Rod Wave, the 24-year-old American rapper and singer, has become the subject of numerous death hoax rumors circulating on social media. Concerns about Rod Wave’s well-being have left fans questioning whether he is still alive. This article aims to unravel the facts behind these rumors and set the record straight regarding Rod Wave’s current status.

What sparked the death hoax rumors?

The death hoax rumors surrounding Rod Wave originated in November 2020 when a Twitter user shared a thread employing gematria, a Hebrew code assigning numerical values to letters, predicting Rod Wave’s demise on November 23, 2020. The user suggested that this date held special significance for Rod Wave, being 38 days before the year’s end, with 38 being the gematria value of his name.

The thread gained widespread attention, sparking concerns among fans about Rod Wave’s well-being. However, November 23 passed without any tragic event, and Rod Wave even posted a video on his Instagram account, showcasing his performance at a concert on that day.

How did the rumors escalate?

The death hoax rumors persisted beyond November 23. In December 2020, a fresh wave of speculation emerged on social media, suggesting that Rod Wave had fallen victim to a shooting. The origin of these rumors remains unclear, but indications point to their initial circulation on Facebook, with posts asserting an incident involving gun violence.

These rumors gained traction as fans and trolls took to Twitter to share messages like “RIP Rod Wave” and “Rod Wave ain’t done got shot.” Some even propagated fabricated news articles and screenshots purportedly from police reports to lend credibility to their assertions.

Contrary to these claims, no official confirmation or evidence substantiated the notion that Rod Wave had been shot. During this period, Rod Wave continued to actively post on his social media platforms, sharing updates on his music projects and personal life.

Why did some fans believe the rumors?

Certain fans may have been susceptible to the death hoax rumors due to Rod Wave’s history of grappling with depression and suicidal thoughts. In his songs and interviews, Rod Wave has candidly discussed the challenges he faces concerning mental health, a struggle rooted in childhood trauma and the pressures of fame.

In the lyrics of his song “Doomsday,” he raps: “I went on tour and seen the world and met all of my fans / I’m living wonderful but I feel like doomsday coming soon.” Some fans interpreted these lyrics as an ominous foreshadowing of Rod Wave’s imminent demise, contributing to the spread of alarming rumors.

Despite his struggles, Rod Wave has also expressed gratitude for his success and the support of his fans. He has conveyed a commitment to improving his mental health, emphasizing positivity and happiness in his life. In a 2020 interview with Billboard, he stated: “I’m just trying to get better every day. I’m trying to be more positive. I’m trying to be more happy.”

Is Rod Wave dead or alive?

The reality is crystal clear: Rod Wave is alive and thriving. Contrary to the rumors circulating about his demise or involvement in a shooting, he is very much alive, actively creating music, and delighting his fans. His fourth studio album, “SoulFly,” released in March 2021, secured the top spot on the Billboard 200 chart.

Maintaining a robust online presence, Rod Wave regularly shares updates about his life and career on his social media platforms. With 3.1 million followers on Instagram (@rodwave), 1.4 million followers on Twitter (@rodwave), and 4.6 million subscribers on YouTube (RodWave), he remains a popular figure in the industry.

Rod Wave’s journey has been marked by resilience, overcoming numerous challenges, and inspiring others through his music. Rather than being subjected to false rumors and hoaxes, he deserves the genuine respect and support of his fans.