Kaitlin Becker, renowned for her contributions as a host, singer, and actress, gained widespread recognition for portraying the character Kaitlin on Sprout’s Sunny Side Up Show. Her notable achievements include receiving Daytime Emmy award nominations in both 2016 and 2017. Now, let’s delve into details about Kaitlin Becker’s husband and gain insights into their relationship.

Kelly Martin: Kaitlin Becker Wife And Teacher

Kaitlin Becker is happily married to Kelly Martin, who serves as both a teacher and musical director. Their union was celebrated on September 8, 2011, marking over 11 years of togetherness. Kelly Martin contributes her expertise as an educator within the NYC Department of Education.

Additionally, she holds pivotal roles as the program director and musical director at Jersey Productions Inc. Kelly pursued her education at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, earning a Bachelor of Science in Music Teacher Education and a Master of Arts in Music History. Notably, she is certified in Spanish 7-12 and possesses a New York State Permanent Music Teaching K-12 license.

How Kaitlin Becker And Kelly Martin Met And Fell In Love

Kaitlin Becker and Kelly Martin initially crossed paths in New York City through mutual friends. Their connection was immediate, prompting them to embark on a romantic relationship. After six months of dating, they decided to take the next step and moved in together.

Two years into their journey, the couple became engaged. Their love story culminated in a beautiful wedding ceremony held in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where they were surrounded by the warmth of family and friends. Currently residing in Queens County, New York, Kaitlin and Kelly share their home with their beloved pets, Dexter and Khaleesi.

Kaitlin Becker And Kelly Martin’s Happy Marriage And Support For Each Other

Kaitlin Becker and Kelly Martin share a joyful and affectionate marriage marked by mutual support for each other’s professional endeavors and personal interests. Kaitlin frequently expresses admiration for her wife on social media, highlighting Kelly’s excellence as a teacher and musical director. Through platforms like Instagram and Twitter, Kaitlin shares endearing photos and videos, showcasing the love they share.

In return, Kelly takes pride in Kaitlin’s accomplishments as a host, singer, and actress. Actively participating in each other’s lives, they attend shows and events, offering encouragement. Their shared passions include travel, hiking, biking, and cherishing quality moments together.

Kaitlin Becker’s Career And Background

Kaitlin Becker, born in Kenton County, Kentucky, is the eldest among four siblings. At a young age, her father departed, leading her mother to remarry a man named Faja, who wholeheartedly embraced the role of her stepfather and raised her as his own. Faja played an active role, providing support by chauffeuring her to school functions, auditions, rehearsals, and more.

In 2002, Kaitlin Becker graduated from Beechwood High School in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, and subsequently earned her BFA in Musical Theatre from Northern Kentucky University. Relocating to New York City in 2007, she embarked on her journey in the entertainment industry.

Kaitlin made her on-screen debut as Kaitlin in the TV series “Sunny Side Up” in 2013. Notable roles include Meekah in “Blippi, Meekah, and Blippi’s Treehouse,” and appearances in productions like “Annie,” “Camp Camp,” “Sesame Street Mecha Builders,” “Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy,” among others.


Kaitlin Becker, a gifted and accomplished host, singer, and actress, has garnered a devoted fan base through her captivating personality and talents. Her marital bliss with Kelly Martin, a supportive teacher and musical director, adds a heartwarming touch to their story. Residing in New York with their pets, they epitomize an endearing couple, becoming a source of inspiration for many with their love story.