Big Jook, the elder sibling of rapper Yo Gotti, has become a focal point of numerous rumors and speculations, particularly following the tragic murder of Young Dolph, a rival of Gotti. Various assertions have surfaced suggesting that Big Jook played a role in the conspiracy to harm Dolph, even leading to rumors of his arrest for police questioning. This article aims to scrutinize the available facts and evidence surrounding these rumors to address the question: has Big Jook been arrested?

The Beef Between Yo Gotti and Young Dolph

To grasp the origins of the speculations, delving into the history of the feud between Yo Gotti and Young Dolph becomes essential. Both hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, the rift between the two rappers emerged from business and personal disagreements. Reports suggest that Yo Gotti aimed to sign Young Dolph to his label, Collective Music Group (CMG), but Dolph declined, choosing to maintain independence. This disagreement triggered a series of diss tracks and social media exchanges, involving insults about each other’s music, credibility, and family.

Amid this feud, Young Dolph took a controversial step by claiming to have been romantically involved with the mother of Yo Gotti’s child, a subject he addressed in his song “Play Wit Yo Bitch.” Additionally, Dolph disrespected Yo Gotti’s brother, Big Jook, alleging that he had provided financial and substance assistance to him. These provocations reportedly fueled anger within Yo Gotti’s circle, leading to alleged attempts to harm Young Dolph on multiple occasions.

The Attempts on Young Dolph’s Life

The animosity between Yo Gotti and Young Dolph reached a violent peak in 2017 during the CIAA basketball tournament in Charlotte, North Carolina. Young Dolph’s SUV was subjected to over 100 gunshots, creating a life-threatening situation. Remarkably, Young Dolph survived the attack, credited to the bulletproof nature of his vehicle. In response, he released an album titled “Bulletproof,” using it to taunt his adversaries and ridicule their unsuccessful attempt.

Following the incident, three suspects were arrested in connection with the shooting: Blac Youngsta, a rapper associated with CMG; Frederick Black; and Antavius Gardner. Blac Youngsta maintained his innocence, asserting no involvement in the shooting. Subsequently, he was cleared of all charges after his lawyer argued his absence from the crime scene. However, Howard “Keon” Wright, another individual linked to CMG, pleaded guilty to firing at Young Dolph’s SUV, resulting in a 14-year prison sentence in 2020.

Several months after the Charlotte incident, Young Dolph faced another shooting in Los Angeles, California. This time, he sustained multiple injuries to his torso and legs outside a hotel. Emergency surgery successfully addressed his wounds, facilitating recovery. Corey McClendon, reportedly affiliated with Yo Gotti, was identified as the suspect by the police. However, due to insufficient evidence, McClendon was released without charges.

The Murder of Young Dolph

The longstanding feud between Yo Gotti and Young Dolph appeared to have subsided in recent years as both rappers directed their attention towards their careers and personal lives. However, a tragic incident unfolded on November 17th, 2021, when Young Dolph was fatally shot while purchasing cookies at a Memphis bakery. His untimely death sent shockwaves through the hip-hop community and resonated with fans globally. Young Dolph was 36 years old.

Promptly, the police initiated an investigation into Young Dolph’s murder and disclosed surveillance footage featuring two masked assailants escaping in a white Mercedes-Benz. To aid the inquiry, a $15,000 reward was offered for any information leading to an arrest. On November 23rd, 2021, authorities announced the arrest of two suspects, Justin Johnson and Shondale Johnson, charging them with first-degree murder committed during a robbery.

Following further developments, on November 25th, 2021, a grand jury indicted another suspect, Hernandez Govan. He faced charges of first-degree murder conspiracy and first-degree murder attempt. According to certain sources, Govan was purportedly the mastermind orchestrating the plan to assassinate Young Dolph, allegedly hiring Justin Johnson and Shondale Johnson as hitmen to carry out the deed.

The Connection Between Big Jook and Hernandez Govan

Following the public revelation of Hernandez Govan’s indictment (reported by AllHipHop), an aged photograph emerged on social media, featuring him alongside Big Jook (as seen on Twitter). This photograph sparked numerous inquiries regarding their association and raised suspicions about Big Jook’s potential involvement in Young Dolph’s tragic demise. Speculation circulated that Big Jook might be implicated in a purported CMG conspiracy to eliminate Young Dolph, and rumors circulated that he had been arrested by the police for questioning.

However, there is no official confirmation or evidence supporting the claim that Big Jook was indeed arrested or subjected to police interrogation. Contrary to these rumors, he recently shared a post on his Instagram account, celebrating his mother’s birthday and acknowledging the success of CMG’s artists. In the post, he explicitly denied any association with Young Dolph’s murder and affirmed that he had no involvement with Hernandez Govan. Big Jook asserted that the featured photo was taken years ago and clarified that he had no personal acquaintance with Govan.

The Conclusion: Is Big Jook Arrested?

Based on the available information, it can be affirmed that Big Jook is not under arrest; he remains free and actively engages on social media, using the platform to promote his music and label. He has consistently refuted any connection to Young Dolph’s tragic death, asserting no affiliation with Hernandez Govan. The shared photo depicting them together was clarified as an old and incidental picture, devoid of any insinuation of a conspiracy or collaboration.

Despite these clarifications, the persistence of rumors and speculations is likely to continue. Some individuals harbor suspicions regarding Big Jook and his brother Yo Gotti, believing they may be linked to Young Dolph’s demise. These suspicions are fueled by the extensive history of conflict and violence between the two factions, along with allegations of CMG affiliates targeting Young Dolph’s life. Additionally, questions arise regarding Big Jook’s association with Hernandez Govan, who faces accusations of masterminding the assault on Young Dolph.

The complete truth behind the rumors may remain elusive until the police conclude their investigation and disclose the comprehensive details surrounding Young Dolph’s murder. It is an ongoing hope that justice will prevail, fostering peace within the Memphis community.