Kelly Reilly, a British actress renowned for her roles in various films and TV shows like Yellowstone, Sherlock Holmes, and True Detective, has captivated audiences with her beauty, talent, and enigmatic aura. Despite her acclaimed career, she has also become a subject of rumors and speculation, particularly regarding her appearance, notably her lips.

Did Kelly Reilly Have Lip Surgery?

Persistent rumors surrounding Kelly Reilly suggest that she underwent lip surgery, with claims ranging from lip fillers to the correction of a cleft lip through cosmetic procedures. Despite these speculations, no evidence supports these assertions.

Kelly Reilly has neither affirmed nor refuted any plastic surgery on her lips or any facial area. Throughout her career, her lips appear natural and consistent, devoid of visible scars or signs of surgical intervention.

Reports from further propagate ongoing plastic surgery rumors about Kelly Reilly’s face, alleging the correction of a cleft lip through cosmetic procedures. A cleft lip occurs when the lip tissue fails to fully fuse before birth.

Nevertheless, these claims lack substantiation. No evidence suggests that Kelly Reilly ever had a cleft lip or any congenital facial defect, as evidenced by her childhood photos, showcasing her with normal and healthy lips from birth.

Why Do People Think Kelly Reilly Had Lip Surgery?

Some individuals believe Kelly Reilly underwent lip surgery based on the alterations in her appearance over time. As she aged, her facial features naturally evolved due to factors like weight loss, makeup, lighting, and camera angles. These elements could create the optical illusion of varying lip shapes or sizes in certain photos or videos.

Notably, following the release of Yellowstone Season 5, some fans, as reported by Pinkvilla, observed a change in Kelly Reilly’s appearance and speculated about potential cosmetic procedures contributing to a perceived refined look.

However, relying on these visual cues is not a dependable method for determining whether someone has undergone plastic surgery. Photos and videos can be deceptive, influenced by editing, filters, resolution, and perspective. The most accurate way to assess someone’s appearance is by observing their real-life face in person.

What Does Kelly Reilly Think About Plastic Surgery?

Kelly Reilly has chosen not to publicly discuss matters related to plastic surgery or her own physical appearance. Evidently confident and at ease with her natural beauty, she doesn’t seek external validation and prefers to concentrate on her acting career and personal life, rather than being preoccupied with others’ opinions of her looks.

In 2012, Kelly Reilly married Kyle Baugher, a financier she met in 2010, in a private ceremony in Somerset, England. The couple resides in London and Los Angeles, intentionally maintaining a low-key relationship away from the media’s scrutiny.

A highly accomplished actress, Kelly Reilly has garnered numerous accolades and a substantial fan base for her work. Embracing her innate beauty and grace, she doesn’t feel the need for plastic surgery to enhance her features. Content with herself, she remains unaffected by rumors or gossip, preserving her self-esteem.


The notion of Kelly Reilly undergoing lip surgery is a groundless myth. The actress has never undergone any cosmetic procedures on her lips or any other facial features. Her lips remain natural and have shown no significant changes over time. Proud of her authentic appearance, Kelly Reilly remains indifferent to the opinions of others.

Kelly Reilly serves as an exemplary figure who celebrates her natural beauty and remains resilient against societal or industry pressures. She stands as an inspiration for those grappling with self-image or confidence issues, demonstrating that true beauty transcends the surface and emanates from within.