Chrisean Rock and Blueface stand out from other artists who promote their music on TikTok or share glamorous reality star relationships. Instead, they utilize social media to air their personal issues. But what was Chrisean Rock’s life like before Blueface, how did their turbulent relationship begin, and what led her to fame?

In this article, delve deep into Chrisean Rock’s life before her association with Blueface. Explore her background, journey, and unseen photos of her early years. Perfect for fans and enthusiasts alike!

Chrisean Rock Is a Person of Interest

Chrisean Rock Malone, born on March 14, 2000, in Baltimore, Maryland, is an American singer, model, and social media star. Growing up as the 11th child in a large family of 12 siblings, she faced challenges due to her father’s absence, as he was in prison during her early years. 

Chrisean met him for the first time when she was seven years old. Additionally, her mother battled addiction and couldn’t provide much support in raising her children. Despite attending a local private college, Chrisean Rock chose not to pursue a career through higher education.

What Led to Chrisean Rock’s Rise to Fame?

Chrisean Rock gained notoriety for her tumultuous relationship and physical altercations with her alleged baby daddy, Blueface. However, what captivates people is her background as a rapper, which automatically sets her apart from typical TikTok stars or social media influencers, drawing more attention to her life.

Before Blueface, Chrisean Rock’s Activities and Pursuits

During her teenage years, Chrisean explored modeling and collaborated with various cosmetics and clothing companies, showcasing her stunning modeling shots on Instagram.

In her early years, Chrisean displayed natural athleticism, excelling in track and earning a spot at Santa Monica College in California. However, information regarding her graduation remains undisclosed.

Chrisean Rock

In 2018, Chrisean Rock showcased her athletic abilities on the game show “Ultimate Tag,” seemingly focused on her athletic career and maintaining a positive outlook until she crossed paths with Blueface.

Chrisean Rock’s Journey in the Music Industry

Chrisean Rock entered the music industry and debuted in 2020 with the hit song “Lonely.” Since then, she has released approximately five singles in the last two years but has yet to release an Album or EP.

Apart from her breakout track, Chrisean has other notable singles such as “Rainy Days,” “Vibe,” and “Word to my brother.” She also collaborated with her alleged baby daddy, Blueface, on the song “Lit.” Among her tracks, “Vibe” is the most popular on Spotify, boasting around 1.2 million plays.

How Did Chrisean and Blueface Begin Their Relationship?

Chrisean Rock’s name often comes up in connection with her boyfriend, Blueface. Their relationship didn’t begin with a typical meet-cute story. Instead, they met on the reality show “Blue Girls Club” on OnlyFans in 2020.

Initially, their relationship seemed blissful, with happy pictures of their dates and more. However, things turned for the worse as they began to engage in physical and social media confrontations, resulting in a turbulent dynamic.

Who Is the Father of Chrisean Rock’s Baby?

In 2022, Chrisean Rock excitedly revealed to her fans that she was expecting a child with Blueface. However, their confusing and toxic relationship made headlines again when Blueface questioned the baby’s paternity.

The singer expressed uncertainty about being the baby’s father and mentioned the need for a paternity test to confirm. Nonetheless, in April 2023, the couple had a change of heart and announced that they were searching for potential names for their forthcoming child.

What Occurred With Chrisean Rock?

In August 2022, Chrisean Rock assaulted Blueface at a renowned bar in Scottsdale, Arizona, repeatedly punching him in the face. She was subsequently arrested for disorderly misconduct and misdemeanor charges.

Chrisean Rock

This violent altercation followed a previous incident in Los Angeles where the on-and-off couple was caught on video hitting each other. In a subsequent video, Blueface claimed that the fight erupted after he checked Chrisean Rock’s phone and discovered evidence of her infidelity.

FAQs About Chrisean Rock Before and After Blueface

1. What Happened to Chrisean Rock During Her Childhood?

During an interview, Chrisean Rock disclosed that she experienced childhood abuse.

2. Was There a Fight Between Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s Dad?

Indeed, Blueface assaulted Chrisean Rock’s dad, causing him to fall to the ground, resulting in a bleeding nose when he rose.

3. Chrisean Rock Has How Many Tattoos Related to Blueface?

Chrisean Rock has a total of six tattoos related to Blueface, with one of them being Blueface’s face inked on her neck.

4. To Lose Her Tooth, Who Did Chrisean Rock Fight?

Chrisean Rock engaged in a physical altercation with Jaidyn Alexis, Blueface’s baby mama, and ex-girlfriend. During the fight, Chrisean accidentally struck her mouth against a hard surface, losing her front tooth.

5. What Is the Situation With Chrisean Rock’s Brother?

Chrisean Rock’s brother was arrested in Baltimore for first-degree attempted murder.

Before becoming known for her association with rapper Blueface, Chrisean Rock was a composed and dedicated model and track athlete. However, her fame escalated due to the ongoing relationship drama between her and Blueface, attracting significant attention on various social media platforms.