Biggie Baddies West, a television personality, model, and influential figure on social media, gained prominence as a cast member of the reality series Baddies West. Airing on The Zeus Network, the show showcases 11 women recognized for their assertive attitudes and lifestyles. Biggie joined the cast during its third season, alongside other newcomers like Stunna Girl, Lo London, and Tommie Lee.

However, since her introduction to the show, Biggie has become the focal point of various rumors and speculations regarding her gender and identity. Many viewers and fans have pondered whether Biggie is a man, a trans woman, or a cisgender woman.

Additionally, questions have arisen about her authentic name, ethnicity, and family background. This article aims to address some of these queries and unveil the truth about Biggie Baddies West.

Biggie Baddies West’s Real Name and Ethnicity

According to Legit, the real name of Biggie Baddies West is Damerlin Baez. She was born on September 12, 1996, in Providence, Rhode Island, United States, making her an American with a mixed heritage. TV Show Stars notes that her parents hail from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Biggie completed her high school education at Hope High School and later earned her degree from the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI).

Identifying as Latina, she proudly represents her Dominican Republic roots, often incorporating her country’s hashtag in her Instagram posts, where she boasts a following of over 450,000. Biggie also serves as an ambassador for various brands, showcasing endorsements for FashionNova, Victoria’s Jewelry, Bellazon Hair, and Backpack Boyz across her social media platforms.

Biggie Baddies West’s Gender and Sexuality

Biggie Baddies West’s gender identity has been subject to speculation, with questions arising about whether she is a man or a trans woman. However, it is clarified that Biggie Baddies West is a biological woman who identifies as female and straight.

Unfortunately, she has faced transphobia and cyberbullying due to her masculine appearance and deep voice. During her Instagram live sessions, some individuals have directly questioned her about her gender, but she has chosen not to comment on the matter.

Publicly, Biggie has not addressed the rumors and speculations regarding her gender and sexuality. Despite facing scrutiny, she exudes confidence and comfort in her identity and appearance. Unfazed by haters and trolls, she maintains her self-esteem and happiness, proudly showcasing her curves in fashionable outfits.

Additionally, Biggie is passionate about modeling and has been featured in numerous photoshoots and magazines.

Biggie Baddies West’s Career and Net Worth

Biggie Baddies West, a multifaceted personality encompassing roles as a reality TV star, model, host, and social media influencer, has made significant strides in the entertainment industry. Her ascent to fame began with her participation in the reality TV series Baddies West, where she was celebrated as one of the 11 standout individuals in its third season. The show chronicles the experiences of these “baddies” as they perform and host events on the West Coast of the United States. Notably, Biggie’s impressive journey on the show garnered praise from the panel, including Natalie Nunn.

In a recent announcement, it was revealed that Biggie Baddies West is set to grace the screen in the spin-off series Baddies East. This upcoming venture will unite her with fellow bad girls from the East Coast, such as Janelle Shanks, Seven Craft, and Sarah Oliver. Anticipated to debut in 2024 on The Zeus Network, the show promises to offer a new dynamic to viewers.

According to H Town Daily, Biggie Baddies West is reported to possess a net worth of approximately $200,000. Her main revenue streams are derived from her television career and modeling pursuits. Additionally, she generates income through her OnlyFans platform, where exclusive and explicit content is shared with her subscribers.


Biggie Baddies West has faced misconceptions and unfair judgments due to her appearance and voice. It’s essential to clarify that she is unequivocally a biological woman, identifying as female and straight. Beyond these misunderstandings, she has proven herself as a thriving TV personality, model, and influential figure on social media, boasting a substantial fan base and a prosperous career.

Notably, she shines as one of the standout stars on the reality show Baddies West and its spin-off, Baddies East. Hailing proudly from the Dominican Republic, Biggie is a confident, bold, and beautiful Latina, unwavering in her self-assurance despite the opinions of others.