If you happened to catch the most recent New Day USA commercial, you likely already spotted the fresh face representing the company. This individual, located in Los Angeles, has assumed the role of the company’s spokesperson. 

However, you might be curious to know more about the blonde spokeswoman featured in the New Day USA commercial and how she secured such a prominent opportunity.

For years, New Day USA has established itself as a renowned name in the mortgage industry recognized for its memorable advertising campaign starring actress and New Day USA model Tatiana Zappardino

However, the spotlight has now turned to promising new talent. Can you identify the blonde individual featured in the New Day USA commercial?

Blonde Spokeswoman

Juliana Folk’s Profile Summary

Full name Juliana Folk
Age Range24-35 
EthnicityWhite/European descent
Place of birthSouthern California, California, U.S.A
Current residenceLos Angeles, California, USA
Height in cm160
Height in ft5’3″
Weight in kgs56
Weight in pounds128lbs
Hair colorBrown/blonde
Eye colorHazel
Marital StatusMarried
PartnerJeremy Folk (photographer)
CollegeCrafton Hills College, a community college in Yucaipa 
ProfessionModel, actress, writer, producer
FatherJimi Vincenzo Bertucci( Musician) 
MotherColleen Bertucci
Net worth$700k

6 Facts About the Blonde Spokeswoman in the New Day USA Commercial

Juliana Folk embarked on her professional journey in modeling and acting before venturing into the world of New Day USA commercials. Below, you’ll discover some lesser-known details about her:

1. Juliana Is a Native of California

Blonde Spokeswoman

Juliana, the blonde girl featured in the recent day commercial, hails from Southern California. Her mother, Colleen Bertucci, is a homemaker, while her father, Jimi Vicenzo Bertucci, is the lead singer in the 1980s Canadian Band of Abraham Children. 

Although Juliana has chosen not to disclose any information regarding her siblings, her background showcases her California origins and her parents’ occupations.

2. Her Artistic Family Contributed to Her Interest in Her Career

Growing up in the presence of her father and actor uncle Gary Graham, renowned for his role in “Alien Nation,” she understood that a career in show business was within her reach. Additionally, her aunts and grandmother possessed exceptional singing talents.

At age eight, Juliana harbored a strong desire to embark on an artistic career, despite her initial fear of being in front of the camera. Throughout high school, she fearlessly delved into on-camera work, all the while receiving unwavering support from her parents.

3. She Has Appeared in Several Films and Commercial Shows

At Redlands East Valley High, Juliana had her inaugural significant media experience by enrolling in film and production classes. She took charge of producing a weekly morning show featuring announcements, upcoming dance concerts, events, and entertaining skits.

Before becoming the blonde spokeswoman in the New Day USA commercial, she had a career as an actress. She has made appearances in the following television shows: 

  • Housewife The Cost of Colour (2016) 
  • NCIS: Hawai (2022) 
  • Reception
  • Uncredited Massive (2022) 
  • Quickening 
  • Under a Black Cloud (2021)

4. The Model Is the New Face of the New Day USA Commercial

Juliana Folk became the new lead spokesperson for NewDay USA, a senior mortgage lender catering to veterans nationwide, replacing Tatiana Zapardino in 2023. Juliana’s role in Veteran Home Loan commercials has gained increasing fans.

5. The New Day USA Spokesperson Is Married

Blonde Spokeswoman

The New Day USA commercial features a blonde spokesperson happily married to her partner, Jeremy Folk. They have been together as a married couple for more than six years. However, the spokesperson’s details of their meeting and wedding remain undisclosed. 

Juliana and Jeremy are proud parents who frequently feature their child in Juliana’s Instagram posts. Jeremy, residing in Los Angeles, is a talented photographer. Juliana Folk has accumulated an impressive net worth of approximately $700,000 through her entertainer, actor, and model work. 

6. Juliana Has Expertise in Marketing and Communications

She possesses extensive skills in digital marketing, content creation, and brand strategy. She is responsible for cultivating and upholding New Day USA’s brand identity and reputation. She ensures that all marketing and communication endeavors align seamlessly with the established brand identity.

Juliana Folk, the blonde spokesperson featured in the New Day USA commercial, has consistently achieved success in the entertainment industry. This multi-talented celebrity has pursued diverse careers, including acting, modeling, and writing, showcasing her ambition and versatility. 

With her vibrant and infectious personality, she has captivated the hearts of numerous admirers, establishing herself as a formidable presence.