Gil Birmingham is a renowned American actor celebrated for his portrayal of Thomas Rainwater, the tribal chairman of the Broken Rock Indian Reservation, in the popular TV series Yellowstone. His notable roles also include appearances in The Twilight Saga, Banshee, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

In recent times, eagle-eyed fans have observed a transformation in his appearance, particularly focusing on his eyes. Speculations have arisen, ranging from concerns about a potential serious illness to suggestions of plastic surgery. To unravel the mystery behind Gil Birmingham’s eye condition, let’s delve into the facts that are currently available.

Gil Birmingham’s Eye Condition: What Happened to His Eyes?

Gil Birmingham’s eye condition has become a subject of speculation among his fan base, particularly since his appearance in the fourth season of Yellowstone. Observant viewers noted apparent changes in his eyes, characterized by swelling, puffiness, and redness, with the actor occasionally donning dark glasses in photos. The conjecture ranged from concerns about possible eye infection, allergic reactions, or thyroid issues to speculations about unsuccessful eye lift surgery or natural signs of aging.

Contrary to these speculations, Genius Celebs asserts that there is no underlying issue with Gil Birmingham’s eyes, and he is not unwell. According to the source, he has maintained good health throughout the year and is poised to release the new season of Yellowstone. The report attributes the altered appearance of his eyes to lighting and makeup choices made for his role as Thomas Rainwater. Additionally, the source mentions that Gil Birmingham, at 69 years old as of November 2022, looks remarkably well for his age.

Gil Birmingham’s Health: Is He Battling Any Illness?

Concerns about Gil Birmingham’s health have surfaced among some fans, with speculation extending to the possibility of him grappling with a severe illness. Some conjectured that he could be dealing with Graves’ disease, an autoimmune disorder impacting the thyroid gland and exhibiting symptoms like bulging eyes, weight loss, anxiety, and palpitations. Alternately, there were suggestions of kidney or heart disease, conditions that can influence the eyes and lead to swelling and fluid retention.

However, these claims lack substantiating evidence, and Gil Birmingham has neither confirmed nor refuted any of them. Public statements about his health or any potential medical concerns have not been made by the actor. Moreover, his social media accounts have not featured updates regarding his well-being. In the absence of such information, it is reasonable to assume that Gil Birmingham is not facing any health issues and is in good condition.

Gil Birmingham’s Career: What Is He Working On Now?

Gil Birmingham continues to thrive in his career with numerous projects in the pipeline. Recognized for his compelling portrayal of Thomas Rainwater in Yellowstone, a highly popular TV series, Birmingham has been a part of the show since its debut in 2018, earning critical acclaim for his performance. His return is anticipated in the upcoming fifth season of Yellowstone, scheduled for release in 2023.

In addition to his involvement in Yellowstone, Birmingham is engaged in various film and TV ventures. Notable projects include The Harder They Fall, a western film featuring Idris Elba and Regina King; The Wheel of Time, a fantasy series adapted from Robert Jordan’s novels; and The Last Cowboy, a documentary series spotlighting rodeo riders. Furthermore, he has contributed his voice to animated endeavors such as Spirit Untamed, Raya and the Last Dragon, and Trolls World Tour.

Beyond acting, Birmingham is a multi-talented artist, venturing into music and photography as expressive outlets. Proudly affiliated with the Comanche Nation, he actively advocates for Native American rights and representation, establishing himself as a respected and admired figure in both the entertainment industry and among his fans.


The notion of Gil Birmingham having an eye disease is a baseless myth that has circulated online, stemming from his altered appearance in the fourth season of Yellowstone. Contrary to the rumor, there is no truth to the claim that Gil Birmingham is unwell or experiencing any eye condition.

His transformed look is attributed to the natural aging process, complemented by makeup applied for his role as Thomas Rainwater. Maintaining good health and happiness, he remains actively involved in his career. Fans can eagerly anticipate his return to screens with the upcoming fifth season of Yellowstone and other captivating projects. As a celebrated star, Gil Birmingham deserves unwavering love and support from his admirers.