Greg Gutfeld, a renowned television personality, political commentator, comedian, and author, is recognized for hosting the late-night comedy talk show Gutfeld! and serving as one of the co-hosts of The Five on Fox News. Alongside his television success, Gutfeld has authored numerous books, several of which have achieved New York Times bestseller status. Delving into his personal life, questions arise about whether Greg Gutfeld and his wife, Elena Moussa, share the joy of parenthood. Here’s what we know.

Greg Gutfeld’s Marriage to Elena Moussa

Greg Gutfeld and Elena Moussa exchanged vows in 2004 after a period of courtship. Their connection was forged in London, where Greg held the role of editor at Maxim magazine in the U.K., and Elena pursued her career as a model and photo editor. Greg vividly recalls being immediately drawn to Elena on the inaugural day of his job, stating in an interview with The Daily Beast:

“I was so struck by her. I knew instantly I was going to marry her. It was love at first sight.” ¹

Originally hailing from Russia, Elena relocated to London to pursue her passion for fashion, having studied at the Parson School of Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology. In 2011, she launched her own clothing line, the Moussa Project, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit. Elena also exhibits a fervor for art and photography, regularly sharing her creations on her Instagram account.

Marking 17 years of matrimony, Greg and Elena emanate happiness and support in their relationship. They frequently embark on joint travels, attending various events and shows. Greg consistently lauds his wife on social media, affectionately referring to her as his “better half.” In a touching gesture, he dedicated one of his books, The Plus, to Elena.

Greg Gutfeld’s Children: Does He Have Any?

Despite their enduring marriage, Greg Gutfeld and Elena Moussa have chosen not to have children, and the couple has not publicly disclosed the reasons behind this decision. However, it appears they find contentment in their choice. Greg playfully shared on Twitter that he attributes his lack of children to being “selfish.” ²

Although they may not have human children, Greg and Elena share their lives with a furry family member – a cat named Jasper. Jasper frequently makes appearances on Greg’s shows and has garnered a dedicated fan base. Greg regularly shares pictures and videos of Jasper on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, even creating a dedicated Instagram account for the feline. Additionally, Jasper boasts his own merchandise line, featuring mugs, shirts, hats, and stickers.

Greg affectionately refers to Jasper as his son, expressing deep love for the feline companion. In an interview with Fox News, Greg highlighted Jasper’s role as a therapy cat, helping him navigate through moments of stress, anxiety, anger, or depression. He emphasized Jasper’s consistent presence and support:

“He’s my therapy cat … He calms me down when I’m angry or anxious or depressed … He’s always there for me.” ³


Greg Gutfeld, a highly accomplished and beloved media personality, boasts a dedicated and loyal fan following. In addition to his professional success, he plays the role of a devoted husband to Elena Moussa, who excels as a fashion designer and artist. Despite not having children, their shared bond is evident, and they find joy and companionship in their lives. Their family includes a cherished feline member named Jasper, who holds a special place in their hearts, resembling a beloved son. Together, Greg and Elena savor the pleasures of their life and nurture a strong and enduring connection.