John Force, the iconic American drag racer, boasts an impressive track record with 16 NHRA and 1 AHRA Funny Car championships. Beyond his racing achievements, he serves as the proprietor of John Force Racing (JFR) and is the proud father of four daughters: Ashley, Brittany, Courtney, and Adria. While the three elder daughters are actively engaged in drag racing, Adria assumes the role of Chief Financial Officer at JFR.

Recent online rumors have surfaced suggesting that Adria Force Hight may be facing health challenges. To address these speculations, let’s examine the facts and uncover the truth about whether John Force’s daughter is indeed unwell or injured.

Adria Force Hight Illness Rumors

Certain comments and social media posts have suggested that Adria Force Hight might be dealing with a health condition or disease. Nevertheless, these assertions lack specific details or credible sources to substantiate such claims. Currently, these appear to be mere rumors and speculations, with no available evidence indicating that Adria is facing any health issues. Notably, her family has not addressed or confirmed any illness regarding her.

As reported by Mixed Article, the emergence of these rumors might be linked to her father’s history of involvement in multiple crashes. John Force has survived various serious accidents throughout his career, with the latest occurring in 2018 at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park. While he was conscious and alert following the incident, being subsequently transported to a local hospital for evaluation, there is no indication that Adria was part of any accident or sustained injuries in any way.

Adria Force Hight Personal Life

Adria Force Hight, the eldest daughter of John Force and Laurie Force, was born in California, United States, in 1969. Standing at approximately 5 feet 9 inches and weighing 75 kg, she holds a degree in accounting from California State University, Fullerton. Since 1993, Adria has been serving as the Chief Financial Officer at John Force Racing (JFR), overseeing the financial operations of the company.

In 1999, Adria tied the knot with Robert Hight, an NHRA drag racer and the president of JFR. The couple welcomed a daughter named Autumn Hight in 2005. However, as per information found on Robert’s Wikipedia page, he is currently married to Leslie Hight, and Adria is mentioned as his ex-wife. The details surrounding their divorce, including when and why it occurred, remain unclear. Despite their personal relationship changes, they appear to maintain a professional working relationship at JFR.

Robert Hight boasts an impressive racing career as a three-time NHRA Funny Car champion driver. Piloting the Auto Club of Southern California Chevrolet Camaro SS Funny Car for JFR, he has secured victory in 52 national events and maintained a top-ten ranking for 15 consecutive seasons. Additionally, Robert holds the title of the fastest Funny Car driver in history, achieving a speed record of 339.87 mph.


Adria Force Hight, the daughter of John Force, assumes the role of Chief Financial Officer at JFR. Unlike her father and sisters who are involved in drag racing, Adria’s contributions lie in the crucial realm of managing the company’s finances.

Despite circulating rumors suggesting her possible illness or injury, there is no substantiated evidence or confirmation supporting these claims. To the best of our knowledge, Adria is in good health and thriving in her personal and professional life.