a son and a daughter.

Notably, Moore holds a significant familial connection as the uncle and godfather of actor David Boreanaz, renowned for his roles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Bones, and SEAL Team. Moore’s brother is Boreanaz’s father, Dave Roberts, a retired weatherman and TV personality. Demonstrating a close relationship with his nephew, Moore has been a supportive figure throughout Boreanaz’s career. Additionally, IMDb notes that Moore is also the uncle-in-law of actress Jaime Bergman, who is married to Boreanaz.

Art Moore’s Career and Achievements

Art Moore earned his degree in drama with a minor in television/radio from Ithaca College in 1966. Commencing his career as a theater performer, he later transitioned into roles as a director and producer in TV stations across Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Buffalo, and Philadelphia.

In 1971, he joined WABC-TV as a producer and director, eventually ascending to the position of vice president of programming. In this role, Moore oversees all non-news local programming, encompassing syndicated shows, movies, and special projects. Additionally, he is responsible for content and talent evaluation for new shows, contributing to the formulation of long-term strategies.

A standout accomplishment in Moore’s career is his role as the executive in charge of production for Live with Kelly and Ryan, previously known as The Morning Show, Live with Regis and Kathie Lee, and Live with Regis and Kelly. Since the show’s inception in 1983, Moore has played a pivotal role in its development and success, collaborating with hosts such as Regis Philbin, Kathie Lee Gifford, Kelly Ripa, and Ryan Seacrest. His contributions have led to multiple Emmy Awards, high ratings, and widespread popularity.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Moore serves as a mentor and guest speaker at his alma mater, Ithaca College, where he received the Distinguished Alumni Award from the Roy H. Park School of Communications. He has also supported the Walt Disney Company in establishing funding for the master’s program in animation at the California Institute of the Arts.

In May 2021, Moore commemorated his 50th anniversary with ABC and the Walt Disney Company, receiving accolades from Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest on Live with Kelly and Ryan. They praised his dedication, professionalism, and kindness. Expressing gratitude for his career, Moore attributed his success to perseverance and shared memories and insights from his extensive tenure in the TV industry.

Art Moore’s Net Worth and Salary

Art Moore has forged a highly profitable and accomplished career as a TV executive, garnering both substantial financial success and widespread admiration. Despite his significant achievements, specific details about his net worth and salary remain undisclosed to the media. According to estimates from NetWorth Post, Moore’s net worth is roughly calculated at $850,000.

Nevertheless, this figure might not be entirely precise or current, considering Moore’s extensive five-decade career and involvement in numerous lucrative projects. Consequently, it is plausible that his actual net worth surpasses the estimated amount.


Art Moore, a seasoned TV executive, is happily married to his wife, Jessica, with whom he shares two children. Additionally, he holds the roles of uncle and godfather to actor David Boreanaz. Boasting a remarkable 50-year tenure with ABC and the Walt Disney Company, Moore serves as the vice president of programming for WABC-TV and holds the position of executive in charge of production for the highly acclaimed Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Throughout his illustrious career, Moore has contributed to some of the most successful and influential TV shows in history, earning numerous awards and accolades. Known for his humility and privacy regarding personal matters, he remains dedicated to his work, garnering respect and admiration as a revered figure in the TV industry. With a wealth of experience and wisdom, Moore continues to make significant contributions to the television landscape.