Dehea Abraham, recognized as a former model and dedicated animal activist, gained prominence as the girlfriend of American R&B singer Lloyd Polite Jr., widely known as Lloyd. Their relationship, dating back to 2015, has resulted in the joyous addition of two children, a son and a daughter. Beyond her personal life, Dehea advocates for a vegan lifestyle, successfully influencing Lloyd to embrace a plant-based diet. This article delves into Dehea’s background, both personally and professionally, shedding light on her dynamic relationship with Lloyd.

Dehea’s Early Life and Modeling Career

Born on October 29 in the United States, Dehea hails from a family that includes a younger sister and a brother named Dante Abraham. While some sources suggest that Dehea harbored aspirations of becoming a runway model and even had a few modeling experiences captured in mugshots in 2009¹, it remains unclear if she pursued modeling as a full-time career.

In addition to her potential modeling endeavors, Dehea is a fervent advocate for animal rights and veganism. Committed to a strict vegan diet, she frequently shares images of her nutritious meals on her Instagram account. Demonstrating her dedication to the cause, Dehea, who has been a vegan for over six years², actively encourages her followers to embrace a vegan lifestyle and support initiatives for animal welfare.

Dehea’s Relationship with Lloyd

Dehea and Lloyd’s love story began in 2015 when they first crossed paths, leading to the initiation of their romantic relationship. Lloyd, a renowned R&B singer, gained fame through his debut single “Southside” featuring Ashanti in 2004. With five studio albums under his belt and collaborations with notable artists like Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Andre 3000, and Young Jeezy, Lloyd has solidified his place in the music industry.

Since coming together, Dehea and Lloyd have displayed an unbreakable bond, frequently sharing their love and family moments on social media. The couple welcomed their son in September 2017³ and their daughter in June 2019⁴. Despite not officially tying the knot, their happiness and commitment to each other are evident.

Dehea has played a positive role in Lloyd’s life, particularly concerning his health and diet. Lloyd disclosed that Dehea played a crucial role in helping him overcome food addiction and taste preferences, inspiring him to adopt a vegan lifestyle⁵. He also acknowledged her unwavering support during challenging times, including the loss of their baby through a miscarriage in 2016. Lloyd has expressed his gratitude to Dehea through dedicated songs such as “Porcelain” and “Caramel” from his 2018 album, Tru LP.

Lloyd has been open about his perspectives on monogamy and sexuality, emphasizing honesty and fidelity in his relationship. While embracing new adventures, he believes in exploring with his partner’s consent. Lloyd even shared that Dehea would be open to trying a threesome if he expressed interest.


Dehea Abraham transcends the role of being solely Lloyd’s girlfriend. As a former model, animal activist, dedicated vegan, and a nurturing mother to two wonderful children, she embodies a multi-faceted and accomplished individual. Standing steadfast by Lloyd’s side through various challenges, Dehea has exerted a positive influence on him. Her strength, independence, and personal achievements warrant acknowledgment and respect for the remarkable individual she is.