Wendy’s is a prominent American fast-food chain with over 6,711 locations nationwide. Ranked as the third largest hamburger quick service franchise, they actively air advertisements to stay competitive.

Their advertisement campaigns feature diverse actors, ranging from movie stars to football athletes.

As advertisements are crucial in reaching a broad audience, people are curious about actors’ identities whenever a Wendy’s commercial becomes popular.

In the lucrative food industry, competition is fierce, and Wendy’s commercial actors are eminent figures who are generously compensated to captivate consumer attention. 

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the profiles of Wendy’s Commercial Actors and Actresses, exploring their careers, other notable roles, and memorable TV cameos. Get to know the faces behind your favorite ads!

Wendy’s Commercial Actors 

TV commercials often serve as a starting point for aspiring actors, leading to more immense opportunities. However, experienced professionals also rely on commercials to make a living due to the substantial pay involved.

Here are some notable Wendy’s commercial actors and actresses who have left a lasting impression with their humorous ads: 

1. Kathryn Feeney

Kathryn Feeney, an American actress, has appeared in Wendy’s commercials. Besides acting, she is also an author and has appeared in films like “Where’d You Go, Bernadette” and the Netflix series “Mr. Iglesias.” Kathryn is recognized as “that girl from Eat Fresh Wendy’s commercials” that she featured in 2014.

2. Morgan Smith 

Morgan Smith, famously known as “Wendy’s Girl” or “Red,” rose to prominence as the face of Wendy’s commercials. She has also showcased her talent in films like “Boardwalk Empire,” “Messiah,” and “Veep.” 

Morgan gained nationwide attention when she was chosen as the representative for Wendy’s Restaurant’s ad campaign titled “Now That’s Better.” Her unique orange-red hair instantly made the dark blonde actress recognizable and propelled her to household name status. 

3. Austin Basis 

Austin, a native of Brooklyn, New York, experienced the challenges of being an actor by working various jobs like bartending, bouncing, and substitute teaching in the past.

Despite being Jewish, Austin pursued a theatre major at the University of Binghamton, taking on insignificant roles in productions such as “I Hate Hamlet” and “Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead.”

He gained recognition in television after landing the role of J.T. Forbes in the screenplay adaptation of “Beauty & the Beast.” Additionally, Austin has appeared in commercials for brands like Feed the Pig,  Dr Pepper, Wendy’s, and Burger King.

4. Dandrell Scott 

Darrell Scott has been a well-known voiceover actor in Wendy’s commercials since 2020, making him easily recognizable in the fast food retail industry.

He began his voiceover career in 2018, working with companies like Ford, Comcast, and Walmart in their advertisements. After establishing himself and gaining prominence, Dandrell secured a role in Wendy’s breakfast commercial, where he thrived and became a prominent figure in their advertising.

Besides his commercial success, Dandrell has expanded his horizons by venturing into other projects, including notable appearances in TV series such as “The Chi,” “Chicago P.D,” and “Hard Knock Robots.” Additionally, he has pursued his musical aspirations and released the single “Faded 2nite,” featuring rapper Twista.

5. Clara Peller 

Clara Peller was a trailblazing actress in Wendy’s quick-service restaurant chain commercials. She gained fame for her role in the iconic 1984 Wendy’s commercial titled “Where’s the Beef.”

Initially a nail technician, Clara’s distinctive voice and straightforward demeanor quickly captured the attention and made her a beloved figure among fans. Her popularity skyrocketed throughout the United States, transforming her into a household name.

Following the success of her mantra, Clara appeared in numerous commercial ads, including the Campbell Soup Company’s Prego Pasta Plug Spaghetti sauce. However, none achieved the same level of popularity as her memorable cameo in Wendy’s commercials. 

6. Nick Lachey

Nick Lachey has become a prominent figure of Wendy’s recent advertising campaign. This new strategy targets millennials and utilizes social media advertising to market Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger.

2013 the campaign was launched, featuring Nick as the head actor. The subsequent year, a similar campaign was introduced to promote the L’Estrella de la Toscana Tuscan Chicken sandwich, utilizing both TV and social media platforms.

7. Bill O’Neill

Bill O’Neill, an actor known for his roles in series such as “NCIS,” “Two Pink Doors,” and “Drillbit Taylor,” gained additional recognition as Tyler, the Wendy’s commercial actor, after his debut in a famous commercial in 2022. The fete of being associated with Wendy’s has followed him since then.

8. Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush has generated buzz online after appearing in a recent Wendy’s commercial for the popular food franchise. Being a two-time Male Athlete of the Year nominee, Reggie’s presence in the humorous 2022 Wendy’s ad commercial drew significant attention.

With his accomplished football career and wide recognition, Reggie proved to be an ideal choice for the customer acquisition team, captivating a broad audience. 

9. Dave Thomas

David Thomas, an American entrepreneur and fast food dealer, is the inventor of Wendy’s. Notably, he took part in over 800 commercials for the quick service restaurant. The company was named after Thomas’ daughter, Wenda, as a tribute in hopes of attracting customers.

After leading the company for a period, Thomas stepped down from his executive role to focus on the marketing and creative aspects of the business. He played a crucial role in developing Wendy’s famous “Dave Deluxe” commercial and featured in numerous other ads.

By the 1990s, Thomas had gained widespread recognition, making him a household name and catching the attention of executives through his valuable leadership, leading to his return to the company’s helm. 

10. Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer, a renowned American football coach and TV commentator, appeared in a Wendy’s commercial in 2022. He is also known for his work as a football coach analyst on the television sports network ESPN.

Meyer’s impressive coaching career includes successful stints as a head coach at Ohio State, where he led the team to major college football national championships. 

Urban Meyer’s remarkable coaching career includes winning championship titles at two universities, which has garnered immense popularity and respect in the field. 

With his impressive accomplishments and stellar reputation, Meyer was the perfect choice for the Wendy’s commercial.