On Marriage at the First Moment, Amelia and Bennett were a fan-favorite couple. They were married for twelve months before calling it quits. A lot of people want to hear the details of the split. Why did Bennet and Amelia call it quits? 

Some couples that met on MAFS – “Married on First Sight” are still together today. Two such examples are Woody Rendell and Amani Smith. 

Bennet and Amelia aren’t the only ones who have given up and divorced. But how well-versed are you in the details of the MAFS divorce between Bennet and Amelia? 

In this article delve into the reasons behind Amelia and Bennett’s breakup after their journey on Married at First Sight. Explore the dynamics and challenges that led to their decision.

Explaining Who Amelia and Bennett Are.

The season 11 episode in which Bennet and Amelia appeared garnered much attention. In July 2020, they made their first appearance on the television series. Bennett was the artistic director of a New Orleans theater at the time of his appearance on the television series.

Amelia and Bennett

However, Amelia had recently graduated from medical university and was about to begin her residency. They both hoped to meet their future spouses on the television series. They had been dating for two months before they committed to move their relationship forward. 

In the final episode of the season, they said, “I do.” During the series finale, Bennett is so obsessed with Amelia that he gets a tattoo of their initials. Bennet and Amelia announced their move to Virginia at the get-together. 

Why Didn’t Bennet and Amelia Get Back Together?

The pair split up, unlike Amania and Woody. When did Bennet and Amelia split up? The announcement of Bennet and Amelia’s split surprised MAFS viewers. They signed the divorce decree around November 2021.

They seemed like a great marriage, leaving fans with more inquiries than answers. No one knows what happened to cause the end of their drama-free marriage.

What Caused Amelia““““““ and Bennett to Split Up?

If there is one, the reason for the split is unknown now. However, when the couple stopped sharing images of themselves on social networking sites, their followers realized something was wrong. Amelia’s demanding career is one source of tension in the couple’s relationship. 

They were able to split amicably and remain friendly. It is even more surprising that they continue to follow one another on social networks. 

Where Have Bennet and Amelia Disappeared To?

After their divorce, Bennet and Amelia have both moved on. They have been secretive about how they spend their days after the divorce. None has tried to share specifics about their newly formed relationships. Since no proof indicates the contrary, we can conclude they are single. 

Amelia and Bennett

Each partner is making strides in their professional life. Bennett has moved back to Crescent City and kept himself active in the theaters there. He frequently shares images from his musical and theatrical performances. 

Amelia is continuing her pursuit of a medical degree in Richmond, VA, where she currently resides. She frequently posts images of herself bonding with her loved ones. 

So, What Caused Bennet and Amelia to Call It Quits?

Bennet and Amelia’s breakup details remain unknown. Fans hoped they would become the show’s longest-lasting pair, so their breakup was a huge letdown. Sooner or later, they’ll no doubt meet suitable new companions.