Panter Belico, recognized for his distinctive musical style, known as combative corridos, is a Mexican singer and songwriter. This modern form of norteño music delves into narratives of violence, crime, and drug trafficking. Panter Belico draws inspiration from his personal experiences and the harsh realities of his hometown, Tijuana.

Curious about the age and the beginnings of this emerging star in the regional urban genre? This article aims to provide answers, delving into Panter Belico’s age, biography, and notable achievements.

Panter Belico’s age and early life

Born on October 10, 2000, in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, Panter Belico, whose real name is Arturo González, is currently 23 years old as of October 2023, according to his official Facebook page. Embracing the artistic moniker Panter Belico due to his affinity for combative corridos, he was raised in a modest and industrious family, surrounded by a milieu of music and art.

His early exposure to his father’s musical pursuits ignited a passion for singing and songwriting. From a young age, Panter Belico independently learned to play the guitar and accordion, crafting his own lyrics based on personal observations and experiences.

Panter Belico’s musical career and success

Embarking on his musical journey, Panter Belico initiated his career by sharing videos of his covers and original songs on social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube. Swiftly gaining virality, his performances captivated millions of fans who were drawn to his talent and charisma. Among his most renowned tracks are “La 701,” “Punto y Aparte,” “Símbolo Sexual,” and “GPI.”

In the year 2023, Panter Belico inked a deal with B Music Group, a record label representing artists like Fuerza Regida, Código FN, Junior H, and Peso Pluma. He engaged in collaborations with notable singers such as Virlán García, Natanael Cano, and Los Alegres Del Barranco. His live performances at various concerts and festivals across Mexico and the United States garnered widespread acclaim from both the public and media.

Panter Belico’s contributions to the regional urban genre earned him numerous accolades. He secured the Premio Lo Nuestro 2023 for Best New Artist – Regional Mexican and received a nomination for the Latin Grammy 2023 in the Best Norteño Album category. Additionally, he has been featured in prominent publications like Billboard, Soy Grupero, and Hindisujhav.

Panter Belico’s future projects and goals

Beyond being a skilled singer and songwriter, Panter Belico emerges as a visionary artist with a clear roadmap for his musical journey. Expressing his desire to persist in innovation and crafting novel music styles that mirror his identity and culture, he envisions collaborating with artists spanning diverse genres and countries, aiming to broaden his global fan base.

Panter Belico’s commitment extends to social causes, where he actively engages in campaigns and events supporting education, health, environment, and human rights. Demonstrating his philanthropic spirit, he allocates a portion of his earnings to charities and foundations aiding vulnerable communities in Mexico.

Undoubtedly, Panter Belico stands out as one of the most promising figures in the regional urban genre. His age is no hindrance to his talent, creativity, or aspirations. Through hard work, dedication, and a fervent passion, he exemplifies that anything is achievable. Serving as an inspiration for aspiring young artists, Panter Belico’s future promises noteworthy accomplishments.