“Mile 22” is an action thriller film from 2018, directed by Peter Berg and featuring Mark Wahlberg in the role of James Silva, a CIA operative leading a covert team on a mission to escort a valuable asset to an extraction point. Originally planned as the inaugural entry in a trilogy, the film faced criticism from both critics and audiences and underperformed at the box office.

Despite these challenges, a sequel was greenlit even before the release of the first installment, and it is currently in the development stage. This comprehensive overview delves into everything known about “Mile 22 Part 2,” encompassing details such as its release date, plot, cast, and more.

What is the Plot of Mile 22 Part 2?

The initial installment concluded with a startling revelation, exposing Li Noor, portrayed by Iko Uwais, as a Russian triple agent masterminding a lethal ambush on Silva’s team. Noor disclosed his orchestration of a deadly plan and the placement of a radioactive bomb in the US embassy, asserting control over its disarmament code.

His escape on a plane with surviving team members left their fate uncertain. Meanwhile, Silva, undergoing debriefing by superiors, vowed vengeance against Noor, prominently displaying his picture on the wall.

The sequel is poised to seamlessly continue from the first film, tracing Silva’s global pursuit of Noor. It will delve into the aftermath of Noor’s betrayal, exploring its repercussions on the CIA and US-Russia relations. Crucially, the sequel is expected to address lingering questions from its predecessor, including the fate of Alice Kerr (played by Lauren Cohan), who shared the plane with Noor, and unravel the genuine motives driving Noor’s actions.

Who Will Star in Mile 22 Part 2?

Mark Wahlberg is anticipated to reprise his role as James Silva, the leader of the Overwatch team—a clandestine CIA unit specializing in high-risk missions. Wahlberg, who also serves as one of the film’s producers, has expressed a keen interest in the franchise’s continuation. Martial arts expert Iko Uwais is also expected to return as Li Noor, the Indonesian police officer revealed to be a Russian spy. Uwais’ exceptional skills in fight scenes were standout features in the initial film.

The ensemble cast’s composition hinges on the fates of characters present on the plane with Noor or targeted by Russian operatives. This includes Lauren Cohan as Alice Kerr, Ronda Rousey as Sam Snow, Carlo Alban as William Douglas III, and John Malkovich as Bishop, the Overwatch handler. The possibility exists that some survived, potentially joining Silva in his quest for retribution. Moreover, the introduction of new characters—either allies or adversaries of Silva and Noor—is a conceivable development for the sequel.

When Will Mile 22 Part 2 Be Released?

The release date for Mile 22 Part 2 remains unknown as the film has yet to enter production. The sequel was announced in June 2018, two months prior to the first film’s release, with Umair Aleem, the writer of Extraction, reported to be scripting. However, since then, there has been no official update on the project’s status, and it remains uncertain if the script has been completed.

The delay may be attributed to various factors, including the first film’s underwhelming performance—earning only $66 million worldwide against a budget of $35-60 million—and receiving a 23% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The film faced criticism for its shaky camerawork, convoluted plot, and lack of character development. Financial troubles at the film’s distributor, STX Entertainment, may also have played a role, leading to the sale of its movie library in 2019.

Mark Wahlberg’s busy schedule, marked by numerous projects like Uncharted, The Six Billion Dollar Man, Infinite, and The Fighter 2, coupled with a Netflix deal and recent involvement in Spenser Confidential, directed by Peter Berg, could be another contributing factor. Wahlberg may find it challenging to allocate time for the Mile 22 sequel unless driven by genuine passion.

Despite these challenges, the sequel has not been officially canceled. Wahlberg has expressed interest in continuing the story, emphasizing his belief in the franchise’s potential and his positive working relationship with Peter Berg. Berg, not having directed a film since Mile 22, may be eager to return to the director’s chair and redeem the franchise after its initial reception.

While the Mile 22 sequel may eventually materialize, overcoming challenges like the pandemic, competition, and audience expectations, its release could potentially occur around the summer of 2023, with the possibility of a 2024 release.