Gil Birmingham, a renowned actor recognized for his roles in prominent films and TV series like The Twilight Saga, Yellowstone, Banshee, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, is also a devoted member of the Comanche Nation. He actively champions Native American rights and advocates for increased representation in the media.

Recently, some observant fans have taken note of a noticeable change in his appearance, particularly in his eyes. Certain photos and videos depict him wearing dark glasses or exhibiting swollen or droopy eyelids. This has led to speculation and curiosity regarding his health, prompting questions about whether he might be experiencing an eye condition or disease.

Is Gil Birmingham Sick?

In short, no, there’s no cause for concern. According to Genius Celebs, Gil Birmingham’s eyes are perfectly fine, and he has maintained good health throughout the year. The source also mentions his upcoming involvement in the new season of Yellowstone, the acclaimed drama series where he portrays Tribal Chairman Thomas Rainwater.

The variations in his appearance in certain images could be attributed to several factors. It’s possible that he had an off day or an unflattering angle during the photo sessions. Alternatively, like many celebrities, he might have undergone cosmetic surgery or treatments for aesthetic enhancement. Another explanation could be a temporary reaction or allergy affecting his eyes.

What Do His Fans Think?

While certain fans express genuine concern for his well-being, others are supportive and understanding of his current situation. A Reddit post inquired about his facial appearance, eliciting various responses from users. Some speculated on possibilities like an eye lift or thyroid eye disease, while others affirmed that he looked fine and expressed admiration for his role on Yellowstone.

One user shared, “I’m relieved others noticed his eyes too. My guess is either he underwent an eye lift and is in recovery or has thyroid eye disease. Nevertheless, he looks quite different from the pre-season premiere commercials.”

Contrastingly, another user stated, “I find him looking great. He’s aging gracefully, and I adore his character. He remains one of my favorites on the show.”


Gil Birmingham stands as a highly skilled and esteemed actor, boasting a devoted fan following and a prosperous career. There are no underlying eye conditions or diseases affecting him, and he maintains good health. Variations in his appearance can be attributed to factors such as lighting, angles, or the camera used, but these nuances do not alter his essence or capabilities. Gil Birmingham remains the same individual we recognize and hold in high regard.