Former secretary and estate manager Marie-Anne Thiebaud once worked for Shania Twain. They were inseparable due to their strong friendship. They shared in one other’s joys on special occasions like birthdays, vacations, and holidays. However, Marie-Anne’s involvement with Twain’s husband ended their friendship around 2008.

Marie-Anne Thiébaud, a Swiss national, is popularly known as Canadian musician Shania Twain’s former employee. From 2008 forward, however, she has been widely known as the other lady involved in Shania’s divorce from Robert J. Mutt Lange. Are Marie-Anne and her husband, producer Lange, still together?

In this article, delve deep into the life of Marie-Anne Thiébaud, tracing her journey and uncovering where she stands today. Stay updated with the latest insights and facts about this enigmatic personality.

Marie-Anne’s Biography

Marie-Anne was born in 1971 in the Swiss municipality of La Tour-de-Peilz. She went to school and spent her early years in Switzerland. Switzerland was her home country.


The sole significant point in Thiébaud’s professional history is when she began working for Twain. Shania and her spouse made the move to Switzerland in the year 2000. After that, they decided to put Marie-Anne into employment for them in various capacities, including personal assistant, estate manager, and secretary. 

Marie-Anne Thiebaud

The magnificent Chateau de Sully, a home built in the 19th century and located in La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland, belonged to Shania. Marie-Anne worked as a personal assistant and translator for Twain’s spouse. 

Marie-Anne was not only taking care of the child as Shania and Mutt Lange were gone, but she also assisted with the requirements of other family members. Eja Lange was born on August 12, 2001. 

She joined Shania Twain on several occasions during the early to middle part of the 2000s while she traded her music records and went on tours, like the 2006 Swiss Cross Ball.


Both of Marie-Anne’s marriages ended in divorce. Her first husband was named Frédéric, currently 53. 

Swiss businessman and former project manager for Nestlé International, Frédéric is now a self-employed entrepreneur. He is in charge of running his Capacitor consultation and business firm. 

Frédéric was born in Switzerland and still resides there. Meeting for the first time in the late ’90s, Marie and Frédéric Thiébaud’s relationship didn’t get going until the ’00s. 

They decided to tie the knot in 2001, a full year later. Moreover, in 2001, the couple welcomed their first kid, a daughter they named Johanna. After seven happy years of marriage, the pair separated in 2008 after it was alleged that Marie-Anne had an affair.

Mutt Lange Vs. Shania? 

Marie cheated on her husband with producer and writer Mutt Lange. Mutt Lange had an affair with Marie-Anne Thiébaud’s boss while he was still married to Shania Twain, a famous Canadian songwriter. 

Since the two households had been friends since the 2000s, they had developed a close friendship. Marie-Anne maintained Shania Twain’s estate and was also her assistant and secretary. 

Twain was shocked to learn that her friend Marie-Anne’s husband had been having an affair throughout their marriage. After confronting Marie-Anne about the affair, Shania later appealed to her via email to return her husband to her. 

Marie-Anne first denied having an affair. Despite this, Marie and Frédéric ended their love relationship in 2008. Around the same time, Mutt told Twain that he was unhappy in their marriage of 14 years and demanded a divorce, which they finalized in June of 2010.

Did Mutt Live With Marie? 

Marie-Anne Thiebaud

Yes. 2010 began Marie-Anne and Lange’s relationship, culminating in the couple’s engagement. Did Mutt Lange stay with Marie after the fight? Their wedding took place in 2010.

What is Marie-Anne Doing Currently? 

Since she wed Mutt, she has maintained a very secret life, and very little information is available about what she is doing now.

What is Marie-Anne’s Current Net Worth? 

Marie-Anne Thiébaud’s wealth is estimated to be about $500,000. Her work as a presidential aide, and estate manager, all of which she was paid for, allowed her to build a sizeable fortune. 

According to several sources, her hubby, Mutt, is worth over $225 million. Mutt acquired his wealth by selling records, singles, and investments in real estate. He decided to buy a ski lodge in Queenstown, NZ, 2011 and settled on Coronet Peak Station.

Furthermore, in 2014, he negotiated a conservation covenant with the Queen Elizabeth II National Trust covering 130,000 acres of his land, making it the biggest private conservation agreement in NZ.

Did Twain and Marie-Anne’s Former Husband Wed? 

After the divorce between Shania and Mutt concluded on the 9th of June 2010, the musician tied the knot with Frédéric Thiébaud, who had previously been married to Marie’s ex-husband. They exchanged vows on the first of 2011 in Puerto Rico. 

Armchair Expert presenter Dax Shephard made a light-hearted remark on a holiday episode of the podcast about how Twain and Anne Thiébaud performed a game of “musical chairs” by trading husbands.  

Surprising Facts About Marie-Anne  

  • She is more comfortable leading a secluded existence.
  • She does not participate in any type of social media activity.
  • Her partner, Mutt Lange, adheres to a vegan or vegetarian diet.

 Twain’s previous pa, secretary, and estate manager was Marie-Anne. Twain is best known for her work as a singer in Canada. In 2008, Marie had an adulterous romance with Mutt Lange, who was then married to Shania Twain, and she eventually married him. The subsequent marriage of Shania Twain to her ex-hubby, Frédéric Thiébaud, has been misunderstood by many as a case of husband trading.