Sophia Rosing, a former University of Kentucky student, gained notoriety in 2022 for a disturbing incident involving a racist and violent outburst directed at fellow student Kylah Spring. The incident, captured on video, depicted Sophia using the N-word over 200 times while assaulting Spring, who was stationed at the dormitory front desk.

Shockingly, Sophia was also accused of attacking a police officer during her arrest. Despite facing multiple charges, she pleaded not guilty and was subsequently released on bail. The focus now shifts to Sophia Rosing’s parents—how did they respond to their daughter’s racist rant? Here’s what information is available regarding their reactions.

Paul Donald Rosing Jr. and Jill Algie Rosing: Sophia’s Parents

Sophia Rosing’s parents go by the names of Paul Donald Rosing Jr. and Jill Algie Rosing. They reside in a three-bedroom home in Lexington, Kentucky, along with their other two children, Olivia and Jack. Paul Rosing Jr. holds the position of Technology Executive at Messer Construction Co., a company specializing in construction services across sectors like healthcare, education, and industry. Jill Rosing’s occupation remains unknown, but she appears to be a stay-at-home mom dedicated to caring for the family.

Paul and Jill were present during Sophia’s arraignment, conducted through a video link. They assumed the responsibility of posting the $10,000 bond for her release. The conditions of Sophia’s release include restrictions on contacting Kylah Spring, returning to Boyd Hall, and consuming alcohol.

Despite media requests, The Daily Mail reports that Paul and Jill have refrained from commenting on their daughter’s behavior. Some sources suggest that they are grappling with feelings of shame and embarrassment regarding Sophia’s actions and have made efforts to discipline her in the past.

Sophia Rosing: A Troubled Student

As a senior majoring in fashion merchandising at the University of Kentucky, Sophia Rosing was actively involved with College Fashionista and held a partnership with Dillard’s department store. However, her membership and collaboration with Dillard’s came to an end following a racist incident that garnered attention.

In the aftermath, Sophia made the decision to withdraw from the University of Kentucky, and President Eli Capilouto imposed a campus ban, preventing her from re-enrolling as a student.

Expressing remorse on Instagram, Sophia attributed her actions to being under the influence and asserted that she is not a racist. She also placed blame on those who recorded the incident, claiming they marred her senior year.

Despite her apology, a considerable number of individuals remain unconvinced and are advocating for legal repercussions. If convicted of assault, Sophia could face a sentence ranging from one to five years in prison.


The parents of Sophia Rosing are Paul Donald Rosing Jr. and Jill Algie Rosing. Residing in Lexington, Kentucky, both are employed in the construction industry. They played a role in securing their daughter’s release following her arrest related to a racist tirade against a fellow student. While the couple has refrained from public commentary on Sophia’s behavior, certain sources suggest feelings of shame and embarrassment.

Once a student at the University of Kentucky, Sophia Rosing faced severe consequences, losing both academic and professional opportunities due to her involvement in a racist incident. Despite extending an apology on Instagram, Sophia has not been universally forgiven, with numerous individuals still critical of her actions. She now confronts several charges and the potential for jail time as a consequence of her behavior.