In 2015, Gregory Brent Dennis, a psychologist from Henderson, was found guilty of the murder of his wife, Susan Winters. In 2022, he received a maximum prison sentence of 10 years. This raises questions about the impact on his daughters and how they navigated the loss of their mother along with the allegations against their father. This article delves into the specifics of their case and provides insights into their current circumstances.

The Tragic Death of Susan Winters

Susan Winters, a successful attorney employed at the Clark County District Attorney’s office, entered into matrimony with Gregory Brent Dennis in August 1995, resulting in the birth of their two beautiful daughters. Susan, deeply devoted to her family and career, cherished her role as a mother.

Tragically, on January 3, 2015, Susan was discovered lifeless in her bed, having ingested a lethal combination of antifreeze and oxycodone. Gregory Brent Dennis contacted emergency services, reporting his wife’s unresponsiveness. He informed the police of a prior night’s argument, stating Susan’s suicidal tendencies and antidepressant medication use. According to Dennis, Susan retired to bed around 6 PM, and he found her deceased the following morning.

Initially deemed a suicide by authorities based on evidence and Gregory Brent Dennis’s account, Susan’s parents, Danny and Avis Winters, harbored doubts about their daughter’s alleged self-harm. Opting to seek the truth, they enlisted the services of a private investigator and an attorney to reopen the case.

Their inquiry revealed unsettling aspects of Gregory Brent Dennis’s history, including domestic violence, substance abuse, gambling addiction, and infidelity. Moreover, they discovered Dennis had recently acquired a $2 million life insurance policy on Susan shortly before her untimely demise.

The Arrest and Trial of Gregory Brent Dennis

In February 2017, Gregory Brent Dennis faced arrest and murder charges. Pleading not guilty, he professed love for his late wife and disclaimed involvement in her demise. Dennis asserted Susan’s depression and drinking issues, attributing her access to antifreeze for creating ice sculptures for their daughters.

During the three-week trial in May 2022, the prosecution presented a case illustrating Dennis’s motive, opportunity, and means to commit the crime. They contended that he poisoned Susan with antifreeze and oxycodone, orchestrating the scene to resemble suicide. Evidence suggested he lied to the police, erased text messages, withdrew funds from Susan’s account, and sought insurance money.

The defense sought to cast doubt on the evidence and witness credibility. They proposed Susan’s accidental or intentional ingestion of the substances, or the possibility of another assailant. Notably, they highlighted the absence of signs of struggle or forced entry at the residence.

After two days of deliberation, the jury rendered a verdict of guilty of voluntary manslaughter—a lesser charge than murder. While acknowledging Gregory Brent Dennis’s role in his wife’s death, they remained uncertain about his intent, categorizing it as a heat-of-passion killing.

The judge sentenced Dennis to serve three to 10 years in prison, eligible for parole in 2025. He is presently incarcerated at the Southern Desert Correctional Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Support of Gregory Brent Dennis Daughters

Throughout the tumultuous events, the daughters of Gregory Brent Dennis steadfastly stood by their father, maintaining their belief in his innocence. Testifying in his favor during the trial, they portrayed him as a loving and caring parent who never inflicted harm upon their mother. They asserted that their mother grappled with unhappiness and suicidal thoughts.

Initially placed under the custody of an office manager for their father after his arrest, Gregory Brent Dennis’s daughters eventually relocated to live with their paternal grandparents in Oklahoma. Since those challenging times, they have chosen not to publicly address their mother’s tragic demise or their father’s conviction.

As reported by Popular Bio, Gregory Brent Dennis’s daughters, now in their early twenties, are actively engaged in pursuing education and career paths. Maintaining occasional contact with their father, they visit him in prison.

These resilient young women have confronted considerable challenges and trauma, losing their mother tragically and witnessing their father accused of her murder. Additionally, they found themselves entangled in a contentious dispute between their paternal and maternal families.

Despite these adversities, the daughters have demonstrated remarkable resilience and strength. They have preserved their bond with their father, providing unwavering support throughout the legal proceedings. Concurrently, they have persisted in pursuing their aspirations, exemplifying how love can triumph over pain and hope can endure in the face of despair.