Polo G, a highly acclaimed rapper in the contemporary music scene, has achieved considerable success with hit songs and albums, including “Finer Things,” “Pop Out,” “Rapstar,” and “Hall of Fame.” His collaborations with fellow artists like Lil Tjay, Juice WRLD, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne have further solidified his standing in the industry.

Despite his achievements, Polo G has become the subject of unfounded rumors suggesting his demise due to a drug overdose or a shooting. In this article, we will delve into the facts to dispel these baseless claims surrounding Polo G’s alleged death.

Polo G’s Drug Overdose Story

One enduring rumor surrounding Polo G’s alleged demise centers on an overdose during a party in 2019. This unfounded narrative, propagated by a fake news website, purported exclusive insights from a source close to the rapper.

Polo G swiftly refuted the baseless claim on his Instagram, asserting his vitality and countering the misinformation. He substantiated this by posting a video of his live performance, dispelling notions of hospitalization or death.

Polo G did acknowledge a near-death experience from a drug overdose before shooting the “Heartless” music video in 2019. Following this incident, he decided to abstain from Percocets, an opioid painkiller.

Influenced by the tragic passing of his friend Juice WRLD due to an accidental Oxycodone overdose, Polo G paid homage to Juice WRLD in his song “21.” The rapper has openly discussed his battles with depression and mental health challenges, emphasizing how music served as a therapeutic outlet, allowing him to share his struggles and connect with his fans.

Polo G’s Shooting Story

Yet another false rumor surrounding Polo G emerged in 2020, suggesting he was fatally shot by an unidentified assailant. This baseless claim originated from a fake news website alleging insider information from the police and witnesses.

The site even utilized a misleading photo of a bloodied body on the ground, falsely attributing it to Polo G. In reality, the image was from an unrelated 2018 incident where an individual was shot and killed in Chicago.

The website employed this misrepresentation to fabricate a sensational story for increased clicks and views. Polo G promptly refuted the rumor on his social media platforms, emphasizing his safety and well-being. He supplemented this by sharing a video from the studio, demonstrating his ongoing work on new music.

Polo G’s upbringing in the tumultuous Old Town neighborhood of Chicago is marked by exposure to violence, poverty, and crime. Associated with the Vice Lords gang, which has historical conflicts with groups like the Gangster Disciples, Polo G encountered legal issues related to drugs and car theft, leading to arrests and time in jail and juvenile detention.

Despite these challenges, he managed to transform his life, embarking on a successful music career that culminated in a record deal with Columbia Records in 2019. Polo G has since relocated to Los Angeles, where he resides with his girlfriend and son.

Polo G’s Current Status

In 2021, Polo G is thriving, basking in the success of his music career. He unveiled his third studio album, “Hall of Fame,” in June 2021, securing the top spot on the Billboard 200 chart. The album’s lead single, “Rapstar,” not only claimed Polo G’s first number-one position but also set a record for the highest weekly streams for a hip-hop song. “

Hall of Fame” boasted collaborations with notable artists like Young Thug, DaBaby, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and others. In a bold move, Polo G launched his record label, Only Dreamers Achieve Records, in 2020, with his younger brother, Trench Baby, as the inaugural signee.

Acknowledged for his musical prowess, Polo G received nominations at prestigious award ceremonies, including the BET Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and MTV Video Music Awards. He graced various events and stages, from the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to the Rolling Loud Festival and Lollapalooza Festival.

Beyond the music realm, Polo G engaged in philanthropic efforts, contributing $10,000 to a Chicago elementary school, organizing a toy drive for underprivileged children, and actively supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

Expressing a desire for artistic exploration, Polo G revealed his interest in delving into diverse genres such as rock, pop, and R&B. In an interview with Forbes, he emphasized his commitment to versatility and creativity, stating, “I want to be able to make any type of music that I want to make, and not be boxed in by anything.”