Jagdeep Advani, an Indian Sindhi businessman, has gained recognition as the father of the renowned Bollywood actress Kiara Advani. Over the last three decades, he has established himself in the global business landscape, particularly in setting up manufacturing plants associated with the lubricants, building materials, and coating industry.

His expertise lies in delivering value to customers through the incorporation of cutting-edge technology utilizing locally available resources. This article delves into Jagdeep Advani’s net worth, business ventures, family, biography, and more.

Jagdeep Advani’s Early Life and Education

Jagdeep Advani’s birth took place on June 18 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. While his exact birth year remains undisclosed, estimations suggest that he is likely in his 50s or older. Hailing from a Sindhi Hindu family, Jagdeep Advani has familial ties to the late Ashok Kumar, a renowned Indian actor. His educational journey led him to obtain a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Hassaram Rijhumal College of Commerce and Economics in Mumbai in the year 1981.

Jagdeep Advani’s Business and Career

Jagdeep Advani serves as the managing partner of Frigmaires Engineers, an Indian manufacturing company specializing in providing solutions for diverse industries. The firm is recognized for its expertise in producing lube oil blending plants, grease plants, dry mix mortar plants, barrel-making plants, as well as alkyd resin and emulsion plants. Commencing his tenure with the company in 1985, Jagdeep Advani has cultivated a reputation for delivering high-quality products and services to clients.

Under his leadership, the business has expanded its operations to various countries, including Nigeria, Kenya, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Oman, UAE, and more. Additionally, he has forged collaborations with esteemed companies such as Shell, Exxon Mobil, BP, Chevron, and others.

Jagdeep Advani’s Family and Personal Life

Jagdeep Advani is wed to Genevieve Advani, a British Muslim and former educator actively involved in running a play school in Mumbai. The couple shares two children, Mishaal Advani, a rapper and composer, and Kiara Advani, a prominent Bollywood actress. Kiara Advani recently tied the knot with Sidharth Malhotra, also a renowned actor in the Bollywood industry. Jagdeep Advani’s father-in-law, Hameed Jaffrey, had a diverse family background.

Hameed Jaffrey, a Muslim, had two marriages. His first wife, Valerie Salway, hailed from British origins, and his second wife, Bharati Jaffrey, was an Indian actress and the daughter of Ashok Kumar. Notably, Hameed Jaffrey was the brother of Saeed Jaffrey, a distinguished British-Indian actor with a notable career.

Jagdeep Advani’s Net Worth and Lifestyle

Through his prosperous business endeavors, Jagdeep Advani has accumulated substantial wealth. As reported by popularbio.com, his estimated net worth falls within the range of INR 6-7 crores (approximately). Enjoying a lavish lifestyle, he possesses an opulent residence in Mumbai and boasts ownership of various high-end cars, including models from Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, and more. Jagdeep Advani, with a penchant for reading and exploring diverse destinations, embraces a well-rounded lifestyle.

Beyond his successful professional pursuits, he is a supportive father and a devoted husband, consistently inspiring his children to pursue their aspirations.


Jagdeep Advani stands as a self-made entrepreneur, having attained remarkable success in his industry. Notably, he takes pride in being the father of Kiara Advani, a highly sought-after actress in Bollywood. Serving as an inspiration for numerous aspiring entrepreneurs and a revered role model within his family, Jagdeep Advani exemplifies that through unwavering hard work, dedication, and passion, one can achieve anything. His net worth is a testament to his accomplishments and the enduring legacy he has created.