Siblings often share deep connections and bonds, but unfortunately, some of these relationships can take a dark turn, leading to tragic events such as murder. Many instances of sibling murder involve seemingly ordinary individuals who suddenly and unexpectedly commit such heinous acts.

However, there are also cases where the murder of a sibling is the result of calculated planning, as exemplified by the story of Paris Bennett. This individual, now known as an American psychopath and murderer, committed a brutal act of violence at 13. His victim was none other than his own younger sister.

In committing this horrendous crime, Paris Bennett subjected his sister to sexual abuse and a horrifying stabbing ordeal, inflicting 17 wounds upon her. Despite his young age, he fully acknowledged his responsibility for these actions. Consequently, he is currently serving a prison sentence for the murder he committed.

Profile Summary – Paris Bennett’s 

NameParis  Bennet
Date of birthOctober 10th 1993
Place of birthUnited States 
ResidenceUnited States 
MotherCharity Lee
SiblingsTwo (Ella Bennet and Phoenix)|
Relationship statusSingle
Age28 years
Famous forThe murder of his younger sister
Jail term40 years jail term
Release dateFebruary 5th 2047

Who is Paris Bennett? 

Paris Bennett, an individual diagnosed with psychopathy, stands out as a unique combination of a murderer and a genius. His birth occurred on October 10, 1993, in Abilene, Texas, in the United States. 

At present, in the year 2022, Paris Bennett is 28 years old. His notoriety stems from the shocking act of killing his younger sister when he was only 13 years old. 

Paris Bennett

Although information regarding his father remains undisclosed to the public, his mother, Charity Lee, is a known figure in his life. Charity Lee has two other children: Ella Bennett (the deceased sister) and Phoenix Bennett (his brother).

Paris Bennett’s Crime and Life Story 

In 2017, Paris disclosed his psychological condition during his appearance on The Family I Had. Despite being diagnosed with psychopathy, he had previously asserted that he had never experienced any mental disorder.

I consciously decided to commit the act in question and accept complete accountability. It is important to note that no inherent inclinations led to the incident. I am mentally sound and do not experience any psychological disorders.

In the early hours of February 5th, 2007, Charity Lee, employed at Buffalo Wild Wings, received an unexpected phone call during her shift. The call brought distressing news about the well-being of her youngest child. Before this incident, Charity had entrusted the care of Paris and Ella to a babysitter, temporarily leaving them in their care.

Deviously, Paris manipulated the babysitter into departing, allowing him to inflict harm on his sister. After the babysitter’s departure, Paris launched a vicious assault on Ella, situated within her sleeping quarters. 

He strangled and subjected her to sexual abuse, culminating in a brutal stabbing spree, inflicting 17 wounds upon her vulnerable body.

After the ordeal, he engaged in a six-minute conversation with a companion before contacting the authorities to report the occurrence. The police promptly responded, leading to the apprehension of the adolescent boy. He claimed to have experienced a hallucination, perceiving a demonic manifestation of his younger sister.

However, he contradicted his initial statement the following day by asserting that the murder had been premeditated. He confessed to deliberately ending his younger sister’s life to inflict pain and anguish upon his mother. 

The act was not a spontaneous outburst of rage but rather a carefully planned scheme to punish his mother, fully aware that his actions would result in imprisonment. Eliminating both children, he believed, would serve as a comprehensive punishment for his mother. The motive behind his desire to punish her, however, remains unclear.

Latest Updates on Paris Bennett’s 

During a recent interview with Piers Morgan, Paris, he openly acknowledged his responsibility for the tragic death of his younger sister. Initially, he expressed his intentions to harm his mother but subsequently reconsidered and directed his actions toward his sister. Paris sincerely admitted to his involvement in the deliberate act, revealing the complex thought process that led to this unfortunate outcome.

A seething, intense fury consumed me over an extended period, originating deep within my core and specifically aimed at my mother. Deliberately selecting my sister as the target of my actions rather than any other person was a strategic choice driven by my awareness that inflicting such a blow would inflict the utmost agony upon my mother. 

From my earliest years, I instinctively comprehended that losing one of her offspring would be the most devastating experience for her. Thus, I ingeniously devised a plan to simultaneously rob her of both her children in a single, devastating blow.

The Current Whereabouts of Paris Bennett

Paris Bennett, currently 28 years old, remains incarcerated at the Ferguson Unit in Texas State Prison, serving a 40-year sentence imposed in 2007. While he awaits the possibility of parole, which he can be considered for in 2027, his anticipated release date is February 5th, 2047.

Fast Facts About Paris Bennett’s 

  1. What was the fate of Ella Bennett? She met her tragic end at the hands of her older brother Paris when she was just four years old.
  2. Who is the mother of Paris Bennett? Paris Bennett’s mother is known as Charity Lee. At the time of her daughter’s murder, she was employed at Buffalo Wild Wings, but there is no information about her occupation.
  3. Is Paris Bennett married? No, he is not married. He was incarcerated at the age of 13 and continues to serve his 40-year prison sentence.
  4. Where can you watch the documentary about Paris Bennett and Ella Bennett? The documentary can be found on various platforms, including ITV, which started airing it on June 27, 2019, at 9 pm.
  5. When is Paris Bennett expected to be released from prison? His release from prison is scheduled for February 5, 20147.
  6. Paris was merely 13 years old at the time, while his sister was only four.
  7. Where was Paris Bennett’s mother located when the murder took place? His mother was present at her workplace, Buffalo Wild Wings, during the occurrence of the murder.

Paris Bennett remains incarcerated at the Ferguson Unit in Texas State Prison, serving a 40-year sentence. The reason behind his imprisonment is the heinous act of taking the life of his four-year-old sister, Ella Bennett. 

In a horrifying act, Paris committed the crime by choking her, sexually assaulting her, and inflicting 17 stab wounds upon her young body. His motivation for this gruesome act was to inflict punishment upon his mother.