Gabe Kapler, the current manager of the San Francisco Giants and a former professional baseball outfielder, achieved remarkable success in leading the Giants to a franchise-record 107 wins and the NL West title in 2021, ultimately earning the National League Manager of the Year award.

In exploring Gabe Kapler’s personal life, let’s delve into the details about his wife, Lisa Jansen, who shared 14 years of marriage with the accomplished baseball figure.

Lisa Jansen: Early Life and Career

Born in California, Lisa Jansen is an alumna of Taft High School, where she first crossed paths with Gabe Kapler. Their relationship began at the age of 16, culminating in their marriage in 1999 after seven years of being together.

Lisa Jansen has pursued a diverse career, engaging in real estate, fitness, and fashion. In addition to her professional pursuits, she is a devoted mother to two athletic sons, Chase Ty and Dane Rio.

Lisa Jansen: Relationship with Gabe Kapler

Lisa Jansen and Gabe Kapler shared a resilient and affectionate bond that spanned 21 years. Their journey encompassed Gabe’s baseball career, leading them through various cities and countries. Both avid fitness enthusiasts, they embraced a shared commitment to health, frequently engaging in workouts and adhering to a strict diet. Lisa Jansen stood as Gabe’s ardent supporter, cheering him on during his games.

Despite the challenges of Gabe’s divorce proceedings in 2013, the couple chose an amicable separation. Notably, Gabe, representing himself, made unconventional requests during the divorce, including seeking spousal support from Lisa despite his substantial earnings from his MLB career. Gabe later clarified that they remained best friends and navigated the challenging period with mutual care and respect.

Lisa Jansen: Life After Divorce

Lisa Jansen has gracefully moved forward from her divorce, embracing a life marked by happiness and success. Maintaining close ties with Gabe and their now-grown sons, Chase Ty and Dane Rio, Lisa appreciates the value of family. While Chase Ty maintains a private Instagram account, Dane Rio pursues forestry studies and football at the University of British Columbia.

Active on social media, Lisa shares glimpses of her vibrant life, featuring travel adventures, hobbies, and cherished moments with her family. Lisa Jansen has also found love anew, entering a relationship in 2016. Her Instagram reflects the joy they share, and she openly expresses gratitude for having him in her life.


Lisa Jansen, the former spouse of Gabe Kapler, the manager of the San Francisco Giants, shared a 14-year marriage with him and is the mother of their two sons. Despite divorcing in 2013, they maintained a friendly and collaborative co-parenting relationship.

Lisa is not only a thriving businesswoman but also a dedicated fitness enthusiast. Having found love once more with a new partner, she continues to be a supportive presence in Gabe’s accomplishments and takes pride in the achievements of their sons.