Stunna Girl, hailing from Sacramento, California, gained widespread recognition in 2019 with her breakout track “Runway,” which garnered popularity on TikTok. Unfortunately, her success has been marred by involvement in various criminal activities, encompassing charges of fraud, theft, money laundering, and kidnapping.

Among the most startling and contentious incidents was the purported kidnapping and mistreatment of fellow rapper Rocky Badd, allegedly confined in a dog cage by Stunna Girl and her associates.

How did the kidnapping happen?

As per Wealthy Peeps, the abduction was orchestrated by luring Rocky Badd to a fabricated event in Los Angeles. According to an Instagram post, Badd was led into an alley where she was forcibly abducted, assaulted with a firearm, and physically attacked. In addition to the kidnapping, she was subjected to robbery, and her chains were seized by associates with Cuban connections in Cali.

Cuban Doll, a rapper engaged in a longstanding feud with Rocky Badd, had a history of exchanging insults and threats on social media. Following the kidnapping incident, Cuban Doll claimed to have inked a million-dollar deal with Capitol Music Group in April 2018, but she was subsequently dropped by the label. While accused of orchestrating the attack on Rocky Badd, she vehemently denied any involvement.

Stunna Girl, a friend and collaborator of Cuban Doll at the time, was implicated in aiding the kidnapping and torment of Rocky Badd. Allegedly, she posted a video on her Instagram story showcasing the stolen chain and taunting Rocky Badd. However, she later distanced herself from Cuban Doll and asserted that she had no part in the act of confining Rocky Badd in a cage.

What happened to Stunna Girl after the kidnapping?

The abduction case sparked significant public and media attention, leading to widespread outrage. Fans of both rappers expressed shock and disappointment at the heinous act. Opinions were divided, with some defending Stunna Girl and Cuban Doll, while others condemned them for their perceived recklessness and cruelty.

Law enforcement agencies initiated an investigation into the incident, resulting in multiple arrests, including those of Stunna Girl and Cuban Doll. The charges brought against them encompassed assault, robbery, kidnapping, and conspiracy.

However, the kidnapping was not the sole legal issue for Stunna Girl. Following her arrest, her extensive history of fraud and theft came to light. Engaging in a sophisticated scam operation for months, she targeted unsuspecting victims both online and offline. Stunna Girl employed fake identities and forged documents to pilfer money and goods, subsequently laundering the funds through various accounts and businesses.

As per Latest In Bollywood, Stunna Girl received a prison sentence for her criminal activities. Her incarceration significantly impacted both her music career and personal life, leading to a distancing of her record label following her arrest.

What is the current status of Stunna Girl?

Stunna Girl is presently serving her prison sentence for the committed crimes, and she has maintained an inactive presence on social media since her arrest. The timeline for her release or potential return to her music career remains uncertain.

Conversely, Rocky Badd has overcome her injuries and persevered in her pursuit of a rap career. She has released numerous songs and videos following the kidnapping incident, using her platform to share her experiences and express her frustration and resentment towards Stunna Girl and Cuban Doll.

The Stunna Girl kidnapping case stands out as one of the most shocking and distressing incidents in the rap industry. It serves as a stark illustration of how fame and wealth can contribute to violence and criminal behavior among young artists. Additionally, it acts as a cautionary tale for those tempted to engage in such actions or associate with individuals involved in such activities.