Chris Brown has had a plethora of partners over the years. Before his violent outbursts, he was dating Rihanna. Then, on his 25th birthday, he became a father for the first time to Royalty Brown. His engagement to Royalty’s mom dissolved shortly after that. 

Chris Brown son, Aeko Catori Brown, was born to him in 2019. In 2022, he welcomed his third child, a daughter named Lovely. Who is Chris Brown’s son, exactly, and what do we not know about him? 

Aeko Brown is the son of Chris Brown. He’ll be three years old in 2022, and he’s already garnering media attention thanks to his striking likeness to his famous father. And so his dad calls him Little Chris Brown or Lil CB. 

Photos of Aeko Catori Brown have been shared online several times, most often by his parents on their various social media profiles. Even though Chris Brown has other children, all eyes appear to be on Aeko Catori. 

In this article, we delve into the charming world of Aeko Catori Brown, Chris Brown’s son. Discover adorable snapshots and fascinating details about the young star-in-the-making.

What Are Some Unknown Facts About Chris Brown’s Son?

Chris Brown Son

Every year on November 20th, Aeko Catori Brown celebrates her birthday. His 2019 birthplace is Tarzana, California, USA. As of 2022, he will be three years old. His unusual name makes people wonder what inspired it. 

1. Aeko Multiracial

To what race does Aeko Catori Brown belong? The man has a mix of several ethnicities. Aeko was born in the US to parents of African descent. But he also comes from a Native American family. Chris Brown claims to be a member of the Pamunkey Tribe in India. 

Aeko Catori’s mom, Ammika Harris, has a mix of white and black ancestry. She once revealed that she is multiracial on Instagram, listing her ethnicities as Asian, African-American, and Native American. 

Ammika identifies as Blasian (a person of black and Asian descent) with Cherokee (the most prominent indigenous tribe in the US, originally from the Southeastern Woodlands). 

2. His Parents Are Well-Known Actors 

To whom does Aeko Catori Brown owe her upbringing? Chris Brown, the father, and Ammika Harris, the mother, are his parents. His father is a famous American R&B artist who wrote songs, danced, and acted. 

He’ll be 33 in 2022, born in Virginia on May 5, 1989. Both Run It, his first single, and his debut album, Exclusive, were massive hits. 

Chris Brown Son

Ammika Harris, Aeko Catori’s mom, is a fashion model and internet star. She graduated from the University of California and was born on May 16, 1993, making her age 29 as of 2022. Ammika is a fashion brand promoter based in Germany. 

3. Aeko has Two Siblings

Two siblings, Royalty and Lovely Brown round out Aeko Catori Brown’s family. The two children she shares a mother with have separate moms. Aeko Catori’s oldest sibling is named Royalty Brown. 

She entered this world on May 27, 2014 (in 2022, she will be eight years old) in Texas, USA. Nia Guzman, her mom, was a model who did work with Chris Brown. 

Catori Brown’s youngest sibling is the lovely Symphani Brown. She’ll be seven months old in December 2022, entering the world on January 7th. 

Diamond Brown, a fashion model, and cultural heavyweight, is her mom. Chris Brown, an R&B musician, has three children; Catori is the second eldest, after his son and daughter. 

4. His Name Is a Nod to Japanese Origin, 4.

Aeko’s parents, Chris Brown and Ammika Harris, have never discussed the meaning behind the name. But the two parents stole the name from Japan. Rare is embodied in the Japanese female, given the name Aeko. Spirit is what is meant by the Native American term Catori. 

Chris Brown was born in Virginia; thus, he named his baby after a Native American tribe as he is a member of the Pamunkey Indian tribe. 

Many also postulate that it derives from Greek and has a pure connotation. The parents intended to honor their child’s unusual or pure spirit with the name Aeko Catori. 

5. Neither of Aeko’s parents is married

Chris Brown Son

Aeko Brown was born to unwed parents, Chris and Ammika. Chris Brown was already in a relationship when he and Ammika first met in 2015. 

Ammika was a model; thus, she spent much of her time in Europe. 

In 2018, they picked up where they left off romantically. 

Aeko Brown, Chris’s second kid, was born to Ammika in early 2019 after she became pregnant. Aeko’s parents rekindled their affection after their child was born but never got engaged or wedded. The pair broke up in July 2020, a sad turn of events. 

6. Aeko Catori Brown’s Grandma Had Plastic Surgery  

Joyce Amy Bundy, Aeko’s grandma, entered this world on the 7th of October 1964, making her 59 years old in 2023. She is the mother to Chris Brown and Lytrell Bundy. 

When Aeko’s grandma posted a new photo of herself online, it stunned her followers. Joyce has always been confident in front of the camera. 

Photos taken before and after her change show that she appears to have undergone a complete facial makeover. 

She underwent cosmetic surgical reconstruction when she was 58 but now looks younger and leaner. However, Aeko Catori’s grandma has never discussed her methods. 

7. Catori Brown’s Dad is Wealthy

Chris Brown, Aeko Catori Brown’s dad, is a superstar in the music industry. In nearly 279 gigs, he made almost $157 million, making him one of the highest-grossing American touring musicians ever. 

Chris Brown has more Billboard Hot 100 appearances and top 40 hits than any other R&B artist. Since recording music, he has released 59 singles and ten full-length albums. 

This has led to Aeko’s dad selling over 197 million albums worldwide. 

Chris Brown is expected to be valued at around $50 million by 2022. He’s raked in the dough through his career as a singer and from his guest spots in various film and TV productions. 

In 2012, Brown also debuted a clothing line, the Black Pyramid, and owns 14 Burger King franchises. Chris Brown Entertainment was his record label’s inception year, 2007. 

And in 2014, Chris spent $4.35 million on a hilltop property with four bedrooms in Tarzana, California. Aeko and his stepsiblings are the legal beneficiaries of their father’s nearly $50 million fortune. 

Chris Brown Son: Conclusion

Young Aeko Catori Brown is the son of Chris Brown. Aeko was born on November 20, 2019, in the city of Tarzana, in the state of California, in the United States. 

Ammika Harris, a model and social media influencer from Germany, is Aeko Brown’s mom. There are two other Brown children; Aeko’s older sister was born in 2014, and Aeko’s younger sister will arrive in 2022. 

Her parents are single working women; Nia Guzman is Royalty’s mom, and Diamond Brown is Lovely’s mom.