Jason Worley gained fame as the husband of Brandi Worley, an American woman known for committing heinous crimes. Motivated by her husband’s request for a divorce, Brandi chose to take their children’s lives as a punishment. As a result of these horrifying acts, she was apprehended, found guilty, and presently serves a prison sentence.

Jason Worley, the father of the two children who fell victim to their mother’s violence, undoubtedly experienced immense tragedy. 

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the latest updates about Jason Worley, exploring the current whereabouts and life after the events involving Brandi Worley’s case. Stay informed with the most recent details on this unfolding story.

Jason Worley’s Profile Summary 

All NamesJason Worley 
Gender Male 
Date of birthApprox. 1985
Age37 (as of 2022) 
Current residenceDarlington, Indiana, U.S.A 
Nationality American
Sexuality Straight 
Religion Atheist 
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye colorBrown 
Height in ft 5’10”
Height in cm178 
Weight in kgApprox. 91 kg
Weight in lbs. Approx. 200 lbs
ProfessionSoftware engineer 
Marital statusDivorced (Brandi Worley) 
Children 2 (Tyler and Charlee Worley, both deceased) 

Exciting Facts About Jason Worley 

After committing her crimes, Jason’s wife received a 120-year prison sentence. Despite his hardships, Jason is now making progress in his life. Nevertheless, his presence in the public sphere has been limited. Here are a few fascinating details about him:

1. He is a Software Engineer 

Before his wife’s crimes, Jason’s background remained largely undisclosed. However, as the case garnered national and international interest, some facts about him gradually surfaced. Among these revelations was his profession as a software engineer. Following the case resolution against his wife, Jason has deliberately maintained a discreet presence, refraining from public scrutiny. 

2. Jason Was Married to Brandie Worley for Eight Years 

Jason married Brandi Worley in 2009, but we need to know more about how they met or the wedding. They started a family and moved to Darlington, Indiana. Tyrel Clinton Daniel Worley, their first kid, was born in 2009. Charlee Jean Rose Worley, their daughter, came along in 2013. But in 2015, when Jason thought Brandi was cheating on him, Their life, which seemed to be perfect, began to fall apart.

After another year of trouble in his relationship, Jason chose to get a divorce. This started a chain of events that led to the sad deaths of his children. In 2017, when Brandi was in jail while waiting for her trial, the split was officially over.

3. He Caught His Wife Cheating on Him With His Neighbour 

In May 2015, Jason Worley grew suspicious of his wife’s fidelity when she added a password to her phone. He confronted her, and she explained that she wanted to surprise him with a home office built by their neighbor.

Doubting her explanation, Jason seized the opportunity to snoop on her unlocked phone. He discovered explicit text messages between her and their neighbor to his dismay. Unfortunately, he lacked concrete proof due to her use of an auto-delete program to conceal her unfaithfulness.

To gather more evidence of their affair, Jason took action and installed tracking software on his wife’s phone. Through this, he accumulated substantial evidence. Ultimately, he confronted his wife Brandi and their neighbor, who confessed to their infidelity.

4. The Engineer Stayed in the Marriage Because of the Kids

After discovering the affair, Jason resolved to divorce Brandi, and they separated. He accused his wife of blackmailing him by informing their children that he had evicted her. Additionally, she threatened to prevent him from seeing their kids, citing his previous suicide attempt during the custody hearing.

Uncertain about the best course of action, Jason opted to stay married to protect their children, aged six and two. Unfortunately, the situation did not improve, and he harbored suspicions that she continued to cheat on him even after they reconciled.

5. He Posted About the Affair on Reddit, Asking for Advice

Jason’s decision to stay married to his wife plunged him into misery. With no options left, he reached out for help on Reddit’s relationship advice forum using the username JasonInHell. He shared his entire ordeal, from his suspicions of his wife’s infidelity to catching her in the act and opting to remain married.

The post garnered numerous responses from online users, with the majority advising him to get a divorce and a few suggesting couples counseling. 

6. His Wife Killed Their Children as an Act of Revenge

Jason followed advice from Reddit users and recommended counseling, but his wife rejected it. Consequently, he initiated divorce proceedings on November 15, 2016. Tragically, their story took a devastating turn two days later as Brandi stabbed their children multiple times, resulting in their deaths. She also attempted to kill herself by stabbing herself in the neck.

After the incident, Brandi contacted her mother, who urged her to call 911. When questioned about the motive, she explained that her husband had sought a divorce, and she didn’t want him to have custody of the kids.

Upon investigation by the police, it was discovered that Jason was in the basement of their residence while Brandi was carrying out the fatal act on their children. He slept through the entire ordeal and only woke up upon hearing the screams of Brandi’s mother upon her arrival and discovery of the lifeless children.

7. Jason Worley thought he had let down their kids.

Jason’s heart shattered when his wife murdered their children. She took their lives to keep him from getting custody during their divorce. Tragically, he remained unaware in the basement where he slept, as he and Brandi didn’t share the same bed.

8. His Wife Was Sentenced to 120 Years in Prison

Brandi Worley committed heinous crimes and was subsequently arrested and received medical treatment. Authorities incarcerated her at Montgomery County Jail while she awaited trial. Initially, she pleaded not guilty but later changed her plea. In 2018, the court sentenced her to 120 years for both murders.

During the trial, Jason was asked to propose a sentence for Brandi. Instead, he admitted his desire never to see her again. Following her conviction, Brandi was transferred to the Indiana Department of Corrections and subsequently relocated to Indiana Women’s Prison in 2019, where she is serving her sentence.

Where is Jason Worley Now? 

Jason Worley

After the trial, Brandi’s ex-husband maintained a low profile but shared a few updates on his Reddit post. In his final post, which he made after Brandi’s conviction, he described the months of suffering he endured after losing his children. Grief pushed him towards alcohol and suicidal thoughts, resulting in hospitalization. As his life spiraled downward, he also lost his job.

With his family’s support, he turned his life around and resumed working as a software engineer. He also mentioned conflicts with his parents-in-law, who had created a GoFundMe account to fund their daughter’s trial under his name. Meet Diane Clohesy: Discover the truth about Steve Bannon’s ex-wife.

Brandi Worley’s ex-husband deliberately avoided public attention and deleted his Reddit posts when the story became viral. Rumors suggest he has remarried, but no details regarding Jason Worley’s new wife are available.

When Jason Worley decided to divorce his wife, he had no idea that his life would change dramatically. Two days later, Brandi killed their two kids because she was cheating on Jason and didn’t want him to get custody.