Denise Becker is a featured cast member on the acclaimed reality TV series Life Below Zero, offering an insight into the lives of individuals residing in the isolated Alaskan wilderness. Recognized as the partner of Andy Bassich, a seasoned survival expert and dog musher, Denise has been associated with the show since 2013. To uncover more about her, including details about her age and background, read on for some lesser-known facts.

Denise Becker’s Birthday and Zodiac Sign

As indicated on her mother’s Facebook page, Denise Becker was born in 1965, and her birthday falls on January 19th. Presently 58 years old, she is set to turn 59 in 2024. Born under the Capricorn zodiac sign, Denise is characterized by traits such as ambition, practicality, and a strong work ethic.

Denise Becker’s Career Before Life Below Zero

Prior to her involvement in Life Below Zero, Denise Becker pursued a distinct career path. She served as a trauma nurse in Florida for an extended period, accumulating valuable experience in handling emergencies and injuries. This expertise proved beneficial when she transitioned to life in Alaska. Beyond her medical career, Denise harbors a passion for photography, which she skillfully shares on her Instagram account.

Denise Becker’s Relationship with Andy Bassich

Denise Becker and Andy Bassich crossed paths in 2016 during a boat trip with a children’s scout group. Experiencing an immediate connection, they decided to embark on a journey together, making the move to Alaska. Residing in the town of Eagle, near the Yukon River, they confront challenging weather conditions and the ever-present threats of wildlife. The couple manages an extensive team of 37 sled dogs, utilizing them for both transportation and hunting.

Their relationship faced significant trials, notably in 2021, when Andy suffered a hip injury necessitating surgery. While he traveled to Florida for treatment, Denise remained steadfast in Alaska, overseeing their home and caring for the sled dogs. Although absent from the show for six months, they returned later in the year, with Andy utilizing crutches. Denise played a crucial role in his recovery, leveraging her medical skills and providing unwavering support.

Denise Becker’s Family and Personal Life

Denise Becker, in addition to her adventurous pursuits, takes immense pride in being a devoted mother. Her 20-year-old daughter, Devan, shares her birthday on June 10th, and Denise’s Facebook posts beautifully describe Devan as “strong, vivacious, independent,” underscoring the profound connection between mother and daughter.

Maintaining close ties with her mother, Denise frequently features in pictures and messages on her mother’s Facebook page. Additionally, Denise has a brother named David, who resides in Canada.

Embracing the outdoors, Denise finds joy in activities such as gardening, fishing, hunting, and exploring new locations. Her love for animals, particularly dogs and horses, shines through. An avid reader and lifelong learner, Denise actively seeks opportunities to expand her knowledge and skills.


Denise Becker stands out as an extraordinary individual who has embraced the Alaskan lifestyle with both courage and grace. Integral to the Life Below Zero series, she exhibits not only her survival prowess but also a resilient spirit that defies any limitations set by age. Denise is a testament to the idea that one’s age does not constrain the ability to lead a life filled with vitality and purpose.