Barnwood Builders is an acclaimed American documentary TV series originally aired in 2013. The show centers around a team of skilled builders transforming historic barns and log cabins into modern, renovated houses. It has garnered a significant following and continues to be one of the most popular shows on the DIY network.

The show primarily features Mark Bowe, who leads the team and oversees purchasing old barns and log cabins to renovate them into stunning architectural marvels. 

As is typical with such television shows, fans become familiar with the cast members and develop a connection with them. However, recent stories and rumors have been circulating about the unfortunate passing of some individuals associated with Barnwood Builders.

These rumors have caused concern among fans eager to know the truth. It is important to approach such information cautiously, as rumors can often be misleading or false. 

Suppose there have been reports of cast members from Barnwood Builders passing away. In that case, it is advisable to rely on credible sources such as news outlets or official statements from the show’s producers to obtain accurate and verified information.

In this article, delve deep into the unfortunate events surrounding Barnwood Builders, uncovering the details of the passing and its impact on the show. Stay informed and understand the full story.

Who Died on Barnwood Builders?

The cast members of Barnwood Builders have included Sean McCourt, Mark Bowe, Johnny Jett, Sherman Thompson, Tim Rose, Graham Ferguson, Alex Webb, and Brian Buckner.

Since its premiere, the show has aired continuously, offering fans consistent enjoyment and anticipation for each new project. However, not all cast members have remained with the show for its entire duration. Some have been part of the series since its inception, while others have joined or left at different points.

Barnwood Builders

Brian Buckner, for instance, departed from the show after the second season, which caused concern among fans who noticed his sudden absence. He was not featured in the show’s season 2 finale, further fueling speculation. 

Consequently, rumors about his death began circulating in 2020. Another cast member affected by such claims is Johnny Jett, with people also asserting that he had passed away.

It is important to approach these claims cautiously and rely on verified information. While rumors may circulate, it is advisable to seek confirmation from reliable sources such as news outlets or official statements from the show’s producers to ascertain the accuracy of these claims. 

What Happened to Brian on Barnwood Builders?

Brian Buckner debuted on Barnwood Builders during the first season premiere, capturing the admiration of fans with his impressive craftsmanship. Viewers enjoyed the dynamic between Brian and master artisan Mark as they worked together. Brian’s delightful personality and unique sense of humor added a layer of enjoyment to the show.

However, despite his popularity among fans, Brian faced criticism for his perceived lack of enthusiasm towards construction work. Some individuals felt he didn’t exhibit the ideal passion for the job. Consequently, Brian decided to depart from the show during the second season.

The sudden absence of Brian, especially during a time when the show was gaining momentum and receiving high praise, led to confusion among fans. Speculation arose, and in 2020, rumors of Brian’s untimely demise started circulating. 

Barnwood Builders

There was even an obituary bearing the same name as his. However, it was later confirmed that Brian was indeed alive and well, and the obituary was, in fact, about a different person entirely. 

According to a tweet shared by the official Barnwood Builders account, Brian Buckner left the TV show because he relocated away from the shooting location. However, Brian later disclosed that his primary reason for departing was his anxiety. He expressed deep affection for his fellow cast members in the same statement, emphasizing their bond.

Another cast member who has been subject to the misleading headline of “Barnwood Builders cast member dies” is Johnny Jett. Rumors regarding his passing have circulated for some time. However, like Brian’s situation, Johnny is alive and healthy.

Johnny possesses remarkable skill in his craft and is adept at handling heavy-duty tools, such as forklifts, without encountering any difficulties with the physical demands of his occupation. His expertise contributes significantly to the show’s success. 

The rumors of Johnny Jett’s death stemmed from an online search that uncovered an obituary bearing his name. However, it was determined that the deceased individual was a different person who happened to share the same name as the Barnwood Builders cast member. The person mentioned in the obituary was from Houston, Texas, and died on 7 May 2022, at 62. 

Being less active on social media, Johnny Jett further contributed to the confusion as fans assumed the obituary referred to him. He maintains a Facebook account, and his family manages to promote his work. 

As for his age, Johnny was born on April 28, 1949, in Chicago, Illinois. As of 2022, he is 73 years old. He is one of the most senior cast members on the popular TV show and has consistently received favorable reviews since its premiere in 2013.

Johnny Jett has a loving wife named Donna Jett, and they have been happily married since 30th July 1972. In 2018, the couple memorably celebrated their anniversary. They took to Facebook to request a special happy anniversary song from Choco, their spirited Chihuahua. 

It was a charming and unique way to commemorate their special day. Johnny and Donna had one child together, Johnny Gene Jett. Tragically, Johnny Gene Jett passed away on 22 October 2017 at 44.

The question regarding the deaths of cast members on Barnwood Builders has been circulating widely online due to rumors that some individuals from the show had lost their lives. 

However, it is essential to note that these rumors are unfounded. Brian Buckner and Johnny Jett, the two cast members affected by these rumors, are alive and healthy.