Have you ever looked forward to playing a game of golf with your friends, only to be disappointed when you find out it’s not supported on your gaming console? It can be quite frustrating for gamers to miss out on contests due to compatibility issues.

However, the gaming landscape in 2023 has significantly improved as more and more games are becoming available across multiple platforms. One game that has gained popularity among gamers is Golf with Your Friends

Many players have been curious about the possibility of playing with others on different gaming consoles. So, the burning question is: Is Golf with Your Friends a cross-platform-enabled game?

Initially, gamers were limited to playing games with their friends in person. However, with the advent of the internet, gaming became more exciting as players could connect online and play with friends remotely.

Despite this progress, there was still a restriction: multiplayer gaming was typically limited to players on the same gaming console. PlayStation users couldn’t play with Xbox users, and vice versa.

Fortunately, in 2023, the gaming landscape has evolved significantly. Most game titles now offer cross-platform compatibility, allowing players from different consoles to play together. 

This means you can enjoy gaming with friends who own a different console than yours. However, it’s important to note that not all games have cross-platform functionality enabled. 

In this article, delve into the cross-platform capabilities of Golf With Your Friends in 2023. Discover whether you can enjoy matches with players across different devices. Get all the specifics here!

Is Golf With Your Friends Cross-Platform?

As of 2023, Golf with Your Friends is not cross-platform, meaning players can only play the game online with others on the same platform, such as PlayStation to PlayStation. However, understanding why the game lacks cross-platform functionality requires knowledge of its history.

Golf with Your Friends is a golf video game developed by Australian developer Blacklight Interactive and published by Team17. It was initially released on early access on Steam on 30 January 2016. 

Four years later, on May 19, 2020, the game became available on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It was then released on Google Stadia on April 14, 2022.

Golf With Your Friends

One reason Golf with Your Friends doesn’t support cross-platform play is likely related to its development timeline. The game was first released on Steam early access, indicating that the developer may have needed additional financial resources to expand to other platforms. 

With a limited budget, allocating the necessary resources to support cross-platform gameplay would have been challenging. One of these resources includes acquiring and maintaining gaming servers, which can be costly. 

Cross-platform compatibility requires a robust infrastructure for matchmaking, communication, and data synchronization between different platforms. Such an investment may have been outside the scope of the game’s initial development and release.

Console and PC Use Different Gaming Engine Software

Interestingly, PC and gaming consoles utilize different gaming engine APIs. An API, or application programming interface, is a software interface that facilitates interaction between different computer programs. 

In gaming, when implementing cross-platform functionality, developers face the challenge of ensuring a consistent gameplay experience for all players, regardless of their gaming console.

Achieving this requires significant investment on the part of developers. They must account for the differences in hardware, software, and underlying technologies across platforms. This includes adapting the game’s codebase to work seamlessly with various gaming engine APIs and optimizing performance on each platform.

Investing substantial time, effort, and resources becomes necessary to achieve a consistent gameplay experience across platforms. Developers must thoroughly test and address any platform-specific issues that may arise during the cross-platform development process.

These considerations reflect the complexities involved in implementing cross-platform gameplay. Developers strive to ensure that players on different platforms can enjoy the same gameplay, preserving the integrity and fairness of the gaming experience.

Player Base

Despite the growing popularity of Golf with Your Friends, its player base remains relatively limited compared to other sports titles. In some cases, developers may choose to refrain from enabling features like cross-platform play for games that do not have a substantial player base.

There are a few reasons behind this decision. First, implementing cross-platform functionality requires a significant investment of time, resources, and development efforts. Developers must ensure a seamless and fair gaming experience across different platforms, which can be complex and challenging.

Secondly, enabling cross-platform play can be most beneficial when there is a sizable player base to support it. With a more significant player pool, matchmaking times can be reduced, ensuring players can easily find opponents or teammates. This enhances the overall multiplayer experience and helps to sustain a healthy and active community.

Golf With Your Friends

For games with a smaller player base, enabling cross-platform play may yield different benefits. The player pool may need more sufficient to support efficient matchmaking, potentially leading to longer times or difficulty finding suitable matches. This can result in a less satisfying experience for players.

Therefore, developers may prioritize focusing their resources on improving and expanding other aspects of the game, such as adding new features, enhancing gameplay mechanics, or growing the player base through other means. 

Developers may consider implementing such features as the player base grows and the demand for cross-platform play increases.

Is Golf With Friends Cross-Platform Between Xbox and Steam?

Golf with Friends does not support cross-platform play between Xbox and Steam. This means that if you are playing on Steam, you cannot currently play with players on Xbox. The game developers have not implemented cross-platform compatibility for these specific platforms.

Is Golf With Friends Cross-Platform Between Xbox and PS5?

As of 2023, Golf with Friends does not support cross-platform play between Xbox and PS5. Despite the increasing prevalence of cross-platform compatibility in many game releases for PS5 and Xbox, Golf with Friends has not yet implemented this feature.

Does Golf With Friends Have Online Multiplayer?

Yes, Golf with Friends does have online multiplayer. The game offers various features that enhance the multiplayer experience. According to the publisher, Team 17, Golf with Friends includes 11 challenging 18-hole courses with vibrant themes such as Forest, Candyland, Pirate Cove, and Haunted.

In addition to the exciting courses, the game supports 12-player multiplayer for online play. Players can compete with friends or other players worldwide in mini-golf matches. The multiplayer mode allows for online and local play, including a hot seat mode, where players can take turns on the same device.

Golf with Friends offers different game modes to add variety to the gameplay. Players can choose between Hockey, Dunk, and Classic game modes. These modes introduce unique twists to the traditional mini-golf experience. Furthermore, players have the option to customize their courses, adding a personal touch to the game.

Is Golf With Friends Cross-Split-Screen?

No, Golf with Friends does not offer cross-split-screen functionality. However, the game does provide a shared screen option for online players, allowing them to compete in real-time to see who can put the ball first.

Golf with Friends utilizes the hot seat function in offline or local mode. This feature lets multiple players take turns playing on the same device, passing the controller between them.

Regarding cross-platform play in 2023, Golf with Friends does not currently support it. Despite players expressing their desire for cross-platform compatibility, the game currently does not offer this feature. 

Furthermore, there have yet to be any indications from the developers about the possibility of adding cross-platform functionality.

However, Golf with Friends still provides other alternatives for multiplayer experiences, such as online multiplayer functionality and interactive gameplay options. Players can enjoy competing with others online and engaging in the various game modes available.