Alix Earle, a prominent TikTok star boasting over 10 million followers, has garnered fame for her authentic and relatable videos delving into her life, challenges, and family dynamics. This article aims to delve into the net worth of Alix Earle’s father, Thomas Earle, and unravel the story of how he amassed his wealth within the construction industry.

Who is Thomas Earle?

Thomas Earle, also known as TJ, assumes the role of father to Alix Earle and her younger sister Ashtin. He serves as the proprietor of a flourishing construction enterprise named Pure Soil Technologies, based in New Jersey. According to his LinkedIn profile, Thomas takes on the primary responsibilities for the executive management of the asphalt and aggregates, environmental, and trucking business units within the company.

Rooted in a family legacy of entrepreneurship and accomplishment, Thomas Earle’s parents, Walter Earle Sr. and his wife, maintained a steadfast 42-year marriage while raising seven children. Walter Sr., a Navy veteran under Adm. John McCain, grandfather to the late senator John McCain, inspired Thomas to pursue a path in business administration, leading him to study at Lynn University.

How did Thomas Earle make his money?

Thomas Earle inherited the construction business established by his grandfather in 1926, taking the reins in 1997. Under his guidance, the company has evolved into a diversified enterprise offering a range of services, including paving, recycling, demolition, and environmental remediation.

Renowned as an innovator and industry leader, Thomas Earle actively participates in the New Jersey Pavement Association and the National Asphalt Association. His strategic marketing initiatives and incorporation of cutting-edge technology have significantly elevated the sales of Pure Soil Technologies. Furthermore, he has played a pivotal role in fostering green and sustainable practices within the construction sector.

What is Thomas Earle’s net worth?

As per a net worth tracking website in 2023, Thomas Earle is estimated to have a net worth of $15 million, considering his earnings from the construction business, along with his assets and investments. However, it’s important to note that this figure may not be entirely accurate or current due to Thomas Earle’s limited social media activity and the absence of publicly disclosed financial information.

Thomas Earle’s net worth mirrors his achievements in both the corporate and personal spheres. Despite facing challenges and controversies, such as his involvement with Ashley Dupré during a sex scandal with former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, he has found success. Thomas and Ashley married in 2013 and share three children. Notably, he maintains a close bond with his ex-wife, Alisa Earle, and their daughters, Alix and Ashtin. Thomas actively supports their endeavors and frequently participates in family outings and events.


Thomas Earle, Alix Earle’s father, is a prosperous entrepreneur who has amassed his wealth through the construction industry. As the proprietor of an innovative and diversified company, he offers a range of services encompassing paving, recycling, demolition, and environmental remediation. Thomas has effectively continued his family’s legacy of triumph and accomplishment. The estimated net worth of this successful businessman stands at $15 million, as per a celebrity wealth-tracking website.

Despite maintaining a relatively low online presence, Thomas Earle embraces a contemporary and close-knit family structure that involves his wife, ex-wife, and five children. As a caring and supportive father, he plays an active role in the life of his daughter, Alix Earle, a prominent TikTok personality with a substantial following of over 10 million.