Karlissa Saffold, an American woman gaining recognition as the mother of rapper Blueface, has attracted attention due to her roles in two comedy movies, “Friday After Next” and “Soul Plane,” which recently resurfaced on social media. With curiosity surrounding her age, background, and connection with her son, this article aims to unveil the facts about Karlissa Saffold’s age and other pertinent details.

Karlissa Saffold’s age and early life

According to Legit Plug, Karlissa Saffold’s birthdate is March 13, 1976, making her 47 years old as of 2023. Originally from Ohio, she relocated to California with aspirations for a TV career. Instead, she got married to Jonathan M Porter Sr., with whom she had three children, including Jonathan Jamal Porter Jr., who gained fame as Blueface.

Karlissa Saffold’s career and net worth

Karlissa Saffold persisted in her pursuit of an entertainment career, securing extra roles in films like Friday After Next and Soul Plane. Additionally, she ventured into weight loss specialization and motivational speaking. Through her Facebook page, she shares inspirational content with her followers.

As reported by Gossip Next Door, Karlissa Saffold’s estimated net worth is around $500,000. Her income streams include diverse ventures, and she also receives support from her son Blueface, whose net worth is $4 million.

Karlissa Saffold’s relationship with Blueface

As a single mother, Karlissa Saffold raised Blueface and his siblings after her divorce. Currently residing in Santa Clarita, California, she is married again. Expressing immense pride in her son’s accomplishments, she frequently lauds him on social media. Notably, she made an appearance in Blueface’s music video for Thotiana Remix featuring Cardi B.

Despite their close bond, their relationship encountered challenges. In 2019, a disagreement with Blueface’s two girlfriends led to an altercation, resulting in Blueface asking his mother and sister to leave his home. The incident was captured on Instagram Live, leading to public scrutiny. Eventually, Blueface apologized to his mother, and they reconciled.


Karlissa Saffold, a 47-year-old woman, gained attention as the mother of rapper Blueface. Her recent resurgence in the spotlight came after viral scenes from her cameo roles in Friday After Next and Soul Plane. Formerly an actress, she transitioned into roles as a weight loss specialist and motivational speaker. With an estimated net worth of $500,000, she resides in California with her husband. While having a close relationship with her son Blueface, it has been marked by occasional turbulence.